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Brit Pitches Fit

1/5/2008 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe are hearing from multiple sources that Britney Spears is throwing a fit on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai. She is demanding to leave, screaming at the staff, will not lie or sit still, we're told.

From all indications, she is being held on a 5150, which means she is a danger to herself and others. Typically, people in that situation can be held for 72 hours against their will.

We have also been told she has pulled her IV out and is generally out of control. Another source at the hospital tells TMZ she could be heard yelling at various staffers and she was described by nurses as being "difficult."


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Are you folks happy now. Leave her alone. Oh, that's right it all about making money so that makes it okay. You folks at TMZ are a bunch of sick sons of bitches.

2422 days ago


She is trippin cuz she is coming down from her gas station trolling buzz...

2422 days ago


You drive me CRAZY...I just can't sleep! I'm so excited. I'm in too deep. OHHHHH CRAZY, but it feels all right, baby thinkin' of you keeps me up all night.......THAT's it, that's all.....that's all that is wrong with her.....

2422 days ago

jack bauer    

There is some nurse/doctor who is about to lose their job AND license for reporting on her like this. tsk tsk tsk.... I'd fake an illness if i wanted to get next to her

2422 days ago


If Brittany was that far out of controll they would give her a shot and knock her out.

2422 days ago


been an american dream since she was 17............AAAAAWWWWW let's just send her to the Philipines........

2422 days ago


I seriously feel sorry for her. I am in no way shape or form a Britney fan, but she's clearly not alright, and needs as much help as she can get.. whether she wants it or not. I don't think we can blame Kevin, we can't blame her parents, we can't even really blame her. If it's something mentally wrong with her.. than it's no ones fault and she just need to get help

2422 days ago


This is SO sad. I have never liked her because of her 'Holier than thou' attitude but honestly, sharing her same birthday, I can relate to that and have to keep it in check. And Hell... I'm an everyday nobody (celebrities wise). I have never pitied her and wanted to see her hit rock bottom, sickened me she was so hot and let herself go to hell.

I have to admit, this makes me so so. If this doesn't bother you to see ANYONE go through this, you need a 72 hr evaluation yourself because you have no ability to feel compassion. Furthermore, you are FAR sicker than he for that very reason. God be with you Britney, even though I think you're a spoiled WH*RE that's dumber than a rock. You make us southern, classy, educated girls look bad, thats why I don't like your trashy ass. Southern bellls, Y'all... ding dang it... DO NOT go into pubkic restrooms with bare feet, if they go in them at all. You shame us as a southern woman. Southern girls live and die by theiir children. Clean up you tramp or die for your children as not to harm them by your mere presents.

Thank You,


2422 days ago


Sweet hell. She needs to be medicated and get into some intense and deep therapy. SOMETHING is wrong and it needs to be dealt with NOW!

2422 days ago


She'll be in the quiet room for awhile. Re: the nurse (?) who left a real name (?) and wrote a pretty vile description of how she(Britney) was acting---my take is that that was written by yet another psycho. I am a nurse and would never divulge any info regarding a patient, or I would rightfully be terminated. If she had an episode of pullling out her IV, screaming and yelling, non-compliance, etc. --business as usual when someone is coming down from an episode. She probably hasn't had a cigarette for a couple days, that alone would cause an episode. Do you really think that she's going to be cooperative? about anything:?
If she really does have Bi-Polar Disorder, I'm guessing she will never get full custody of her children again. That disorder does NOT go away, and can only be manageable IF the person follows medical orders. Good luck! As long as her boys are safe with their father and his family, that is all that is important. She's the only one who can help herself.

2422 days ago


What a bi**h. Here's ANOTHER celeb that can't control her success. I hope her freinds & family spend every dime she has. What a loser!!!!

2422 days ago


I'm a mental health professional and I definitely think she has a diagnosis. I'm not sure that I'd say it's Bipolar though because she could be in a drug induced psychosis as well. It's too hard to say unless you're actually her doctor and getting the information. There are so many possibilities including things more serious like schizophrenia too. I wish people would stop diagnosing her when most of them don't know what they're talkikng about. I really feel bad for her because most people get to have psychotic breaks in private but the entire world knows about hers.

2422 days ago


people just need to back off and get thoughs stupid cameras out of her face......she's a human being too, she deserves her privacy too....get well brit....

2422 days ago


The messages left here make me sick. I am no big Brit fan..just a mom myself..this girl for whatever reason is going thru a horrific time in her life..and there are all of those like the ones leaving the mean messages here voraciously viciously waiting to hear that she has fallen furthur..hey just think about the crappy things you'll be able to say when she finally kills your pathetic little lives will seem more worthwhile...I have no money..I have no fame..I do however have compassion, empathy, an ounce of understanding for another's plight..whenever I need to feel better about myself..I read some of the comments left by jackels like you all and I sleep sound.

2422 days ago


She's just doing stupid stuff ON PURPOSE just to get attention! Why can't anyone but me see this?

STOP writing stories about her / reporting on her behavior & she'll return to "normal". Watch. Ya hear that, Harvey Levin?!

2422 days ago
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