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Order in Brit Case -- Visitation Suspended

1/4/2008 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Commish in the Brit case just issued his order and we got it first. -- K-Fed gets sole legal and physical custody. Brit gets nothing.
Read the order!
Brit's visitation has been "suspended pending further order of the Court." The order is in effect until January 14. There will then be a hearing to determine where the case goes.

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In response to must be out of your mind!!! That man is OBVIOUSLY taking responsibility for HIS children, where on the other hand, Britney has NEGLECTED her children and repeatedly placed them in harms way! You CANNOT deny video and camera footage. Hello...are they being made up? Do you see Kevin plastered all over the news running red lights and driving under the influence? Do you really think the paparrazi would immediately make that public?? Be serious, Pebbles. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Kevin..if you ever read this...take care of those boys. They need you. Love them, cherish them and do what you can to keep that crazy ex-wife of yours away from them until she's fit. There's enough screwed up kids in Beverly Hills...there's no need for 2 more.

2484 days ago


It's for the best. As much as I can't stand K-Fed, I'm glad the kids are with him. If they really want to do this right, I agree with an earlier post...get her out of L.A. and as far away from the press as possible. Before any Brit fans start jumping up and down on me...let me say I'm an L.A. native born, raised, and still living here. If Britney was to stay here in the state that she's in, she won't have any peace from anyone. She needs serious help, and she won't get it as long as long as the hangers-on and paps are all over her.

2484 days ago

BGH Quiz    

And we still do not know about the unknown substance she allegedly took.
It won't matter to her not seeing her kids, because she'll be jailed in the hospital for the upcoming days anyway.

2484 days ago


Thank you Puter Boi... you took the words out of my mouth

2484 days ago


I really think everyone needs to give The "Brittney Spears" thing a rest remember there is no such thing as bad publicity!!! We are all just feeding in to it!!! So what if News co & The TMZ kind of reporters just leave it alone there will be a positive outcome Look @ Lohan she was left alone for a while and has now behaved herself for the most part

2484 days ago


AND TO ALL YOU FOOLS CHAMPIONING HER RIGHT TO SEE THOSE KIDS....DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A CLUE HOW TRAUMATIZING LAST NIGHTS EVENTS WERE TO HER CHILDREN. The eldeset child is certainly old enough to retain the memory of this trauma and it WILL negativily impact the kid with out the proper care. I am betting both will be wetting the bed at much to old of an age and have very unatural responses to authority figures. Because right now they DO NOT associate the police and fire department with a comforting here to rescue feeling but one of fear and anger.

2484 days ago


OK TMZ, this was kinda fun today when I was avoiding having to see Hillary Clinton's face on TV and taking sinus meds and stuff, but now you are kinda gloating and being obnoxious. Gonna have to switch over to E Online and Judge Joe Brown. Im sorry Harvey, but somebody has to take a stand (ROFL). Actually I just hope those two kids are ok.....

2484 days ago


I have watched Britney grow up and to me she is just precious. I hate to see the way her life is spyrilling out of control, it's heartbreaking. I totally agree with the comment posted by Pebbles, Kevin Federline is wanting nothing more than a free ride from Britney. I do not believe he cares for his sons. I hope she will get the help she truly needs.

2484 days ago

as long as you dont blame me , or say the devil made her do it i dont care who the blame go's on lol hahahaha DEVIL HORNS! ROCK ON!

2484 days ago


Hey #117 ... you dont like to read it - go somewhere else.

Oh I know ... your the kind who prefers to CENSOR people. North Korea and China calling pal.

2484 days ago


It is about damm time.She is a danger to everyone around her.The judge give her so much time to clean up hact but she refuse to do it all.She need to be on watch now. Lynn need to make sure she is lock up in the mental ward ASAP. At least those boys can have some kind of stability in their lives,They have been through so much thanks to their mother.

2484 days ago


Right on Pebbles. But most of these people dont want to hear the truth, they want to bash britney to make themselves feel like less of a failure.

2484 days ago


@ 123. We can only hope.

2484 days ago

Frag The Paps    

I would like to take a belt and slap her right in the beaver and wake her up. And then whip it again just so she knows whose in charge.

2484 days ago


Sorry, not #75 - that was for Kim in Reno, not #75. The posting # changed.

2484 days ago
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