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Everyone Hears it Here First

1/4/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rep for K-Fed's attorney knows where to get his news ... TMZ, of course!

In a press conference today, Michael Sands was asked how he heard about what was going down at Britney's house. His answer -- "I read about it on TMZ!"

Of course he did.


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If my lawyer said that I WOULD FIRE HIM

2482 days ago

Herv crap is only about 50% correct - the other 50% is made up crap. They know how to spin a story to get your ateention and the funniest part is to many actually believe it.

When they are wrong they blame it on their source - lmao

Have a wonderful weekend

2482 days ago

kim suck    


2482 days ago


To Cheryl Rabe


You people are totally blind. Who is enabling her??? NOBODY, genius, she is mentally ill, it's not drugs!

What is it with people's obsessive insistence this is drugs? This looks nothing like drugs. When she was wheeled out smiling and laughing, there's a clinical term for that, it's called inappropriate affect, it's a sign of


2482 days ago


Not necessarily, Deb, Bi-Polar disorder is tough to stabilize. You often need your Depakote or Lithium level drawn by blood several times (I have a degree in Psychology and used to work with mental patients, now I have a business position).

However, she's clearly psychotic, and it is possible that she is schizoaffective, which is a mood disorder that has features of schizophrenia, yet is less severe than schizophrenia. It is also possible this is postpartum psychosis.

2482 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Deb - I disagree. I believe Britney suffers from untreated post-partum depression. The timing of it coincides with the birth of her 2nd child and breakup with her sponge of a husband. I believe, based on personality and behavior, that is her real issue. If she did miss her bipolar meds (days), then yes, she could go nuts. I've seen that happen to a few people. It's sad because they stop taking their meds because they think they feel better - when, in fact, it's the meds that make them feel better. To stop taking them will most definitely have this effect. I am not a doctor but I have people in my life who suffer from this. In either case, she will need meds for a long time. Drinking only voids the meds.

2482 days ago

grossed out.    

Hey Valerie, then what the heck are you doing here posting about your superiority?

2482 days ago



This IS an important issue, though it is hidden in the midst of all the trash and drama. Mental illness and mediating domestic disputes instead of going through hellish custody battles like this one are important issues that affect millions of people.

That's why millions of people are reading.

We need someone to stand up and say something relevant and responsible about all of this, instead of just letting it be trivialized trash and drama. Britney is a human being, and she is experiencing something that 1% of the population experiences

2482 days ago

Lisa O.    

I think everyone needs to leave this girl alone! Everyone has their own problems, she is no different than the rest of the world! Nobody is perfect and people really need to stop being so hard on her! She deserves to be respected and to be left alone to get help! Emotonal problems, drug problems, whatever it might be, it is nobody's business! She is no less of a person no matter what problems she has, so all you people that want to make such a big deal about her substance abuse accusations need to get their own life and worry about their own problems! She is a sick girl who deserves support and people to help her,

2482 days ago


Man, this trainwreck we all know as Britney is truly crashing and burning. If she was admitted to Cedarson a mental, then she is locked down for 72 hours, or until she can convince a doctor to release her to her home. She would be spared jail time for the standoff, and all of this could be her way of staying out of jail. Maybe she isn't as dumb as a box of rocks. Maybe someone there at the house, told her this was the way of avoiding jail for the problem, and that is smart. A judge is more apt to look sympathically at someone having a breakdown, in lieu of someone, in a standoff with law enforcement.

It is time though for this judge on her case, to put the hammer down. Give full custody to KFed, and order her to get help. No visitation until she proves herself.

And for all the TMZ bashers, look, if you hate this site then stay off it. All of us that want our Hollyweird trash stories come here because it is better than waiting for 730pm entertainment tonight. Plus lay off Harvey. So what if he is gay. Big deal. If you are that homophobic, then pray for yourselves, and stay off the site. This is a rag magazine site. Not Congress, not gospel, just celebrity garbage. Those of us that love bashing these itdiot celebrities love the site, and love Harvey. It's YOU we can do without.

2482 days ago

Sally Starla Christensen    

No one is "FORCING" you to read.... idiots

2482 days ago


Oh man, I spelled a few words wrong.......I am going to get waylayed by so many here.......Oh well

2482 days ago


Addicted to trash magazines,

You are an ignorant imbecile loser. You are incredibly stupid. Too bad so many people are just as ignorant as you.

Would you say that she was trying to avoid jail time is she had Alzheimer's? You are wrong. You are not a doctor. She is sick.

2482 days ago

grossed out.    

^_^ - you have serious hatred issues. You sound sicker than Britney. "Addicted" makes a good point. How many of us as kids faked illness to skip school, or as adults to skip work?

Are you a doctor, and have you examined Britney to determine if she is sick? Back up off people unless you have something concrete to offer.

2482 days ago


If a 26 year old had alzheimer's, and was in a standoff with law enforcement, they too would be sent to a hospital, not jail. You are the arrogant imbecile. If she is sick............which we ALL know she is, then she should NOT have custody of 2 small children, and be putting them in harms way all the TIME. She needs help that's for sure, and we can only pray that someone like you doesn't give it to her. Or perhaps that is the problem now. Someone like you is GIVING IT TO HER! You self righteous idiots crack me up. For months and months, these stories of her escapades have mentally ill or drug related written all over them No body in their right mind does this kind of crap if they are normal. Get over yourself, and get lost.

2482 days ago
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