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Jayden James -- I Was Shaken But Not Stirred

1/5/2008 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources tell TMZ Britney's tyke, Jayden James, was not injured during the standoff at Britney's house Thursday night. We're told he was taken to the hospital purely for "preventative reasons."

There are reports that the kid had a bruise -- not true. He had the normal scrapes and rashes that little kids have, but there was nothing alarming. It's S.O.P. for cops to take a child to a hospital for evaluation after a traumatic, protracted incident.

Jayden James is okay. As for Britney, the jury is out.


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TMZ has become the leaders in stalking and are completely conscienceless. Today on the news they showed a clip of Harvey when he was in college and had moral convictions. What a sad loss. You aren't going to be satisfied until she kills herself and if there were any justice you'd be tried for her murder. Jackals is what you are. Hyhenas.

2484 days ago


I think it is really said that no one will leave this girl alone, WHY? This girl can't even walk out of the house without everyone in the world knowing where she is going? TMZ we don't care that she went to the store, got gas, and what she had to eat. I don't know how I could live that way. I know she is a pop star and she pretty much wanted fame or pushed into it but does it give us the right to track every moves she makes??? She has Bipolar Disorder knowing that knowing this KID has had so much happen to her just in the last 2 years, most brought on herself but still, would you like everyone to see when you pick your nose and put pictures all over the place of you doing it??? I don't think so. Oh thank goodness Kevin has the kids my ass!!!! That guy isn't looking for nothing then a meal ticket. He has been able to hide his freaky ass self away because no one cares what the hell he is doing. I hope Brintney gets the help she so needs, and I hope she takes sometime for herself and gets her kids back and rasies them so Kevin can't because we all know we don't need those 2 little cuties turning out like their father and living off women the rest of their lives. Yeah right Kevin you had a chance with Paris you must be kidding me you are not fit to get her a class of water of course unless you are the waiter where she is eating. Kevin you know damn right well you are not doing this for the kids you are doing for you and for you only. Who is paying you child support now, why don't we ever see you with your other kids??? Oh wait cause they don't come with money of course silly me. You suck Kevin Flatbrokeline!!!! GET WELL BRIT, YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!! TMZ PEOPLE why in the world would you take pictures of her kids, what is wrong with you people, they are babies, why don't you leave this girl alone, let her heal. How much do you think people can take??? You guys act like snakes in grass just waiting for something to move. I think the rich and famous should get together and pool their money and hire there own camera people to take pictures of the people who take pictures of them hang out waiting for them to come out of their getto houses, with their ugly spouses running out of the house in their old ripped clothes to go to the store and start a website to show how they live. Ya'll wanna see some trailer trash. Get real jobs TMZ

2484 days ago


She has never been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder! and many drugs can carry the same like symptoms, until she is clean & sober for awhile any diagnoses would just be a guess.

Baby Jayden is very sensitive,His eyes always look concerned when with Brit, His brother the stronger caretaker must have felt a great sense of panic being seperated not knowing where Jayden was.
The damage done by placing these boys in that chaotic scene cannot be seen as well as a bruise that never was.

2484 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

These 2 boys are in training to become the next Menendez Brother's...

2484 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Lets start this off by saying I'm a lesbian and Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie are my favorite ladies. As far as the most overused phrase of the year - "Britney needs help" but at the end of the day who's helping her? Everyone can always say "she can help herself" but that's nearly impossible without any positive influences. No I'm not blaming anyone for Britney's mishaps but there is no human being that doesn't deserve a supposrt system. By the way I love you Perez!!! the LGBT community adores you!

2484 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Take it from someone who has this disorder, when you are on a manic phase, you can really rock the world! You can often think at very intelligent levels. You become witty, sharp, brave, strong, and have a general feeling of invincibility. You also have risk taking behavior and do things that are very detrimental that you would never attempt when level. Think hyper-everything, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It's like being on a super drug of sorts! But then things start to suddenly frazzle and the next thing you know, all those wonderful things go in the exact opposite direction in an even stronger way! The depression usually lasts much, much longer than the highs and then you can't even think your way out of a wet paper bag! Everything crushes down on you and nothing makes sense and you just basically crawl into a ball and shut down. Sometimes you die. While the mania can be deceptively cool and invigorating, the lows are never worth it! Neither side is safe though and if you rapidly cycle between the two then it gets really messed up! If Brit isn't BiPolar, then I'll eat my words, but I'm quite sure she is! Takes 1 to know 1! What else she has, I have no clue about.

2484 days ago



2484 days ago

she smiled    

Last night, when she was in the ambulance, to me, she looked thrilled to be taken care of and have someone there tending to her. I know she might be manic and cycling high, but it also looked like relief, like "at last you're here to take care of me. I have been waiting for this for a long time."

2484 days ago


I hope she get's what help she needs.

The kids probably wont remember.......

I'm glad that I'm not in her shoes

...Best of Luck/ Blessed of luck............too you!!

2484 days ago


hanging on that ambulance, flashing pictures from inside it, stalking her children. You are pigs TMZ. You are rutheless cutthroat pigs. It doesn't matter who it is. Nobody on earth short of dictators deserve such unpalatable treatment. You are the bottom of the list of heartless idiots who have no talent of their own except to feed of the destruction of humans beings. You are bottom feeders. The lowest of the low.

2484 days ago


I believe that "bipolar" or any other excuse is just that... an excuse. So she grew up in show business... so WHAT!? Britney has been in this situation (celebrity) long enough to understand that it is part and parcel of raking in several HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS per month.
I, for one, am getting just a little bunrt out listening to the woes of these celebs whning about how difficult life in the spotlight is, and how they "deserve" their privacy.
The solution seems simple to me: Stop playing the "I'm-a-star" game. Give back ALL the millions of dollars that you've gotten so used to ... for doing precious little actual WORK, stop spending every night going to the clubs/hotspots where you KNOW that you're going to be scrutinized, get a JOB... like real people. No, really.... a JOB.
It's offensive to me that people like Britney have it in their heads that they're ENTITLED to millions of dollars a year for doing relatively nothing, then complain when the "paperazzi" won't leave them alone.
In a few years - if not sooner - Britney will end up broke, miserable, and alone. When the money stops pouring in, all of her "friends" oh yeah, and her family, too - will walk away as soon as the gravy train goes away.
Custody of here kids is already down the drain, her family will walk away.
I would recommed that she get a grip NOW, and start making some honest decisions about what's REALLY important in life.

Too bad that won't ever happen. There's too much shopping still to do.

2484 days ago


Poor Jayden, glad to hear he's ok!

2484 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

UH, duh.
Yes, she did.
Actually, a mix of both.
She's a bit daft and jealous.
75% and 25%

2484 days ago

Not in Denial!    

post # 8 has

2484 days ago

John C Jackson    

Lohan Spears Death Watch 2008 is getting exciting. I thought 2007 was something. Now Li lohan has fallen off the wagon ( has she ever been on it?) and Britney Spears is being carted out of her house ( I figured that wouldnt happen until she managed to add 600 pounds of cheetos puff to her frame).

Will Britney die in 2008?

2484 days ago
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