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Daddy Spears -- Dr. Phil is a "God"

1/6/2008 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only member of Britney Spears' immediate family to stay by her side was her dad, Jamie -- and he broke down in tears just after she ditched the hospital on Saturday.

"Jamie was really upset," a source tells People. "He was in tears. When he got to the house and realized the situation there, it broke him down." Apparently, Brit's mom Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn went back home to Louisiana before the whole thing erupted, so dad Jamie was Brit's sole support.

And what did he do for her? Brought Dr. Phil in to blindside Brit, because, as one source puts it, Jamie considers him "a god." Phil, reports People, told Jamie Spears that letting Brit go was "one of the worst decisions that could have been made."

Snipes Tries to Get Outta Town, Again

Wesley Snipes is trying one more time to have his federal tax evasion trial moved out of Ocala, Fla. Again.

For the third time, Snipes' lawyers filed a motion with a federal appeals court in Atlanta, to try to get his trial moved from Ocala, where he says racial prejudice would prevent him from getting a fair one. They also filed a motion to have the trial delayed -- it is scheduled to begin Jan. 14.

The federal indictment charges Snipes with fraudulently claiming refunds of almost $12 million in 1996 and 1997, and with failure to file returns from 1999 to 2004.

Party Favors: "Flavor," "Tila" Winners Cry Foul on Shows ... Original "Gladiators" Talk Painkillers, Hookups

The winners of VH1's "Flavor of Love" and "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" are heartbroken, reports the New York Post, saying that they got stone-cold ditched by stars Flavor Flav and Tequila after they "won" their respective celebreality shows. Flav's winner, Deelishis, says Flav never called, and Tila's guy, Bobby Banhart, couldn't even get her number. ... "American Gladiators" returns to TV tonight, and some of the original warriors tell Maxim magazine (via Gatecrasher) of the debauched good 'ol days. Raye "Zap" Hollitt says it was a painkiller "free-for-all," with plenty of Vicodin and Percocet around. Meanwhile, Lee "Hawk" Reherman says there was plenty of hooking up -- especially among the babes.


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This may be the end for Brittany Spears. I'm not understanding why she was released given she could have remained in the hospital at least for 72 hours without her permission. It is obvious that she has no control of her life and without help I believe she will die. Part of any illness or addiction is the denial aspect of it. She is in total denial and that is why intervention is her only hope. My heart goes out to her father. It is apprent to me that he truly loves his daughter and knows the destructive path she is taking. I'm sure he feels totally helpless. My baby brother is mentally ill and has been addicted to cocaine. It consumed his life above everything else and only made his mental illness worse. He was in total denial telling me that he could stop anytime he wanted all the while stealing from his own family to support his addiction. I finally contacted his probation officer to get him help. She was able to get him into a treatment program and he cleaned himself up. But he was angry with me initially for intervening and even threatened to kill me. This is how insidious menatl illness and drug addiction is. Nothing else matters in the world but that next fix. I don't know if Ms. spears has a drug problem but it appears to me that there is something very wrong with her and I believe it is probably mental as well as some kind of addiction. Having experienced this in my own family, it is common for the two to be mixed together. At least her children are now out of the chaos and confusion...she has lost them and will most likely not get them back. With her situation being what it is they can't be in that unsafe atmoshphere. Ms. Spears has lost everything due to the choices she has made. But mental illness is a disease that happens and is not the fault of the individual. It can be controlled with proper help and medication. Intervention is the only way she will probably survive. I do empathize with her father. It is devastating to watch someone you love disintegrate right before your eyes.

2480 days ago


OK, so I was wrong, oddly enough this wacky idea came from her father and not her mother this time. Perhaps he has been brainwashed like so many others to think that Dr. Phil is a true philanthropist out to solve America's problems, a one man caring machine. Many have bought what Dr. Phil is selling, so it doesn’t surprise me that Jamie Spear's believes Dr. Phil is some sort of "god". It would be one thing to bring Dr. Phil in privately to consult on Britney’s case under a written contract that he would never speak about what was discussed or even say that he was involved in her case. Allowing for the televising of anything concerning her case should be very obviously a bad idea, especially to a parent. Part of Britney's problem is the media, the last thing she needs is to live out more of her disorder in front of the camera. I wish her Father would put the kibosh on the upcoming Dr. Phil episode and try and make a genuine move to get close enough to his daughter to see if he can encourage her to seek out real help.

2480 days ago


I know for a fact that while "Bobby" from Tilla's show was in Albany, NY on New Year's Eve, hosting a party, that after he left the club he was hosting at and went to another club that he left with a chick that I know and went back to his hotel room for some fun. Needless to say she didnt leave until the next morning. So he needs to stop his bitching and live his 2 minutes of fame he has left.

2479 days ago


My boyfriend is a ph.d doctor (in clinical psychology) and he tells me all the time that dr. phil is a doctor...but he most likely doesn't have his license anymore because #1 you're not supposed to go on tv and air out peoples problems and #2 you're not supposed to tell people what they are supposed to simply attempt to guide them in the direction that would be right for THEM not YOU! dr. phil....but just know that he isn't how a real ph.d doctor operates.

2479 days ago

Totally fed up    

I guess Wesley Snipes is going to continue to insult the people of Central Florida until he DOES make them hate him. Wish they would move his trial to MY county.........racist A-Hole

2479 days ago


The best thing for Britney Spears is to have some money hungry tv doctor exploit her on TV? What an evil person. Britneys dad is obviously stupid. Way to name your daughter after your fater. Freako.

2479 days ago


Anyone who goes on a "reality" dating show and thinks that its "real" is pretty dumb. Besides, Deelishis said on the show that she wasn't there for her career, yet right after the show ended, she had a clothing line (or just jeans, something like that), plus she had a song with a video out (her shaking her backside, that's "shocking" yeah right). So she can't point fingers and say that it was unfair. She wouldn't have a song or a clothing line if she hadn't been willing to hook up with Flav. And Bobby... I honestly don't care what that little snot cries about. He always had something rude to say about everyone else (along with, who was it.. amanda?). I'm sure there are plenty of little girls out there that will be thrilled to make him feel better. Reality shows aren't reality. Duh. That's like saying Tyra Banks didn't pick who would win the last cycle of ANTM. No matter how "real" they seem, they're all fake and for ratings.

2479 days ago


to # 33
Dr Phil constantly tells people "I'm not telling you to substitute my judgement for your own---but you asked me what I think...and I'm gonna tell ya' "
so he doesn't tell people what to do

and he does not air their problems--they willing go to him to be on camera to air their own out

anyone remember Dr Laura Schlesinger commenting and handing out advice on TV?

what makes Dr Phil more credible to me is the fact that he has a network of qualified MD's and specialists in all areas that he brings in when he suspects a medical problem is contributing to what is going on. Many times the MD is right there in the front row to add their comments and assistance to the person who is there for help.

So I'm sure if the Spears family-whom he knows-has asked him to help out, he knows exactly which specialists he will involve to help and assess her

2479 days ago


Dr. Phil was awarded AN HONORARY degree from WNTU. Prior to that he was posing as a doctor!

2479 days ago

Nurse Liz    


2479 days ago


this timz comment is going to be a bulletin on tilas page..

hey guys im on tmz! i cannt believe that they simply arent as accepting as you my fans who understand how busy i am making music no one normal has actually heard or cares about!! i have love for all of you, but my schedule is so busy to stop leading everyone on!

im soo annoying!

2479 days ago



Dr. Phil does not have an "honorary degree". He has a PhD in psychology and was licensed to practice in the state of Texas. You do not get a license to practice with an honorary degree. He had a clinical practice until he started his consulting business where he helped lawyers analyze prospective jurors. That is how he met Oprah. She was being sued by the Texas Cattle Assn. Dr. Phil was hired by her legal team to help them pick jurors. Lawyers hire jury consultants all the time, especially on major trials. It worked. Oprah won. She liked Dr. Phil and started having him on her show.

However, his methods for "treating" Britney, by doing an On The Air Intervention, are ridiculous.

2479 days ago


Her family only is in it and around her for the money! Give me a break a parent would not be looking for publicity at a time like this if they truly cared.

2479 days ago


I dont know why people think anyone on the First Season of Reality shows will stay together there is always a part 2 then a spinoff lol

2479 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2479 days ago
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