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Cops to Dog's Bro: Keep Your Pants On!

1/5/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim ChapmanPolice in Hawaii arrested Tim Chapman -- spiritual brother of Duane "Dog" Chapman -- after he was spotted naked in his pickup truck. Those bounty hunters are always packing!

A mall security guard found Chapman, sans clothes, and asked him to get out of the truck. Police say that after he got dressed, Chapman started his truck and drove over a sidewalk, nearly hitting the security. He turned himself in five hours later.

The guard told police he recognized Chapman from his show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," and said Chapman was performing an unspecified lewd act.

But Tim's attorney, Brook Hart, has an explanation for the whole thing: "It was simply a man who wet his pants with orange juice inadvertently and was changing them, doing nothing wrong at all and believing he had sufficient privacy to do it."


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TMZ get your facts straight...tim and duanne are not brothers.

2394 days ago


Maybe he was on ICE?

2394 days ago


crack head. spun out.

2394 days ago


Ha HA What a joke, I grew up with this fool and his whole family is nothing but wife beating, child molesters and that ain't no joke..that is a true fact! I lived down the street from him and his family and they would come to school all beat up and look like trash i blame the parents for these.......

2394 days ago


jane is right...they are not brothers.

2394 days ago

Crawford County Resident    

The media has a way of spinnng tales. I believe Tim spilled something on him because he IS a lil bit clumsy. Tell the truth yall. Like no one has EVER spilled something on ones self? And YES he does carry extra clothes in his truck.Havent yall ever watched the show when they have peppered someone and had to rassle em to the ground? They get that pepper on themselves every time!! TIM ignore these ppl. Accidents happen. The media has a way of making it turn into a circus. God Bless You

2394 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Tim is the most solid dude on the whole show. I change from shorts to wind pants back to shorts in my car (under a jacket) to accomodate changing weather (play in an outdoor adult baseball league) all the time, as there are no change rooms at local park ball fields. I totally believe Tim, and this security dude is full of himself and should have said 'Oh,' and just told him to finish changing into dry pants. Once this security guy had decided to make an issue out of nothing, of course Tim ran, because he knows it will be picked up by TMZ and media outlets and be twisted, and further affect their show.

2394 days ago


ok-ok they aren't brothers does that change anything? They are Bros in spirit and this spirit screams, white trash, crack smokin, perverts

2394 days ago



I cannot even think of anything funny to say, this whole story says it all!!!

2394 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

can we talk?...let go of your inhibtions...release those thoughts & feelings that you suppress...can you feel it?...are the animalistic urges rising...emanating from between your loins...growing and strengthening with each and every thrust of your being...rise up...rise as your body shudders..with pounding ferocious that you craze and you now curl into the fetal...forlorn that you may now never again experience that which was..both ecstatic and exhilarating...come with me..join me in the journey to find the which you have just your eyes now...wipe the tears from your cheek...catch your breath...that was just taken away...steady the trembles that quivers through your body of which we call man...share with me yours so that i shall share with you mines...let us now explore ourselves, in that we may chance again to recapture that which we have just experienced...ssshhh...quiet good to yourselves...go on now...go on...

2394 days ago


What a pervert,that whole show was a joke.!..I betcha that dude was on crack for sure. That whole family is white trash..HAhahAH They are all freaks and pigs. Bye dog and family, The American people are flushing you and your hillbilly antics down the toilet. Good riddence you white trash pigs.

2394 days ago

Donna S.    

I know I don't carry around an extra set of clothes in case of "orange juice emergencies"! Do any of you?

2394 days ago


How does he pee OJ?

2394 days ago

Oh boy    

SHEEEESH!! Can those people do nothing right!!! Go away Dog and everyone else on that stupid show...

2394 days ago


They ARE SPIRIT......

2394 days ago
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