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Psychiatrists Slam Phil, Cedars

1/6/2008 8:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eight psychiatrists tell TMZ they are shocked Cedars Sinai Medical Center let Dr. Phil go up to Britney Spears' room without her prior knowledge or consent.
Dr. Phil, Britney Spears
The shrinks had various things to say about Dr. Phil's visit to Brit's room, but the theme was unified -- that the hospital should not allow any doctor who does not have in-patient privileges into a patient's room, unless that patient has given prior consent. TMZ has learned Britney had no idea Dr. Phil was coming to her room and indeed when he walked in she became agitated and walked out. She eventually came back in and he pretty much did all the talking for around 15 minutes.

One psychiatrist called it "intrusive and inappropriate." Another shrink told us the hospital "is supposed to be a safe place. If the patient doesn't want to see someone, that person doesn't get in -- period."

Another shrink, who said he was "outraged and disgusted," added, "It is incredible that the hospital allowed Dr. Phil in her room. It's a total violation of her rights."

One doc surmised bluntly the hospital was "star struck" and let the TV doctor's profile override its judgment.

We're told early yesterday the show wanted to book Brit for a TV intervention that is being taped on Monday. We're told she wants nothing to do with it, and the show will not have her on. We're also told Brit's parents, who wanted Dr. Phil to visit Britney, had agreed at least initially to be on the program.

One shrink said splashing a private medical matter on TV and saying it's an intervention -- especially without the proper medical diagnosis -- is no way to run a railroad.


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My Lord y'all...stop blasting "Dr." Phil...he admitted on Scary Movie 4 that he was just an electrician.....

2479 days ago


"Dr" Phil my ass. He is totally a publicity hound and shame on her family for letting him in! They all deserve each other, nothing but trailer park trash, no matter how much cash they have.

2479 days ago


Over the years I have lost respect for Dr. Phil. This is pretty much the final straw. If I didn't know better I'd swear he had morphed into Nancy Grace.

2479 days ago


Dr. Phil's "intervention" is just to up his TV ratings. A psychiatrist/psychologist would not do therapy/intervention or whatever you want to call it, then advertise it on nationwide TV. What about the HIPPA laws to protect the patient.? Dr. Phil, if you are a real doctor, go back and read the Hippocratic Oath. If you really want to help her, do it in private because you want to help her, and not just to increase your TV ratings.

2479 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

With parents like that, who needs enemies?

2479 days ago

skanky every which way    

Brit the brat tries to get away with so much, she thinks she's invincible and above the law...then what? She really CAN'T function without anyone... this mess needs to go back home to Louisiana....

Focus on the new positive mamas to be: Christina, Nicole and Halle

New postive role models for 2008 and forever please! no more kids being taken away, no more courts, lets just have a normal life this year, aiiiight?

2479 days ago


Brit must know she has no entertainment value any longer - bye bye!

2479 days ago

let get real    

I am so sick and tried of that man Dr.Phil he preys on people vulnerability ,exposing them on national tv for money an rating. What is more sickening is the American college of psychology to allow this man to keep his license. As for his wife writing a book about her life? please ,what has she ever achieved in her life other than marrying a crooked PhD?But hey great news for his fans his son will join soon to teach you guys how to live your life as well. Stay tuned?....lmao I DON'TTHINK SO

2479 days ago


It's interesting that Dr. Phil's message boards aren't being overrun with comments. Only 25 comments exist. They're probably censoring them just as soon as they get posted. Heaven forbid, we wouldn't want that intrusive, HIPAA-violating, railroadingTV ambulance chaser looking bad, would we?

2479 days ago


over stepped boundries...NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!!!!!!!!!

2479 days ago


too much; that's all i have to say.

2479 days ago

brainless britt    

Nice to see actual psychiatrist put him in his place. Lets just see if he makes a public apology..But since he is an arrogant know-it-all bully..I guess that will be a big no.

2479 days ago


I think the bigger issue here is the fact that DR Phil is not a Dr to begin with, so my question is how did this hack get away with any of this?

2479 days ago


Future Brit very brief visits of kids must be supervised & she pays all child support - K-Fed perfect for all men!

2479 days ago

Lori B,,20169682,00.html
Britney Spears Escapes L.A. with Photographer Pal

SUNDAY JANUARY 06, 2008 06:30 PM EST

By Mark Gray and Mary Margaret

Spears and Ghalib in December Photo by: Cousart-Rios / JFXBritney Escapes L.A. with Photographer Pal | Britney Spears
Britney Spears has done the impossible since her discharge early Saturday morning from Cedars-Sinai hospital: slipping out of her Beverly Hills home undetected despite the constant vigil of paparazzi and media outside.

The pop star, accompanied by Finalpixx photographer Adnan Ghalib, popped into the Daily Grill in Palm Desert around 10 a.m. Sunday.

"She seemed in a really good mood, laughing with the guy she was with," says the restaurant's manager.

Spears shielded herself behind large, dark sunglasses and "had a champagne mimosa to drink," he said.

She stayed at the restaurant about an hour, as Vegas Confidential's Norm Clarke first reported.

Spears, 26, had been keeping company with Ghalib, 35, before her recent meltdown. The two checked into two hotels over the past couple of weeks, but he was not on hand Friday during her stay in Cedars-Sinai.

2479 days ago
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