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Brit Probably Bipolar

1/5/2008 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has even more evidence now that this is NOT a case of substance abuse. As we already reported, we're told Brit has all the symptoms of what appears to be some sort of bipolar disorder. This is becoming the universal operating theory from people in both Brit and K-Fed's camps. They are privately hoping the docs properly diagnose her at Cedars.

Also, there are reports swirling about all the people in Brit's home who came to her rescue; who broke the door down, who just lingered. You would think she was having a pre-pre-pre Super Bowl party.

In fact, we know that aside from the monitor, there were a grand total of two others in the house -- aside from Brit and the kids. The two were both hired help.


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A Concerned Mother    

Mental illness is finally proven to be a biological disease, just like cancer, diabetes, brain tumor, etc.
Would people be making fun of her if she had these illness?
I feel extremely sorry for her, and her family. Her mother DID NOT create this.
Mental illness is triggered by stress and probably the birth of her babies brought it on.
Did people make fun of Brooke Shields when she became so ill? No.
Please give Brittany a break and let her heal. Please give her parents a break. They did not cause this. We are not in the dark ages or the time of Freud. Mental illness is a real illness and science is on the cutting egde of finding a cure.
Have compassion, please.

2483 days ago

kim suck    

bipolar is made up so that idiots like her have an excuse to act like a freak!!!

2483 days ago


I love you Britney. A LOT of people love and care about you. Please be strong. Find rest. Find peace. God is with you.

2483 days ago

kim suck    

28. I'm honestly over all the Britney jokes & etc... I honestly pray she gets help and the media just gives her a time to clear her head for a while.

[= get well Britney

Posted at 11:26AM on Jan 5th 2008 by Lya---YOU ARE AN ASSH*LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grow the hell up!! brit loves this!

2483 days ago


The proof is lying in the ambulance.....SAY NO TO DRUGS

2483 days ago

Salty Dog    

Bipolar disorder is just another modern EXCUSE for not having any responsibility. When we label bad conduct with a name, you are just as guilty as those who enabled her.

Get a grip people, you wouldn't lable her bipolar is she killed her kids would you?

2483 days ago


TMZ and the papps need to leave Britney and her family and children alone.

The Papps and TMZ have continued to harass Britney and her family and have therefore
brought Britney into a full blown manic episode due to their constant harrassment, following
and picture taking for their money shots.

Any further harrassment will only hurt her family and her children further.

The papps and TMZ and anyone who continues to interfere can be sued.

2483 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 11:32AM on Jan 5th 2008 by A Concerned Mother--SHUT UP!!! your comment makes me SICK!!!

2483 days ago


She isn't going to heal...she LIKES being the way she is. How easy to say she is bi-polar. If she really had it, she would not like what she does, and make some attempt to get better.

2483 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Something here I think still stinks. I think Britney is becoming somewhat of a mediocre but not yet convincing actress. I think and don't trash me here that there is a possibility that she has or is beginning to want to have media sympathy and the only way to do this is to 'fake' an episode. Yes I think she has mental instability but it's not as severe as she is trying to portray. I think this is just another temper tantrum because once again she is not getting her way about this whole custody battle. An example is that she did not want to give the children back to Kevin at the end of their alotted stay. When they forced the issue then little Miss Actress threw the ultimate tantrum and decided to make it a medical issue to get more media attention which she craves and to have the world think... "oh poor pitiful Britney", look how bad her bi-polar condition has become. This focuses the attention off her blatant disregard for court ordered appearances and her lack of concern to do the right thing toward her children.

2483 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 11:32AM on Jan 5th 2008 by A Concerned Mother--WILL YOU GO AWAY!!!

2483 days ago


Salty Dog--Amen! I agree completely!

2483 days ago


why is someone posting first under my name?

2483 days ago


i guess this is what happens when someone is crying out for help, and they are just made fun of and followed around and. oh, and mom gets busy writing a book.

she was crying out for help for a long time, and no one helped......not even the court.

how sad.

2483 days ago


anybody remember the reports after she tested positive for drug use? First was thought to be meds for narcolepsy and then found ot be amphetamines. For anyone who knows anything about bi-polar disorder, taking amphetamines is like pouring gasoline on a fire. And if she is bi-polar, that explains references to "narcolepsy" and....did reports ever say ADHD or ADD? Bi-polar cycles are usually extreme highs and extreme lows, and undiagnosed people often self-medicate with uppers and downers to offset their symptoms.

2483 days ago
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