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Uncrazy Pop Star Mom!

1/4/2008 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The most adorable couple out and about yesterday in the English village of Beaconsfield -- Gwen Stefani and her little angel, Kingston. Hey baby!

Mommy carried her uber chic son as a light snow fell, just after the family popped into an old cottage turned pizza joint. Authorities were not called! No gurneys!

The little guy looked tired -- and why wouldn't he be? It's hard work looking that damn cute all the time!


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no. 6 the child in question was at least 16 when he found out and was his god child. you wouldn't exactly call that cheating if it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy before her!

2483 days ago

just me    

I think it is so sad that people have to say mean comments about someone they don't even know on a personal level. Her professional career cannot and will not bw tarnished by people that are unhappy within themselves. Sorry that you don't make millions of dollars for a CD or a song that is not her nor her beautiful sons fault. And faults of her husband are no ones business. That is between Gwen and her husband I am sure whoever is saying these things probably does not have a good marriage themselves. Let her be and have a happy life and career. You go Gwen you keep up the good work as a mom first, then wife and then artist.

2483 days ago


Orange County Girls Rule!

2483 days ago


they look beautiful! gwen is an amazing mother :) and kingston is adorable.

2483 days ago

Daisy Miller    

This picture is adorable...I'm sure Gwen is a good mom. I only wish she hadn't sold out and started making crappy music just to make a buck. Still because she's a good mom she would have taken time off for the baby anyway. Hopefully when she gets back in the studio she has something real to sing about.

2483 days ago


For someone who supposedly can not sing, she sure has sold lots of albums. Including a few I've bought.

I think it's nice to see a celebrity Mom who ISN'T in trouble with the authorities, tho I suspect I'm in the minority here.

2483 days ago


Can't see much of Gwen's face but that is a nice picture of them both.

2483 days ago


booboo--Just because you sell a lot of albums does not mean you can sing, silly wabbit!

2483 days ago


oh that #4...that daughter is a model and he didnt know about her until she was 15 years old....the woman he had the daughter with never told him she said it was another mans....he is very close to that daughter now and supports her but I guess she is over 18 now...thats old news and he still is making music from what I hear he has a few but not ready to release, but thanks for the info.

2483 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

I don't understand why people are saying she can't sing? She has an unusual voice, but in a good way. Her solo recordings aren't good examples, but does anyone remember No Doubt? I saw them live, and she was amazing. On her recordings she doesn't use 5 other singer's vocals turned up louder than hers like Britney.

What does bother me about her is she used to be the opposite of a sellout! No Doubt was around for years before they got big. But since she has gone solo and started designing tacky clothes, she seems to have forgotten her old self. She used to dress so cute too. Look inside the Tragic Kingdom album cover and look at her cute outfits. I don't know what she is thinking now!

As for Gavin, he didn't know he had a daughter until 15 years later!!! But he did cheat on her, and she admitted that very publicly through her music. At least they seem happy now.

One more thing though, she HAD such a cute figure. Now she is going for the ugly rail-thin look. Women over 35 should not do that, it just makes them look older.

2483 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

Oh yeah, she also writes all of her own music. At least she used to. Who knows now.
All the haters out there... If you don't like her music, then why are you wasting your time posting and reading about her? She hardly has done anything to provoke the kind of outrage that Britney has (though I think you all should leave her alone too, before she is driven to suicide.) I am jealous of celebrities lives too, but it don't need to bash other people to feel good about myself.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I miss the days before the Internet where this kind of crap was reserved for inside a bathroom stall. Back then most people would be too scared to say these cruel and pathetic insults. Oh, what would you do without the anonymity of the internet?

2483 days ago


For the most part she stays out of the spotlight and spends time with her family rather than out clubbing. What a concept!! Pop-tarts everywhere should take a page from her book!

2483 days ago


Are you effin serious????!!!!! If wearin' an OSTRICH coat and wearing red lipstick are her only sins, then OMG!!!! lets string her up and spank her million dollar ass!! What?! Are those the only sins you can come up with?
Let's recap and re-evaluate the sins of Brit-Brit:.......oh wait.... this blog can only print so much. I don't need to list ANYTHING that the world doesn't already know about the UNFORTUNATE life of a reckless FORMER popstar. But she is a human being who deserves to be FORCED to seek MENTAL HELP for the sake of whatever sanity she has left(there is hope) and for the sake of her innocent children who DOES NOT DESERVE to witness their mother FALL APART day after day!!!!! NO CHILD DESERVES THAT!! If you're a Brit fan, "a hard core, stand by your wreck fan," then by ALL means PRAY FOR HERRRRRRR!!!!! But don't Gwen hate!! C'mon people! Give her credit for the dues she paid for the last 20 years. Her singing is a matter of opinion. But she has ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to be a mother. TRUE No Doubt, Gwen fans know this. This is one of her greatest blessings and she's doing a fabulous job as a mother. I'm sure she's not a perfect human being, none of us are, she's gonna make mistakes but I'm POSITIVE she will NEVER jeopordize the welfare of her child as Brit has.

2483 days ago


#4 gwen is disgusting.

2483 days ago


she looks crazy too

2483 days ago
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