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The Fat Lady Has Sung

1/4/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Brit/K-Fed court hearing is over, and we're told on Monday there will be a series of orders released to the public.
Britney Spears
K-Fed never showed for the hearing today -- he didn't have to, but he was around the courthouse earlier today. Stacks of papers went to the judge. We'll see what contact, if any, Britney will have with her kids.


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My guess is she's had PPD this entire time and it went undiagnosed and untreated and has snowballed into major mental problems. Hopefully she will get the help she needs ASAP.

2482 days ago


Everyone (specifically Paparrazi) need to LEAVE BRIT ALONE! And sadly, we are the ones to blame because we keep buying the magazines with the pictures that they are taking in it. They will not stop until something drastic happens. What that is, I do not know, but there is a person underneath all of these tabloids. This is not entertaining anymore, it is just sad. Someone needs to "spearhead" a movement.

2482 days ago

kim suck    

GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!48. I feel sorry for Britney and the kids. I think, unfortunately, this may be good for her. She really needs to get help to be able to take care of their kids, but you cannot help but to feel for a mother who so badly doesn't want to see her kids go. This is tragic. I do think that unlike some famous attorney's we have seen, Kfed's attorney has been very respectful of Britney and the kids.

Posted at 5:56PM on Jan 4th 2008 by Ashley

2482 days ago


I think Britney does have her own issues, but she is not at all a woman who doesn't want her kids. She genuinely loves them and all this custody drama is driving her crazy. She isn't someone who donesn't want her kids she is someone that is going insane for her kids. Kfed should show a little support and maybe stop focusing on his money. He will do anything to get the kids b/c that is a lifetime money supply from Britney. How come he didn't fight for his kids with Shar? Instead of showing her support and possibly dropping the case pending she gets help could be a good dangler for her to get better. Where are all of her friends? Justin, Christina, NSYNC....they aren't the closest but maybe if they showed one shred of support/interest in her it could be a world of a difference to her. God bless you Britney, you should get me to be your PA i'll take care of you!!

2482 days ago


Her stupid dumb ass is TOAST. She doesn't give a damn about those kids, she just wants them to NOT to go to fedex. How pathetic is that; she looks at them like they're POSSESSIONS, not precious gifts. How mentally twisted & self centered do you have to be to think like that? What a complete & total LOSER...

2482 days ago

I am poster 58    

I think reading that KFed was with Paris was what really through her over the edge + her sister's pregnancy. Nannys raise these kids not her. I think the kids should be taken away from BOTH of these individulas.

2482 days ago


Those poor little boys must still be shaking! OMG! Thinking what they must have felt last night is unthinkable and how SP is so close and caring to JJ. He must have been so upset his little brother was wisked away, bad enough he had to endure Brit being carting away. At least she is in the place she needs to be and can not run out or dismiss it. She isn't going anywhere for the next few days! Wake up Brit seems like your last chance is staring you right in the face. Lets hope she see's it this time? And K-Fed is an ASS he could of had at least waited till she was a little more stable before running to the court! JERK I know he want's to keep them safe but come on, give her a few days to get it together and a new lawyer~!

2482 days ago


Britney - the episode happened while she was in the house. The papps have nothing to do with it. And, given her behavior over the past year it would be nearly impossible to find a specialist that would go into court on the record to make that claim for her.

2482 days ago


You know what people,give the girl a break shes been in the spotlight,hounded by media,pap,family,so called friends, everyone. i dont think shes great either but she is just a lost little girl with no sense of direction which obviously her mother is no help. pray for the girl to get the help she needs,dont bad mouth her. we have all made her what she is today,cuz we wont leave her alone. id act like a mental case too. LEAVE HER ALONE. HOW COME PEOPLE ARENT HOUNDING ALL OVER OWEN WILSON IN HIS MENTAL STATE. WHY BRIT? LET IT GO PEOPLE AND GET A LIFE.

2482 days ago


I wonder what "rock bottom" looks like for Britney? Let's hope she finally hit it for her children's sake, and she begins to change her life...

2482 days ago

I hate k fed    

No one deserves what this young woman has had to go thru. How much more do you people want him to be able to take from her? The court is INSANE, all these relentless orders, investigations, it's madness. She hasn't been convicted of ANYTHING! No wonder this situation drove her to the brink. No way could any of you, have endured all the hell she has been put thru.

2482 days ago


Some of you people watch too much Celeb TV and Rag Blog sites. You have let yourself be brainwashed.

Not sure exactly why you want her kids taken away. And Kevin. Trust me. It is all about money with him. This guy has been a party boy from the get go. He probably will end up not having to work another day in his life. Er, at least until the kids are 18.

2482 days ago


You're doing great Britney! just keep it up baby! Anna saids hello.

The Reaper

2482 days ago


They should not have been allowed to procreate. What a mess they both are, and those two children are going to pay for it. I hope they lock her up, take away her kids, and get her the mental health care she needs. What a freak.

2482 days ago


Brit the brat did it again, she is a wreck has been a wreck and this only shows what a wreck she is now, in the ambulance she looked totally out of it, smiling then crying, and looking if as though everything looked surreal to her, she has definitely lost custody this time, holding the cops at bay for over two hours, being high or mentally out of it and to top it off one of the kids has go to the's over brit the brat you'll have to pay the fed to keep your kids for some time now, your 15 minutes of fame finally hit the wall.

2482 days ago
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