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"Hi, Mrs. McGraw ... is Britney There?"

1/5/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ dropped by Dr. Phil's house to see if maybe the good doctor was around. Worth a shot, right?

Instead, we found his lovely wife, Robin. When we asked if Britney was there too, she gave a rather curious response.


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Why would she say "I cant say?" Come on TMZ, shouldn't be that hard for you to find out!

2449 days ago

Puter Boi    

Media Whore, Harvey Levin?...Meet Media Whore, Phil McGraw.

2449 days ago


I am just WAITING for TMZ's Associated Press Award! I think I hear one on it's way for you all...........

2449 days ago


How convenient that she went out to get mail when the media is out there. This is shameless that this fake Dr. has put himself in the limelight, that should be private and if she goes on his show or he even discusses her publicly, he should be run out of town.

This is beyond shameless.

2449 days ago

from Canada    

You should have asked where's Dr. Phil? Maybe he's at Britney's trying to talk her out of suicide.

2449 days ago


Dear God,

Thank you for sending Dr. Phil to save the world from it's insanity.


2449 days ago

peris hiltin    

What a pig, and his wife is right in there with him. Thats what britney needs a few days with Dr. phil and Robin Geeeez! Robin looked really happy to finally have someone out side of her house!

2449 days ago


Dr. Phil,

You get Twitney to sit through an interview on your show, I will watch your show! DEAL?

2449 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

#45 - Jamie Lynn Spears says – reply to this

I just queefed and my baby's head done popped out!

2449 days ago


Why did the dumb Biotch just say no?, woud it be they need the attenion?

2449 days ago


Yeah, it's "shameless" to reach out to help someone in need. Also, to the poster who said Robin is clearly loving the publicity -- WHAT?! She gave the most brief, necessary responses to the questions (one of which was basically saying "I can't answer") and then went inside quickly, closing the door behind her. She was outside to get the mail! How in the world do you construe that video as her "loving the publicity"?

I personally just think Dr. Phil's been watching the Britney situation sadly and wishing he could help, just like most other people in America. Unlike us, though, he can actually get on a plane or in a car and walk into Britney's room to talk to her for a bit. I'm thankful he's using that ability to try and be helpful.

2449 days ago


Hey # 28, your momma is calling you, run along!

2449 days ago


Could it be that Dr.Phil may want to really help her? If it's done in private that's one thing. Good for him! Only time will tell. The McGraws certainly do not need the money!

2449 days ago


"Devil Fill" aka Dr. Phil, gave an interview with ET as soon as he helped Britney to a waiting car today. He wants TMZ and all the Paps at HIS door. His wife could have sent hired help to get her mail and they could have ignored the question BUT wife says, "Oh, I can't say" to get more attention to DEVIL FILL"S house

2449 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

2449 days ago
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