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K-Daddy Went to Court

1/4/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineTMZ has learned that Kevin Federline snuck into court today underneath the radar but has left the area....but K-Daddy may return!

We're told he may testify in this afternoon's court proceedings.

Stay tuned ...


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I'm not a fan of K-Fed's by any means, but how is ANYTHING Britney does his fault??

Get a grip, put the blame where it belongs, on the trainwreck.

2491 days ago


Except for what may or may not have happened to Jayden, this is probably the best thing that could have happened for Britney. This girl needs to be in a hospital and get medical attention and it wasn't going to happen voluntarily!

2491 days ago


She tips off the paparazzi....and even when she doesn't she goes to gas stations, fast food places, target, etc ALL the time when she has PLENTY of money to pay someone to do it for her. Don't blame the media. Yes they do hound her, and yes I understand that sometimes she wants to do stuff like normal people BUT that's the price of fame. A lot of poor people would love to have her money but then they'd have to deal with what she does. I'm tired of all the Brit lovers being so naive & placing blame elsewhere. Did the media tell her to walk out of her house with no underwear on & short dresses/skirts? Did the media take the clippers to her head? Speaking of the which that's another thing she could've done at HOME. Why go to a salon when you're as famous as her to shave your head?? She loves attention, that's why. And for all of you people that are bashing Perez, TMZ, People, etc well why are you on here? Because you're checking on the stories every minute as well.

2491 days ago


You know who I feel sorry for? The mother LYNN. The poor woman has these two brat children just bombarding her with crap. The woman must be stressed to the max.

2491 days ago


Shame on all the media attention and coverage. This girl is sick and is desperately in need of some serious help. Leave her alone and let her heal in peace. She is going to wind up committing suicide....and the media will be to blame. She is a human being with some serious issues...

2491 days ago

YuMmY .....    

I NEVER EVER EVER E-V-E-R thought K Fed would end up being the " Normal" ( If you will ) parent poor britney its sooo sad that she ended up this way I honestly feel bad for her considering she was so high up there. I hope she gets all the help and love she needs form her loved ones and fans ( if any )

2491 days ago


I cried for Britney! It's heartbreaking to see a beautiful young womans life unravel in front of the world. She needs a strong support system put into place. I pray (and I don't believe in GOD) but I pray to the beauty of the belief! That she is saved from herself before something worse happens to this tormented and broken person.

2491 days ago


Wouldnt it be a hoot if they got back together? Im just sayin........

2491 days ago

Dirk Digalow    

K-Fed's in DA House.

As a resposible parent, it's his duty to show up for court when it comes to the custody of his kids.

2491 days ago


take the kids hide dude

2491 days ago


all i have to say is everyone keeps saying how wonderful of a dad KFed is...however, wheres the nonstop photogs in his face so we can see how he handles/does everything????? i am sure hes guilty of alot of things but we haven't caught him on tape yet messing up...its sad..this girl needs some guidance and lets pray she gets it soon for the sake of the boys..

2491 days ago


I think Kevin has matured alot more than MOST men in these last 3-4 years simply because he made a HUGE mistake leaving Shar when pregnant. He has to live with that for the rest of his life! Given the chance to do things over, I'm SURE he'd enjoy being where he is now, financially secure, but not sure if all the hearkbreak he caused along the way would still be worth it to him! He's clearly not a bad guy, yet an opportunist to say the least. He saw a once-in-a-lifetime deal rollin' out with Britney overseas on her Tour while leaving Shar back in Cali thinking they were still together. He obviously didn't have Kori's or the unborn child best at heart at that time, but geez, he was what 24-25 at the time; still a kid. We all make mistakes but the one biggest mistake he made was knocking Brit up SO FAST!

2491 days ago


I am not now, nor have I ever been a “Britney” fan. I am too old for that, but I pray for her that this be her bottom and with proper medical help, she can make her way back to sanity. The poor lost soul has had no one to DEMAND that something be done regarding her downward spiral. Her parents could have had her court-ordered for evaluation long before this. They have taken the easy way out by saying she wouldn’t cooperate. What the hell insane person cooperates????? Shame on them both.

2491 days ago


You have to be a pretty horrible mother to have your kids taken away. I don't see why people should trash Federline for that. :P You don't see Federline doing a fraction of the crap she does. He may be ghetto and useless as a functioning person - but at least he cares about his kids. Or at least we don't see 12349801293801829 pictures of him taking them shopping in Beverly HIlls, or otherwise being an attention whore.

And yes, Britney does need to be left alone the problem is, she doesn't want to be left alone. She wants to be the focal point of everyone's attention. If she wanted to get her life back on track, she wouldn't be living where she is. She'd be in seclusion. :P

There are celebrities that you just don't hear about, because they don't constantly flaunt themselves in front of the cameras at every chance.

2491 days ago


Does anybody have the live feed on press conference?

2491 days ago
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