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The Fat Lady Has Sung

1/4/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Brit/K-Fed court hearing is over, and we're told on Monday there will be a series of orders released to the public.
Britney Spears
K-Fed never showed for the hearing today -- he didn't have to, but he was around the courthouse earlier today. Stacks of papers went to the judge. We'll see what contact, if any, Britney will have with her kids.


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GayFed if you are any kind of man you would try help her. Kicking her while she is down is disgraceful. After all she kept you and your "other kids" up for the past few years.

2492 days ago


okay so what happened with the little boy? is he okay?

2492 days ago


doesn't any one else see whats happening here? There are so many people out to 'crack' Britney and her sorry ex is in it for his meal ticket.

2492 days ago


Give those babies to Angelina Jolie already!

2492 days ago


Give me a break #5 Jinxie!! "kick her while she's down!"'d she get down there????!!!!! Neglecting her kids, boozing it up every chance she gets, lying to the court, disobeying court orders. SHE DESERVES TO LOSE ALL CONTACT with those boys!!!!

2492 days ago

Joe Beese    

That guy in the video *begged* us to leave Britney alone! But we vultures just wouldn't stop harassing her! And now look what's happened! I hope you're all very very pleased with yourselves!!

2492 days ago

just me    

I don't think alcohol or drugs is the cause of Britney's behavior and I really do not believe that Britney is mentally ill. Or I should say that I don't think she is any more mentally ill than my nephew is. That boy is a piece of work but he is not crazy. I don't know why my brother raised that kid in the way he and his wife did because my brother and I was raised by parents who are extremely strict disciplinarians, severely strict by comparison to the parents of all our friends. But I don't think my nephew has never been punished for anything. Not ever. At least not at home and not by his parents. The kid is 14-years-old and he is an unholy terror if he doesn't get his way and my brother just laughs it off and coddles him.

I bet Britney was raised the same way. I think she has probably been coddled and pampered and given her way since she was a very young age, coddled and pampered when what she really needed was a good spanking when she misbehaved and threw hissy fit tantrums to get her way. I don't think she is crazy. I think she just grew up spoiled rotten which has evolved into an insidious egomania and with anger management issues. And I'm sure my nephew will behave the same as Britney when he is older, only there is almost sure to come a time when he is too old be coddled and pampered by his dad and mom and he won't have the financial resources Britney has to continue his egomaniatical ways in the adult everyday real world. Britney is not insane. She is a super-self-seeking terror with severe self-discipline issues and anger management issues who can afford to continue her ways of being coddled and pampered. She is stubborn, recklessly willful and obstinate. But that don't mean she is crazy. It only means she is a painfully lousy human being. That is my opinion.

2492 days ago


I think she will never learn from any of this because it ia all about her. I few months ago I did fell sorry for her.. BUT nothing the judge does or says is going to change her. I just hope those babies are around to see her destory what life she has left..

2492 days ago


I feel sorry for Britney and the kids. I think, unfortunately, this may be good for her. She really needs to get help to be able to take care of their kids, but you cannot help but to feel for a mother who so badly doesn't want to see her kids go. This is tragic. I do think that unlike some famous attorney's we have seen, Kfed's attorney has been very respectful of Britney and the kids.

2492 days ago


I've been saying all alnog, she needs to be committed for evaluation. Those poor babies can't be subjected to this! It's bad enough to be in a broken family but this kind of behaviour will scar those boys for life. It's less harmful in my opinion to put mom away until she is healthy enough to function in a rational manner both around her children and in public.
Sad sad sad sad.

2492 days ago



2492 days ago


Obviously she is mentally ill.. What she needs is help. Why can't people see this? Of course she loves her children.. I still think KF is as responsible as she is and also VERY unfair she has to foot the bills while he is sponsoring parties in Las Vegas.. So, not fair.. She was a star before she got involved with him..He was a back-up dancer and that lawyer of his...OMIGOD this reeks of ANNA NICOLE DRAMA..

2492 days ago

kim suck    

anyone who feels sorry for her can GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

2492 days ago


My heart breaks for Britney, her family, and her children. Godspeed and many blessings for healing go out to her. However, I see pics of Kevin with his smirky gangsta' grin...he's lovin' He's broken her spirit finally. He gets the cash. But, like Justin Timberlake's song..."What goes around comes around, comes back around.". One fine day....Kevin will get his. Britney will get well...and he will get his. She didn't get the help she needed...because she didn't want to give her kids up. However, she was loosing them regardless. Kevin Federline drove BritneySpears off the deep end...from day one. He knew his only way to her money was to have her deemed an unfit Mother and gain controll of her fortune. He destroyed a human being....Britney ...for his "love of money...the root of all evil". His two boys will be damaged due to his love of money. In the Bible it does not say that 'money is the root of all evil' does say...' the LOVE of money is the root of all evil'. And, we know Kevin LOVES money at the expense of his former wife and their boys.

2492 days ago


All I've got to say is Keven Federline is a complete you-know-what. I have absolutely no respect for him. Stepping up to the plate? Bull. He is just as fame-hungry and money-hungry as the rest of 'em. He can continue to try to convince himself and the rest of the world that the kids are number one - yeah, right.

Granted, Britney has issues. She needs help - yes. I just don't believe a mother's children should be taken away from her. This is certainly not going to help matters. They say she was a danger to herself. Ya' think taking her kids away is gonna' help? And put them in Kevin's loving and caring and capable hands? What a joke.

One thing is certain. These boys needs to be absolutely number one in both of their parents lives. They are the ones who are ultimately going to suffer and are now.

I wish I had an easy answer for all involved. Britney definitely needs to take some steps back and figure out what she really wants. And it may be cliche, but she needs to take care of herself first before she is able to properly parent her boys.

I'm hoping and praying for ya'.

2492 days ago
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