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Will Brit Lose Her Children?

1/4/2008 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears may have torpedoed herself in her custody battle.

L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon laid down the law for Britney, mandating that she and K-Fed be drug and alcohol-free while they have physical custody of the children.

Depending on what Brit was under the influence of, K-Daddy's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan could go back into the court and immediately ask the judge to strip Britney of visitation rights.

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poor girl : (

2463 days ago


'May have...'? She's done. good riddence. -Yarbz

2463 days ago


But will he get the money if she is out of the picture? These kids are in real danger.

2463 days ago

Bratney Hater    

What a dumb f@#k! Seriously...what a dumb f@#k!!!

2463 days ago


Hey Brit
How about a helmet wash baby

2463 days ago


About time.

What do these people on the west coast thinking about. Nothing. These children have been in danger since they were born.

It's time for so called celebrities to take responsibility for their actions. Jail the lot of them if they break/ignore the law.

2463 days ago


I thought Bobby Trendy was getting custody.

2463 days ago


It's a cry for help. I understand. But no drugs, Britney. It's never good.
I feel sad for her. Please someone take care of her sincerely.

2463 days ago


It is a given she will not get these kids at all, now. Probably what she wanted. I think she doesn't want to pay Kevin, and she doesn't want to appear heartless to the public, so she did this. It's been obvious all along she did nothing to keep them.

2463 days ago


I am sure he is doing that right now. He is probably sitting at the door of the court house, with dollar signs in his eyes.
I am also sure that guy is going straight to h.ll

2463 days ago


It is possible she might kill these kids. I can see her type doing it just so Kevin can't have them.

2463 days ago


Thank god - that bitch doesnt deserve her kids. Get them out of there before they get hurt

2463 days ago


Those children should not be around her until she has a mandatory, full psychiatric evaluation. She clearly has some pretty significant emotional issues right now, and her fame and money should not be able to afford her special treatment in this regard. If it were a regular parent acting in this manner they would have zero visitation, monitored or not. She is obviously a danger to herself and those poor children. The courts in California need to do the right thing instead of protecting the rich and famous. If she isn't forcibly committed she will probably end up killing herself. TMZ and the rest of the stalker paps should think about what they are going to do when their little money train finally derails for good and ends up on a slab. Who will they torment then for their "money shot". This whole story is just so sad.

2463 days ago


what sort of riot have i worken up too!! brit's starting the new year with a bang!! taking the kids away is not going to solve anything but make this girl more erratic, than she already has been...the kids belong to their mother,,,besides! with her income, the caretakers usually raise these kids!!!

2463 days ago

cookie monsta    

I have no pity for this smiling shark. That pic of her in the back of the ambulance shows how tripped out she is these days. It took everything she could muster with that Pap to try and out-trump the Jamie Lyn news, but when she saw the pics of KFed and Paris that the pap took, well the meltdown began. Hopefully THIS will be the wake-up slap in the face she has been begging for for many months.

2463 days ago
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