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Daddy Spears -- Dr. Phil is a "God"

1/6/2008 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only member of Britney Spears' immediate family to stay by her side was her dad, Jamie -- and he broke down in tears just after she ditched the hospital on Saturday.

"Jamie was really upset," a source tells People. "He was in tears. When he got to the house and realized the situation there, it broke him down." Apparently, Brit's mom Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn went back home to Louisiana before the whole thing erupted, so dad Jamie was Brit's sole support.

And what did he do for her? Brought Dr. Phil in to blindside Brit, because, as one source puts it, Jamie considers him "a god." Phil, reports People, told Jamie Spears that letting Brit go was "one of the worst decisions that could have been made."

Snipes Tries to Get Outta Town, Again

Wesley Snipes is trying one more time to have his federal tax evasion trial moved out of Ocala, Fla. Again.

For the third time, Snipes' lawyers filed a motion with a federal appeals court in Atlanta, to try to get his trial moved from Ocala, where he says racial prejudice would prevent him from getting a fair one. They also filed a motion to have the trial delayed -- it is scheduled to begin Jan. 14.

The federal indictment charges Snipes with fraudulently claiming refunds of almost $12 million in 1996 and 1997, and with failure to file returns from 1999 to 2004.

Party Favors: "Flavor," "Tila" Winners Cry Foul on Shows ... Original "Gladiators" Talk Painkillers, Hookups

The winners of VH1's "Flavor of Love" and "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" are heartbroken, reports the New York Post, saying that they got stone-cold ditched by stars Flavor Flav and Tequila after they "won" their respective celebreality shows. Flav's winner, Deelishis, says Flav never called, and Tila's guy, Bobby Banhart, couldn't even get her number. ... "American Gladiators" returns to TV tonight, and some of the original warriors tell Maxim magazine (via Gatecrasher) of the debauched good 'ol days. Raye "Zap" Hollitt says it was a painkiller "free-for-all," with plenty of Vicodin and Percocet around. Meanwhile, Lee "Hawk" Reherman says there was plenty of hooking up -- especially among the babes.


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Oh I think Ocala is a wonderful location for Wes Snipes trial. What makes him think it is racist? Isn't that illegal??? He did wrong. He needs to face the music.

2447 days ago


I think Dr. Phil could be great for Brit PRIVATELY. No one can receive proper treatment on TV.

Wesley is an idiot. He deserves time in the feds for stealing from the IRS. Doesn't he know they don't play?

Flav had a girlfriend and made a baby during the second season of Flavor of Love. Did Deelishis really want him? I think not. She was hoping to get more mileage out of her "career". Didn't watch the Tila show. She doesn't deserve stardom for sending out more MySpace friend requests than anyone else..

2447 days ago

Funny Answers    

TMZ, you helped drive this young girl to the brink, then print a Dr. Phil leave her alone crap. You have always been part of the problem. She was going though hell, and you pushed, shoved, acted like , well I don't want to put the words in print that I think of you. YOU AND YOUR NEED TO THINK YOU ARE TELLING IT LIKE IT IS, not caring who is hurt, if this girl ends up dead like Anna, you better know your to blame. That and her money hungry bas*&&^^& K-Fed. may you all go to hell for you part. And guess what I am not now, nor have I even been a fan. Just a hater of mean, hurtful for people for personal gain. All for the love of money, that is you TMZ and K-Fed. Can't wait until Karma gets you back!!!!!

2447 days ago


I am appalled that Cedars of Sinai would let Dr. Phil go into her private room whether she had been checked out and free to go or not. What kind of a psychiatric hospital wing is this? I am sure that Britney's father called Lynne, her mother and cooked the scheduled TV appearance together, as I very much doubt if Jamie , her father acted alone. If Britney's parents appear on Dr. Phils show this week--EVERYONE SHOULD GET INVOLVED AND BOYCOTT THE SHOW. What kind of parents would want their adult child to have a televised group therapy session and or appear without Britney to discuss her mental situation and suggested intervention for her. BRITNEY'S PARENTS NEED TO BE LOCKED UP FOR A WHILE IN A PSYCHIATRIC WARD AND HAVE THE STAFF THROW AWAY THE KEY FOR A WHILE. THIS WHOLE THING IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

2447 days ago


At least Jamie Spears didn't LEAVE town with his daughter in such a her mother did. Give the man some credit for trying. I hope he keeps trying. I'd try calling in anyone I thought could help her or shock her or shake her up and make her see exactly how critical this situation is. She is killing herself people....WAKE UP....and she's doing it publicly. I doubt a nice private chat is going to be a wakeup call for her. I'll hold my criticism of Dr. PHil and Mr. Spears until I've walked in their shoes.

2447 days ago


LOL @ Wesley Snipes. I thought he was half Asian... $12 million in taxes, and he did not detect something wasn't right? I can see if he made a mistake with $120,000 with all of that money he made. But come on Wes! I wonder if this tral will be televised, because it will be very interesting to see this explained away.

2447 days ago


Dr Phil has a PhD, that makes him a Doctor. However, in Britney's case, what she needs is an MD, a psychiatrist who can prescribe meds. It is also the psychiatrist who will determine whether she also needs counseling with a psychologist, not the other way around.

2447 days ago


To Carolyn --person commenting--You are showing your ignorance when you try to blame the messenger--TMZ and the media in general for Britney's current mental health crisis. Britney has been on a downward spiral ever since her young toddler boys were born and has made many choices to stay in the lime light and bring attention to herself. I hope Britney gets the professional help and interventions that she needs, but if you want to blame some one take a good look at her gold digging family, especially her mother and her moocher enabler friends. Britney has almost daily since the paparazzi frenzy started sought out the most public places where she could be found and photographed--even had a one or two night stand with a married paparazzi man. Wake up and smell the coffee and give your self a reality check.

2447 days ago



A PhD is qualified to treat people with mental disorders. It is a bit more than just a doctor of academics. Psychologists treat people all the time. A Psychologist cannot, however, prescribe medications or do medical procedures. If Britney does indeed have bipolar disorder or postpartum depression or any other number of disorders that require any type of medication, then yes, she needs an M.D. If she needs counseling, then either a psychiatrist or psychologist would probably be able to help her.

Dr. Phil does have the qualifications. I just totally disagree with putting her on TV or even putting her family on TV. The LAST thing she needs right now is more public humiliation just so Dr. Phil can get ratings.

I will NOT watch the show and I likely NEVER watch Dr. Phil again. He had no right to even issue a public statement about her since I'm sure she did not give him permission and it appears she didn't even want to see him.

2447 days ago



DR? Phil HAS A DIPLOMA MILL DEGREE FROM A NOW BUSTED "SCHOOL". He is no more a Dr. than anyone on this board. He is an Oprah Production. HARPO honk honk!!!!

2447 days ago


The entire Spears family must be studpid! Her parents can sign her in to the hospital until a judge rules her competent! We had to do that with an Alcoholic relative (beyond alcoholic!) that had taken on a delusional state. It took a month to get them straight but having them back to NORMAL was a relief! Someone get that girl some REAL help!

2447 days ago


If Wesley Snipes "I didn't pay taxes because they are racist" thing works I am going to legally become a black man.

Richard Hatch tried the gay defense thing and it backfired. And he didn't make nearly as much cash as Wesley did.

It's a pity the best defense he can come up with is the race card.

2447 days ago


Dr. Phil had his license suspended in Texas a while back for an innapropriate sexual relationship with an underage girl...check your facts people...he's not a licensed Psychologist anymore! Oprah saved his sorry ass, that's how he's gotten where he is today. The guy wreaks of fraud and is a total nutjob...I'm surprised no one (TMZ included) hasn't blown the lid off this story yet!

2447 days ago


Obviously Jamie Spears isn't especially sophicated.

It makes sense that he would be the type to think "Dr." Phil is a god.

Poor Britney.........

2447 days ago


Whoa. Wait a second. Dr. Phil's doctorate in psychology is legit. He earned his PhD from the University of North Texas. That is NOT a diploma mill nor was it ever "busted" for anything. It is a very good school. His license was NOT suspended. He was reprimanded by the Texas licensing board for an "inappropriate dual relationship" with a therapy client in 1988. What the inappropriate relationship amounted to was he gave a 19 year old patient a job in his office, which is not allowed by the Texas State Board of Examiners.

I totally disagree with Dr. Phil treating or counseling Britney Spears on national TV. However, you guys are bashing him for the wrong reasons. Get your facts straight before you post total lies about people.

2447 days ago
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