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Dr. Phil on Britney: She Is in "Dire Need" of Help

1/5/2008 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. PhilDr. Phil has issued the following statement to ET about his visit with Britney Spears this morning.

"My meeting with Britney and some of her family members this morning in her room at Cedars leaves me convinced more than ever that she is in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention.

She was released moments before my arrival and was packing when I entered the room. We visited for about an hour before I walked with her to her car. I am very concerned for her."


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As the daughter of a real doctor, and the sister of a real doctor, I resent his use of the title to sell his celebrity. He should just use his own name, at least until he graduates from medical school. It would have been a nice gesture to meet with her as a supportive friend, but DO NOT MISLEAD the public by implying that your opinion is medically significant. Go back to your tabloid tv show and make another million bucks. Leave the practice of medicine and psychiatry to professionals, Mr Phil.

2446 days ago


OK j, we'll have to wait and see. Please let me be right! :) take care.

2446 days ago

getting irritated    

To those who keep saying "Dr. Phil is not a doctor," he is not a medical doctor but he has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, which makes it correct to refer to him as "Dr. Phil McGraw," just as you would refer to other Ph.D.s as "Dr. so-and-so" when addressing them with respect to their work.
Love him or hate him, the man did achieve a Ph.D. in his field.

2446 days ago


Maybe Lynne Spears saw another great opportunity to make money off of one of her effed up daughters and called Dr. Phil

2446 days ago


#18 - love it!!!!

This girl is a mess, and Dr. "Filth" sees $$$$$$


2446 days ago

Salty Dog    

I don't think she will ever make it to the Dr. Phil show. I'm sure she will be out tonight putting gas in her car, driving reckless, stealing lighters, hit-and-runs, and anything else she can think of. Personally, I think she will be dead very soon and I will lose no sleep over it. My thoughts are with our soldiers who rish their lives and not with this talentless wench...

2446 days ago


Her release was so predictable. I have a family member (Bi-Polar) who was taken in a swanky ER on a 5150 72 hour hold. She was so out of control that she had to be restrained and they wouldn't even let her up to go to the bathroom. She was biting, screaming and clawing because she was scared to death. They keot her in restraints for 12 hours and tranquilized the hell out of her. And guess what? After 12 hours she was dischraged because she was no longer a threat! She was never even seen by a psychiatrist! Unless they are taken to a psychiatric hospital, a 72 hour hold is a joke. We went through this same type of behavior with my family member for several years It started when she was about 18 which is quite common. Someone with Bipolar Disorder needs therapy and medication for life. The trick is getting them to stay on it, Anyway, there is hope for Britney, but the media neeeds get off her back. My family member is staying on her meds right now and she is a productive member of society. She is married with a child and is working and taking college classes. She is a wonderful mother now. Don't be so hard on Britney's family. There comes a point when the therapists tell the family to protect themselves and their other family members because you can't do anything for the victim unless they will admit they have a problem and get help. People joke about others who have mood swings as being Bi-polar. There is nothing funny about truly being Bi-Polar. It's a terrible and debilitating disorder.

2446 days ago

just wondering    

....TEAM CANADA just won !!!....hope TEAM BRIT wins!!!!!!...sorry for being slightly off topic!!! oops!

2446 days ago


Leave Britney alone (although she does need help and McGraw may be the answer). She also NEEDS lawyers whose ability corrects the fact that she pays KF support and child support and still has to pay HIS lawyer. That's what's "sick." He should pay his own lawyer, and if he can't afford Kaplan (or Kaplan doesn't want to do it for what KF can afford, then step; KF can get a lawyer he can afford. That is so truly unfair to Britney. People who don't have money, don't get the lawyers who can bring muscle to the table--that's life.

2446 days ago

Wolf just became

2446 days ago


Too funny, #2. But #38, "man enough to take responsiblility"?? Who are you kidding? He wouldn't have the interest if it weren't for the money. He's about to become a whole lot richer once she dies. I hope someone will help him pick out a decent looking black suit for the proceedings--at least attempt to make him look respectable. I am sure they will be televised on TMZ TV with a healthy cut for he and Momma bed (well not literally I hope) together for quite some time now.

2446 days ago


Phil will set back the process 2 years and/or Brit becomes suicidal due to Phil deviant style.

2446 days ago


Dr. Phil would exploit his own mother if it guaranteed him a profit. He is a con artist. Stay out of it
Dr. Bizarro. You will only make things worse by publicizing what's going on with Britney. She needs
to get out of the spotlight, not get caught in your spotlight you a**hat!

2446 days ago


here is such a talented woman with her life spiraling out of control right in front of her and she cannot seem to stop it... do we thank the media?? cause they have done nothing but follow her no matter where she goes... you don't see any of them reporting anything good she does, only the bad...

kuddos to Dr. Phil for stepping in to try and help her... she needs to find someone she can trust that isn't after a piece of her... ever since she hooked up with k-fed he has done nothing but run her to the ground.... this whole ploy of his about the kids... *laugh* its not about them, its about him getting more money out of her... lets start pulling some of his skeletons out of his closet and see how he fares...

2446 days ago


He's the fool who said Lynne Spears is a good mother!!!! He's a hack whose 15 minutes of fame has already lasted way too long.

2446 days ago
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