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Pandemonium Outside Brit's Madhouse

1/4/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Chaotic" doesn't even begin to describe the clusterf**k that went on around Britney Spears' home tonight as the popwreck was taken away to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance.

TMZ was there -- and man was it crazazy!!! Our cameras also caught Sean Preston being taken away in a black VW and a throng of paparazzi trying to get the money shot.


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This is very sad...she needs help asap...where is her family?

2421 days ago


Some psychic predicted her death by overdose towards the end of this year, it seems like death might be coming sooner! Maybe then she'll finally have some peace.

2421 days ago

cathy browne    

Please use some of your money and we know that you have it and find a way to out smart that jack ass k-fed.
Don't forget, your kids should be everything and you get only one chance.
You remind me so much of my daughter. I will pray for you and your precious babies.
Don't give up.

2421 days ago

Celebrity Whoremonger    

I love hearing about these celebrity wackos wilting under the incessant pressure. In my opinion the Paparazzi are eventually going to drive Britney to suicide. She will collapse under the pressure, and K-Fed will wind up with all the money!

2421 days ago


She needs to follow court orders and should be put in jail until she learns this. She obviously thinks she is above the law after having all her needs catered to over the last decade. She should be punished, not because she is rich or stupid, but rather because she does not follow the law we all must adhere to. There are plenty of crazy people and drugs in jail, so don't worry fans, she'll do fine...

2421 days ago


The dumb bitch is getting everything she deserves! karmas a bitch ya dumb ass bitch!!

2421 days ago


pour brittey dose eny one noe what happened to her?? why was she in the abulance?? drugs?? im not trying to blame the meidia completetly but they have part in this. as well as she needes to seltel down with her KIDS..

2421 days ago

jack noff    

How about all of us, including me, ignore the media completely until they actually do their job, and purpose, like reporting news. You know: the WAR, environment concerns, health care, shifting economy, gas prices, etc. If the media put their focus on these very real news issues as much as they do such non-news issues like Britney, Anna Nicole, OJ, Micheal Jackson, etc., maybe we'd get riled up enough, as we have about britney, etc., to actually do something useful for ourselves and world. the media is an incredible power. Heck, it got us out of vietnam, brought our attention to civil rights issues back in the day,...and the list goes on. It's a shame they've lost sight of their importance and as a result we the people have become a blob of helpless, inactive robots mis-focusing our energy and attention on stupidity. we've become a country of aimless moths.

2421 days ago

J bomb    

Brit needs to wake up to the fact that the balls in her court, she needs to take control of her life and get away from drugs and thugs.

2420 days ago


HMMMM, Could this be part of her problem??????

2417 days ago


I'm an EMS worker and what's sad is the paparazzi is so focused on getting that money shot that they won't leave the poor woman alone long enough for her to get help. If the paramedics had anytime they would have put up towels or blankets over the windows to protect patient privacy. Just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean she has to lose all privacy. Including getting medical treatment.

2415 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2353 days ago
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