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K-Daddy Went to Court

1/4/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineTMZ has learned that Kevin Federline snuck into court today underneath the radar but has left the area....but K-Daddy may return!

We're told he may testify in this afternoon's court proceedings.

Stay tuned ...


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Get over it    

Last I checked Brit filed for divorce from Kevin. Remember the break up text? Oh yeah and he didnt want to get married in the first place. He willingly signed the prenup. So how is he money hungry again?

I am curious why TMZ hasnt mentioned the video of Kevin blocking the paps from catching up to the car his kids were in last night. Totally blocked them. Eratic driving but still he gave the other driver long enough to get his kids in his gated community so that the paps didnt get pictures of them.

2422 days ago


if the right peolpe stepped foreward to help britney;would she recodnise there worth and would the morons close to her let them in?

2422 days ago


God........What a mess. Who the hell thinks that EITHER OF THEM should have a child?

2422 days ago


yes the media is to blame for all of her actions period.

2422 days ago


What share do you get TMZ. You drove her to this point. You try to be so high and mighty--you should be ashamed of yourselves. I doubt any one of your 'reporters' could stand up to the hounding you put this girl through. Harvey, couldn't make it as a ligit lawyer? Make your $$ where you can. Your day is coming sir!!!! As for all your young 'reporters', your parents must be sooo proud that you stand in judgement of all these people. Take a good look in the mirror people!!! Most of you could use Jenny Craig, cosmetic surgery and definitely a LIFE! Way to earn a buck.

2422 days ago


What kinda GOOD FATHER would leave Shar for Britney? Shar was prego with his kid and he hooks up with Britney FOR CASH... and everyone knows that. He's the biggest lowlife. I do feel bad for Britney, but I think she could have taken better care of herself. Went through all the court sessions she has to and probably would have got 50/50 with the kids. LEAVING THE AHOLE with no income. Just getting them half the time. Make him go to work and dance somewhere. HA.. what a joke. He needs a good lesson learned also.

2422 days ago

Britney Supporter    

Lets hope that he does the right thing and tells the court that he intends to offer moral support to the mother of his children, because that is what she needs most right now in order to get better and get back to being the mother that her children needs. He can be an upstanding guy and do this while at the same time be a good dad and protect his children. If he does this, these kids might have a fighting chance to a normal healthy upbringing. Divorced couples can communicate and support each other for their has been done and is the right way to go!!!!!!! Kevin prove us wrong and show us you are a good guy!

2422 days ago

Get Real    

Quit putting the blame on the paps. This girls loves the paps they are her life not her own kids. She spends more time with them then any one else. Shacks up nightly with the paps, the pump her gas, pay for it, she invites them to be in her life. Put the blame were it belongs on BRITNEY!!!

2422 days ago


What kind of a stupid azz woman let's a man destroy her? Kevin didn't do this, she did it herself. I hope she gets put away for a long damn time. I just want to smack this bitch.

2422 days ago

Olive McBollocks    

Why do I have a feeling that Betty Broderick is gonna happen again?

(Woman drove to the brink of insanity by her exhusband, but nobody realized it until after he was killed.)

2422 days ago


Yeh, Kevin cares about those kids $$$. How many kids does he have anyway???? You don't see him out and about for the most part because WHO wants to see him? You also don't see him out in productive society either, trying to work? Don't think so. Why should he, this baby daddy fell into a big pile when he married Britney!!

2422 days ago


I hope someone is helping the mother Lynn.

2422 days ago

Dawn Day    

It's a damn crime what these children of the Federline's are going through! All for the sake of money on both of the parent's part!!


2422 days ago


Britney Spears & Sam Lutfi paparazzi video

2422 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

WHY ARE PEOPLE KNOCKING KEVIN????????? I agree that he's a bit of a knob BUT THE GUY IS THE ONLY ONE LOOKING AFTER THESE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! Britney is screwing up her own life. Don't be blaming him for that. He's just doing the honorable thing and taking care of the babies. Oh and by the way, if the roles were reversed and Britney was the one trying to get custody and financial support, everyone would be cheering her on because she's a woman. I say to Kevin TAKE HER FOR ALL SHE'S GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's messing with his childrens' lives for god's sake!!! And she's obviously incapable of looking after herself and her kids financially.

2422 days ago
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