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Clemens Sues -- Throws High, Hard One at Trainer

1/7/2008 9:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roger Clemens aimed right for the head of the former trainer who alleged that he took steroids, filing a lawsuit last night just before his "60 MInutes" interview.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Clemens is suing Brian McNamee, his longtime trainer, for defamation of character, calling McNamee's allegations "false and defamatory." The suit was filed electronically in Houston, just before Clemens' "60 MInutes" interview aired last night.

"I don't know if I'll ever get the naysayers back. I don't know what I'm going to get. Maybe some of my name back," Clemens said to Mike Wallace.

The lawsuit doesn't request a specific dollar amount. But Clemens' Houston lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said the lawsuit was filed to clear Clemens' name and discover how the allegations came about.

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holy moses    

Thats what Bonds said as well

2292 days ago

Lenn K.    

One thing to tell old Roger, that's not many people get better after 40 years old, only two that I know Barry Bonds and him. Gee wonder why?

2292 days ago


Goodness he is nice to look at though.

2292 days ago

holy moses    

that hat is from a steroid company

2292 days ago



2292 days ago


He is guilty! Who is he trying to fool but only himself. Everyone of those players past or present who are eligable for the Hall of Fame or have broken any records should have their names stricken from the lists. What cheats they all are!!!

2292 days ago

quEEn B    

I am a Houstonian and let me say that after that intereview, LOTS doubt him. A legal analyst for a local tv station said that 60 minutes should have offered up a lie detector test. Then what could he have done. Either way I could never stand him to begin with. "Do I wanna retire, do I wanna play?" "Do I wanna go back to the yankees or do I wanna stay with the Astros?" So UNDECISIVE!! YOU LIKE 50 RETIRE ALREADY

2292 days ago


And Mr. C what does McNamee have to loose by outing you...NOT a dang thing..why not admit it like your boyfriend did. We all know you did it just fess up you look more like a looser now than you ever did...AND I live in Houston and never liked you.

2292 days ago


He's a liar. He lies often. Read the old NYPosts and you'll find many inconsistencies among his statements. He is the type of person that might lie about the day of the week if he thought that was what people wanted to hear.

2292 days ago


Can Roger prove he lied?

2292 days ago


so we have bunch of ex atheletes walking around with shrinking balls?

2292 days ago


he's a douche

2292 days ago


I used to love Baseball, back in the day when there were actual players that didn't cheat to win. Players that played for the love of the game.

In recent years, I've lost all interest in the game. I can't think of one player today that I would call a "hero". They're all in it for the money. The game has lost its charm. I haven't gone to a game in years.

2292 days ago


I smell a stinker.

2292 days ago


OK, clear up one thing for me.... In Clemens' case, even if the trainer's allegations WERE true, the alleged injections took place BEFORE their use was deemed against the rules of baseball. So my big question is: WHO CARES? Why is this even an issue?

Doesn't our legal system and government have bigger fish to fry? Are they aware there is still a war going on in Iraq?

2292 days ago
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