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Psychiatrists Slam Phil, Cedars

1/6/2008 8:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eight psychiatrists tell TMZ they are shocked Cedars Sinai Medical Center let Dr. Phil go up to Britney Spears' room without her prior knowledge or consent.
Dr. Phil, Britney Spears
The shrinks had various things to say about Dr. Phil's visit to Brit's room, but the theme was unified -- that the hospital should not allow any doctor who does not have in-patient privileges into a patient's room, unless that patient has given prior consent. TMZ has learned Britney had no idea Dr. Phil was coming to her room and indeed when he walked in she became agitated and walked out. She eventually came back in and he pretty much did all the talking for around 15 minutes.

One psychiatrist called it "intrusive and inappropriate." Another shrink told us the hospital "is supposed to be a safe place. If the patient doesn't want to see someone, that person doesn't get in -- period."

Another shrink, who said he was "outraged and disgusted," added, "It is incredible that the hospital allowed Dr. Phil in her room. It's a total violation of her rights."

One doc surmised bluntly the hospital was "star struck" and let the TV doctor's profile override its judgment.

We're told early yesterday the show wanted to book Brit for a TV intervention that is being taped on Monday. We're told she wants nothing to do with it, and the show will not have her on. We're also told Brit's parents, who wanted Dr. Phil to visit Britney, had agreed at least initially to be on the program.

One shrink said splashing a private medical matter on TV and saying it's an intervention -- especially without the proper medical diagnosis -- is no way to run a railroad.


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a mom    

hollyweirdo (repat after me) APPLES & ORANGES.
Harvey is taking the high road here, unlike many. This kid is in trouble and her troubles are being exploited. Just once the industry needs to take the high road before they start fighting over headstones.

2447 days ago


TMZ you dont want Britany to get better she has been your cash cow for sometime now.
No wonder you don't want Dr.Phil anywhere around her if she gets better who will you hound next ?
You will probably will have to fire some photogs because they is no Britany to follow .
And who is the trusted hospital personnel that is leaking so called truth anyway ?

2447 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ok, I think the dr phil incident has been beaten to death. tmz keeps on profiting from brit if she is the center or the story or not. enough of dr. phil.

2447 days ago


hollyweird...I'm curious as to what you're talking about. What truth is coming out?? What is 'up and coming'? Please explain. I'm lost.

2447 days ago


well, dr. phil is the latest to try and cash in on the media frenzy surrounding britney. i cant believe britneys parents actually allowed him to visit their daughter in her fragile state. britney needs better role models than the two goldiggers that are her "parents".

2447 days ago


How is it possible that dr. Philips can help her when he only spend 5 minutes with her, while he was the only one who talked. This is crazy. It takes a lot more than that to diagnose a patient.
Dr. Phil can't help Britney. She has real psychological problems for which she needs medications and she therefore needs a real doctor.
The doctors of the psych hospital had a chance to cure somebody, but instead they blew it by letting this happen.
Now Britney probably doesn't trust them anymore. It is a shame. Everybody was hoping that she would finally get the help she needs, and now that won't happen.

2447 days ago


I think Dr. Phils' behavior in this matter is totally salacious. If he meant Britney any goodwill, he would never, ever have revealed his meeting with her-Dr/patient confidentiality does apply, even if he's not her personal physician.

He is another in a long line of people who are using her. When I heard he would talk about his meeting with her on Mondays' show I was agast. This is a total lack of professionalism. His behavior is the same as the first Surgeon who refused to do Kanye Wests' mothers' surgery; seeking o promote themselves to potential patients at the expense of a troubled one.

Dr. Phil should be reprimanded in some way for revealing his pseudo diagnosis about Britney to the general public for publicity. I have heard he's not a licensed physician. If true, he should be charged with impersonating one.

2447 days ago



2447 days ago


Why didn't those psychiatrists blast this Dr (and I used the term loosely) Phil for even going there? Parental consent means nothing when the patient is an adult. They should be blasting him too. I'd never, ever see this guy if I had legitimate medical problems.

2447 days ago


Mark Geragos, Gloria Allred, and Dr Phil... Ambulance chasers and media whores. They should all be disbarred, have their licenses revoked and sent to the furthest reaches of the planet

2447 days ago


Right on, #26.

And does TMZ not screen anyone here?? flyonthesh1t really should be blocked from posting that kind of crap.
Hey flyonthesh1t, Penthouse Forum pays for the kind of sh1t you're shilling. Go try it.

2447 days ago

Be kind to animals    

Dr. Phil and his wife only care about ratings. If Dr. Phil really had some genuine concern for Britney, he would have first asked for her permission to visit with her instead of just showing up and brutally confronting her. Any normal person would know better. How can he even be called a doctor, anymore? He's turned into a pious joke!

Dr. Phil is going to have a rude awakening when his spirit leaves this earth and he finds out he is not God!

I blame you for him, Oprah!

2447 days ago


only thing worse than a quack is a quack with a nationally syndicated television show

2447 days ago


Brit s a total low IQ jerk - she has no rights since she is crimnal class @ best - she has spent a zillion in taxpayer $$$.

2447 days ago


"Dr Phil" is the one who needs couch time with a psychiatrist !!
He only did whatever for his TV ratings and monies he most likely get from this brit-brit drama.
Good-bye loud mouthed trash Dr. Phil & your poor judegment...again.....

2447 days ago
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