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Brit Pitches Fit

1/5/2008 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe are hearing from multiple sources that Britney Spears is throwing a fit on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai. She is demanding to leave, screaming at the staff, will not lie or sit still, we're told.

From all indications, she is being held on a 5150, which means she is a danger to herself and others. Typically, people in that situation can be held for 72 hours against their will.

We have also been told she has pulled her IV out and is generally out of control. Another source at the hospital tells TMZ she could be heard yelling at various staffers and she was described by nurses as being "difficult."


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what a stupid bitch

2491 days ago


I would like to be one of her caregivers. I would smack her silly, and when she screamed, I would say "Didn't do it. The bitch is crazy"

2491 days ago


tmz told ya

2491 days ago


Well if she is reacting that way in the looney let her let it all out, she will eventually get tired, I think.

2491 days ago


she is a looser

2491 days ago


Hey TMZ - as addicted to y'all as I am, I'm concerned about Britney's rights to privacy - ever heard of HIPAA? I know it's not illegal for you to go looking for her medical info without her consent - but it is immoral. She is arguably the world's most publicly violated person. Now that you know that a mental disorder may explain her behavior, shouldn't you pull it back a bit and let her get treated without the threat of your interests colliding with hers?
An example - nurses, orderlies, janitors, all looking for info on her while they should be acting COMPLETELY in her best interests instead of their own? They want the info to give or sell to the media, and because of that, she'll get worse care. Please do your part and try to protect her if and when those that should don't.

2491 days ago


well, she definately has material for her next album.........(i think i spelled one of the words wrong.......i am pretty sure definately is not spelled this way.) 5150........wait til she gets to 8394

2491 days ago

getting irritated    

TMZ itself is violating medical confidentiality by posting this, if any of it is true in the first place. Whatever is happening in her room is protected by confidentiality laws, and people on 51/50 are not just out in regular wards where general public could "happen" to hear anything.

So, TMZ, either you are merely speculating and making up fake sources (translation: lying), or you are breaking the law. Since no legal authorities have pulled your article, the logical conclusion is that it is all speculation on your part.

2491 days ago


And the Insider reports that she left this morning via underground tunnel.
Get the real story, someone.

2491 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

TMZ...identify your sources at the Hospital or stop making this stuff up...good grief!

2491 days ago


I am also thinking about those mothers who killed their children in the name of love. I hope
the lawyers are thinking about the children. I could see something like this happening more
than I can see Britney hurting herself. I really think she is too vain to hurt herself. EX: her
apperance on the VMA's and what she wears out. THis has all the signs.

2491 days ago

Voice of Reason    

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE just slap this gutter slut into shape. Britney is a trailer trash whore, just like her mother and her sister. It is a shame she gets all this attention (which she feeds on). She should be placed in a small cold cell with a hard bed and left to rot slowly and painfully. ... But that would be too good for her.

2491 days ago


I certainly am in no position to diagnose Britney's ailments, but her behavior over the past year has certainly reflected symptoms of a mental illness....the manic highs, paranoia, disheveled appearances, bizarre behavior. She has been passing her drug tests since court ordered all along and now there is news of clean drug tests, so it is reported.

Until Britney can acheive what is called "insight" into her mental illness whatever one it is, then it is a difficult time for the patient and the family. It is hard to understand an illness when the brain is sending you the wrong messages.

If she were your loved one how would you feel? It can happen to anyone. Have compassion on this woman....her brain is not working, just like your broken arm doesnt work ..... everyone feels empathy for those with MS, cancer, heart disease, but many in this world find mental illness something to laugh and poke fun at. It is a serious illness and I might add often a lonely illness. My prayers go out to her and her children and I hope they can get her on the correct medication and that she takes it. Then maybe she can look at getting her life back in order.

Remember Patty Duke the child actress from the 60s? She has bi polar disorder and is an excellent spokesperson and model for that community.

2491 days ago


Of course shes having a fit.. she is suffering from mental disease, did they expect her to cooperate..

Heres my 2 cents....

Postpartum psychosis is rare. It occurs in 1 or 2 out of every 1000 births and usually begins in the first 6 weeks postpartum. Women who have BIPOLAR disorder or another psychiatric problem called SCHIZOAFFECTIVE disorder have a higher risk for developing postpartum psychosis. Symptoms may include delusions, hallucinations, sleep disturbances, and obsessive thoughts about the baby. A woman may have rapid mood swings, from depression to irritability to euphoria.

What Is Postpartum Psychosis?

While it is the most extreme form of postpartum mood disorders, postpartum psychosis is also one of the RAREST. Usually described as a period when a woman loses touch with reality, the disorder occurs in women who have recently given birth. It affects between one and two women per 1,000 women who have given birth.

Unfortunately, though many women with the disorder realize something is wrong with them, fewer than 20% actually speak to their healthcare provider. Sadder still is the fact that often postpartum psychosis is MISDIAGNOSED or thought to be postpartum depression, thereby preventing a woman from receiving the appropriate medical attention that she needs.
Women who do receive proper treatment often respond well but usually experience postpartum depression before completely recovering. However, without treatment, the psychosis can lead to TRAGIC consequences. Postpartum psychosis has a 5% suicide rate and a 4% infanticide rate.

Postpartum Psychosis Signs
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Signs of postpartum psychosis include:
· Hallucinations
· Delusions
· Illogical thoughts
· Insomnia
· Refusing to eat
· Extreme feelings of anxiety and agitation
· Periods of delirium or mania
· Suicidal or homicidal thoughts

Who Is At Risk?
Women with a personal history of psychosis, BIPOLAR or schizophrenia have an increased risk of developing postpartum psychosis. Likewise, women who have a family history of psychosis, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia have a greater chance of developing the disorder. Additonally, women who have had had a past incidence of postpartum psychosis are between 20% and 50% more likely of experiencing it again in a future pregnancy.

Causes of Postpartum Psychosis
Experts aren’t exactly sure why postpartum psychosis happens. However, they do offer a variety of explanations for the disorder, with a woman’s changing hormones being at the top of their list. Other possible reasons or contributing factors include a lack of social and emotional support; a low sense of self-esteem due to a woman’s postpartum appearance; feeling inadequate as a mother; feeling isolated and alone; having financial problems; and undergoing a major life change such as moving or starting a new job.

Treating Postpartum Psychosis
Postpartum psychosis is considered to be a MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY and therefore requires immediate attention. Because women who suffer from the psychosis are not always able or willing to speak with someone about their disorder, it is sometimes necessary that their partner or another family member help them get the medical attention they need. The condition is usually treated with medications, typically antipsychotic drugs and sometimes antidepressants and/or antianxiety drugs.

If a woman is thought to pose a threat to herself or others, she will likely be hospitalized for a short time. Many women can also benefit from psychological counseling and support group therapy. With proper care, most women are able to recover from their disorder.

2491 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

It's one thing, TMZ, to stick a camera in her face and take her image. But last night's news footage showed a horde of paps running in pursuit of her ambulance and even standing in its way as it attempted a right turn. When motorists on the road see an ambulance approaching they yield. Not so these photographers. They actually impeded the flow of an emergency vehicle! Now you are posting a report that is based on eyewitness accounts of a hospitalized patient, a direct violation of her right to, and expectation of, privacy. Those staffers who are talking to you should be disciplined. She's still an American and she does have rights. Your behavior is shameful here. Let a patient recover. She needs her space. Hospitals should be off limits. If you want a statement, contact her publicist.

2491 days ago
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