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We'll Have What Tom Brady's Drinking

1/4/2008 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's a record-breaking QB, has an incredibly hot Brazilian girlfriend, is beloved the world over by men and women alike. What's in the water wherever he lives?

It's not tap, friends -- it's SmartWater, for which Brady just shot a series of new ads, including this one -- where he's seen in full superathlete glory. The spots will start running next month, so he's no doubt hoping his undefeated Pats win the Super Bowl.

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Feelings are strong, aren't they? We're all entitled to our opinions, and in my opinion, Tom Brady is only marginally cute, and Gisele Bundchen is very unattractive and masculine-looking. I don't think he did himself any favors public opinion-wise by beginning a serious relationship so soon after the end and concurrent pregnancy of the previous one. He and Gisele came across as less-than-kind when they sent the newborn son a gift basket with a onsie embroidered with the word Supermodel. That move didn't seem well-thought-out. I'm a long-time football fan of several teams, but not of Brady, his team, his coach, nor of the New York Jets.

2450 days ago


This is an ad for water? It looks like an ad for a gay man playing with a jump rope.

2449 days ago


I had smart water once and it gave me diarrhea. Yuck!

2449 days ago


I love it Tom Brady is a Yankees fan. So why do they love him in Boston?

2449 days ago


This guy has had 2 bye-weeks and 1 day off to spend with his son. During the first bye-week (November), he spent a grand total of one day with his son. When Bridget and John came to NYC, he probably spent one day at best with John. So, he has spent 2 days (at best) with John, and 13 with Gisele. Even of I had broken up with my child's other parent, I'd still devote as much of my free time as possible to seeing my kid(s). Besides, he said he'd lobby for more off-days, but on the one off-day he got, he spent it with his girlfriend in Miami. Great dads put their children above their girlfriends.

2449 days ago


Hi patsfan! Let's see if we can all think back to the preseason. John was born during the pre-season. When the birth was coming up, John stated publicly that he would lobby for days off to be with him. Tom shows up the day of the birth with big flowers (remember the photo-op) and then left and flew back to NY and hung out with Gisele WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT PRACTICE or at the very least with his son! Tom lobbies for days off and then spends ONE day with his newborn son and then spends the other off days in NY with, as the Boston Hearald likes to call her, his Boo.

It appears my sources are right on the money! Respectfully, maybe you should check yours.

As far as judging others, maybe Tom and Gisele should have kept their private sex life hidden (like Leo and Gisele did for all of those years) instead of rubbing it in Bridget's nose so publicly. They forgot that we the public would also be watching when they exacted their revenge when Bridget CHOSE not to have an abortion. When they made this BAD decision, they inadvertently invited us to the party. And off we go ... (I bet Tom and Gisele certainly have learned a lesson the hard way!)

2449 days ago


what is wrong with all you people says:

My father was a salesman who traveled 70% percent of every year to provide our family with food and a good home.

Question - was your dad photographed with other women making a public spectacle of himself? Did he ignore your mother? Did the other women buy you presents?

Your situation and John Brady's is not the same. Try again.

2449 days ago


Hello, hello, Hello, Hello, you really need to go understand the world and you are a darn God fool.

2449 days ago

Dontlike Brady    

I am DEFINITELY NOT in the Brady fan club. I hiss everytime he comes on tv. What a jerk to leave a pregnant girlfriend for a SUPERMODEL!!!!!!!!

2449 days ago


Anna, before you start talking you need to go learn your facts about Tom brady and Peyton Manning, Tom has better ads deals than Peyton, trust me and that and those ads that you name, do you really know how much they cause, pleae go look that up too and stop run off you mouth.

2446 days ago


Anna, before you start talking you need to go learn your facts about Tom brady and Peyton Manning, Tom has better ads deals than Peyton, trust me and that and those ads that you name, do you really know how much they cause, pleae go look that up too and stop run off you mouth.

2446 days ago


He lives and works in Massachusetts, and just because they have a don’t have a game one week doesn’t mean they still aren’t practicing, his son lives in California across the country, his girlfriend lives what 2-3 hours away. Doesn’t it seem odd that Bridget who is from Massachusetts, moves cross country after she breaks up with someone and she finds out she’s pregnant, sounds more like a way where she knows Tom can’t be near his son all the time because of his job. Besides does it look like to anyone that they are flaunting where they are, TMZ and gossip sites like TMZ jobs are to follow celebs. Public displays, what are they supposed to do have relationships over the phone. How many of you can say that you never kissed your boyfriend or girlfriend in public?

2445 days ago


Bonitto - I agree with Susan on the other thread - go home to Brazil and learn how to speak English. Also, please watch your language - there are children (like Dani) on this board and we don't want her to learn bad words! Finally, if you believe that at this point and time Tom Brady has more lucrative deals than Peyton Manning, well, honey, you need to take a lesson in capitalism.

And Dani, when you have grown up and reached a legal age AND had some life experiences, come back and we will talk about Tom and his "public displays." There is a big difference between "public display" and "immature high school" behavior. High school behavior which is specifically designed to hurt another person BTW. Talk to you in a few years!

2445 days ago


Hello, have course you agree with Susan because you are a moron and is senseless and dont like to hear the truth, and before you open you mouth again, go take a look at their ads and look what the word Capitalism mean - and i have to wonder where you come from, America? well i am glad that I am not an American because guess what dirtbag, nobody want to be from here.

You are a damn fool and a terrible person to be call an American and please go get some thoughts of your own.

2443 days ago


Bonitto - regarding Tom vs. Peyton - Peyton has been around a lot longer than Tom and has been building his "brand" for several years now. Peyton has built up quite a brand-name and is, quite frankly, a major mover in endorsements. You see Peyton everywhere. As concerns Tom, Tom has only really started using his success in football in the last year or so. It appears that maybe Gisele (his Boo) has helped him in this area. Tom is a newbie when it comes to endorsements. Tom may very well SOMEDAY surpass Peyton in endorsements but it will take several years to do so. This type of branding does not happen over night. I think if Peyton can survive rubbing his butt in a woman's face then I think maybe Tom can survive Gisele.

Again, after your last e-mail, you really need to go to college and get a BBA and then maybe a MBA. And don't forget those english classes! After that, give me a ring and we will talk.

As far as "nobody want to be from here," tell that to the thousands of Mexicans willing to risk their lives to cross the Rio Grande to come to the good 'ol U.S. of A. Tell that to the millions of people from all over the world who are lined up ready to come to this country. Again, your statement is not backed by facts. Sorry!

In case you haven't noticed, when I debate someone, I use facts. I don't call names. If you want to be taken seriously and not have all of us laughing at you AND Brazil, then you need to deal with facts and not call us names. You do realize that everyone here has gotten a good giggle from you, don't up, Bonitto? You really don't make Gisele look good.

By the way, why are you here?!

2442 days ago
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