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The Fat Lady Has Sung

1/4/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Brit/K-Fed court hearing is over, and we're told on Monday there will be a series of orders released to the public.
Britney Spears
K-Fed never showed for the hearing today -- he didn't have to, but he was around the courthouse earlier today. Stacks of papers went to the judge. We'll see what contact, if any, Britney will have with her kids.


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The start of K-Fed's problems were getting together with crazy Britney in the first place! Now that he's split from her, he seems to have straightened up and is doing his best for the kids. As for his being in LV, the guy deserves to have some fun, and apparently it was also business. Britney has her fun (and then some being her Ms Pantiless self). As for the money, Britney should pay Kevin's attorney bills since she's the cause of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she got herself together, they could stop going to court every other day.

Also, I can't help but wonder if part of Brit-Brit's breakdown is due to jealously over Jamie stealing some of her media attention? She's got the media right back where she wants it -- spotlight on HER!

2450 days ago


go with your bad self #65

2450 days ago


I cannot believe there are people who are blaming K-Fed for this!! What else does Brit have to do to prove that the boys are better off with their father. The POLICE made the decision that Britney was a danger to herself and those around her. NOT Kevin. Did you see her face? Whatever the case may be (being high, stressed, mentally ill, or missing her meds) she does not need to be around her children like that. She should be denied any visitation until her immediate condition improves. Then she should eventually get supervised ( not monitired) visitation at K-feds home or a facility that other parents with supervised visitation use. She should be focusing on getting her self together and regaining visitation. As for regaining any type of custody, I think this episode pretty much destroyed any hope of that. If this was any other woman or a father, then any chance of custody would have been lost a long time ago.

2450 days ago

kim suck    

well when she kills herself - i hope i can see it live1!!

2450 days ago


ppd may be the case AT THIS TIME, but what about the other times prior to having kids with the flaky fed, she has a long laundry list of sh1t she has done and the stuff thats been kept quite.

2450 days ago


Nah ... all you commenters have got it wrong ... she knows EXACTLY what she is doing ... its just the world is not playing ball the way she would like. Result? Meltdown. Like a 3 year old child.

2449 days ago


This isn't a Brit vs. K-Fed trial. This is a child custody case. It makes little difference if Brit is a stupid tramp and K-Fed is a low-talent leech.

In the state of California, it is assumed that both parents have equal parental rights and that the children will benefit from that, unless and until one parent makes the effort to prove the other side is incompetent, which K-Fed has been reluctant to do. Or until one parent self-destructs, like Brit just did.

Until yesterday, she hadn't actually posed a SERIOUS threat to the kids. They're not going to take away all parental rights for failing to use a car seat or showing your missing underpants to the cameras. But forcibly holding your child hostage against the court order and having a major 3-hour meltdown? OK, now the law can step in.

2449 days ago


It would be nice if both parents Britny and Kevin and their families could come together and work things out without the attorneys and this entire circus created by the media. I feel extremely sorry for Britney. I am sure that she loves her children and would love to have her family back together...what women doesn't. It is such a shame to see her private moments splashed all over. How can she have a normal life and provide that normalcy within her family unit if she isn't allow to do so. I would go crazy too!

2449 days ago

gee whiz    

Come on people!! THose kids needs some stability and a least he is stepping up to the plate and dealing with BS and her manic ways...gosh...give the guy a break!!! He may of started out a loser...but at least he is taking care of the babies and giving them a home and some stability.

How many of you are "perfect parents???" How many of YOUR parents were perfect???!! Are all of you from homes with a perfect mommie and a daddy? Are all of you from homes w/o violance, dependancy, abuse, manic episodes??? Talk about casing stones

Grow up and let him be the responsible, loving parent!!

2449 days ago

Hillary Clinton    

This girl needs me to run her village and save her kids! Vote for me, not Obama the Zebra.........

2449 days ago


I doubt the majority of readers have any real clinical understanding of the type of hold she's on at CS; and if they did, they would cease the judgmental statements. No one knows what she feels, see's, thinks, etc., she's been made in to a money machine from a very early age - everyone has taken advantage of her in order to get to money, in fact she has as well as that is all she has known. Now when she's having a mental break-down every one knows what's best for her or her children... This woman may need serious institutional help, and it's neither funny nor something to make light of. Hers is a truly sad, sad commentary on youth stars.

2449 days ago


The smartest and classiest thing Federline could do right now is publicly stand by Britney. His #1 priority should not be his children, but his children's mother. His children will obviously, from a physical stand point, be well taken care of. What's most important is that the boys have not only a stable father, but more importantly a stable and loving mother who can mold them in their early years and help them to become fine, young, gentlemen. If Federline had any grace and class at all, he would stop all of this media frenzy and demand Britney gets the help she needs. And don't tell me it can't be done. Yes it can.

2449 days ago


What Brit needs is a good ass whoppin. KFED needs one as well. Where is her parents? What a screwed up family!!!!

2449 days ago


PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE MONEY AND FAME WILL F $@! you up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2449 days ago

Spellcheck King    


2449 days ago
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