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The Fat Lady Has Sung

1/4/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Brit/K-Fed court hearing is over, and we're told on Monday there will be a series of orders released to the public.
Britney Spears
K-Fed never showed for the hearing today -- he didn't have to, but he was around the courthouse earlier today. Stacks of papers went to the judge. We'll see what contact, if any, Britney will have with her kids.


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i'm just saying    

As much as I dislike Britney Spears why should the orders be released to the public? It really is none of my business. TMZ why do you think so much of the public is really interested in other peoples dirt or problems. I would hate to have my dirty laundry aired and trust me I have my own!

2450 days ago


Jinxie, what sense does that make? This is how you handle business. Britney needs to handle hers. Britney can't take care of her own self in the state she is in so why put two more lives in her hand

2450 days ago


Poor Britney, what went wrong? I spent last night watching her entire collection of music videos. Such a damn shame we can't have to old Britney back.

2450 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

It's so sad that she's gonna be strapped down for the next 3 days. Why didn't she just rent a few DVDs and stay home?!
She's very messed up with her mental illness and the drugs. I think that once she's done with her 72 hour psych observation the
judge will order her to stay home where she belongs.

2450 days ago


I hope she ges the help she needs. if the courts had done their job in he first place it would nver have gotten this far.

2450 days ago


This whole even is so sad. For months, I thought Britney was just being selfish and immature. It has become obvious that she is mentally ill and needs serious help. I hope this is her rock bottom and she is able to get the help she needs for herself and her boys. It is obvious that she should not be anywhere near those babies until she is well -- and even then she is going to have to be monitored and gradullay reintroduced to them. It's a tragedy.

2450 days ago


#21..Yes, and she not only gets kicked when she obviously needs HELP.. AND...SHE HAS TO PAY FOR IT TOO...Where ts the justice in THAT.. Wonder what KF is going to do when the money runs out..

2450 days ago


I knew those retarded Dolce and Gabana glasses made you insane

2450 days ago


Skye, what makes Kevin Satan? Putting him down doesn't change anything for Britney? That is part of the problem with Britney - as long as someone else can be blamed she won't take a hard look at herself and change herself

2450 days ago


Sucks - I don't know that keeping the babies from her is in anyone's best interest but do think she made a huge mistake by holding the baby hostage like she did. I am pretty sure her supervised visits are over for now, I just hope she FINALLY sees that she needs help, gets the help she needs and works on being a better person and in turn a better mom. I'm sure this new court order wont last forever. I also really hope she realizes how her own actions are in control of what happens in court... you do what the court orders and abide by the rules = you get to see your kids. You act like the mayor of Crazytown = you end up alone w/out your babies. Simple fix - follow the rules.

2450 days ago


This is truely over the top. She is as crazy as a hoot owl. Any die hard Britney fan can surley see now how she has overtly displayed her displeasure towards her desire to be a functioning mother. She is either: Bat wacky crazy, or just doesn't want her kids. Hard to decide which. I don't think we will ever know.

2450 days ago


I guess she couldn't stand letting her little sister steal the spotlight away......Ding Dang mental breakdown y'all!!

2450 days ago


Finally. I hope the court imposes greater security on visits so that Britney cannot flip out as she did yesterday and subject her boys to such disgraceful behavior. What must they think about their mother? I bet they were terrified by her prolonged hysterical fit, not to mention all of the police and emergency vehicles. Great job Britney!

2450 days ago


i wish her the best & many blessings ..but anyone else would have gone to jail NOT a hospital,, evertime some poor soul attempts suicide letsay jumping the golden gate bridge THEY GO TO JAil,,,I AM NOT SAYINTHAT IS RIGHT BUT THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS TO US MORTALS

2450 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

I'll bet Kevin is glad to be far, far away from the ex-psycho he was married to! Train wreck should just stay in the loony bin, she belongs there.......and they ought to go ahead and lock up her sister, she will be right behind her in the next few years.....and someone please tell Lynne Spears she is the worse parent ever and to go into hiding, we don't want to hear from her anymore!

2450 days ago
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