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Hayden -- Milo Is Totally Hittin' That

1/7/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere,18, and Milo Ventimiglia, 30, have been doing their heroic best to deny any co-star lovin' between them. But it looks like their cover is blown, finally, according to these snaps.

The twosome was spotted at the movies taking in "Atonement" in Los Angeles. One adult and one child!

According to sources, the dynamic duo were kissin' in the theater. Save the relationship!


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Can she vote, yet? There are no 20somethings he can date? She's a bit too young for him.

2481 days ago


Of course they had to deny it, a few months ago, she was 17 and UNDERAGE. In most states, with a 30 year old man, thats statuatory rape because of the huge age difference. They waited what was felt to be an appropriate time after her 18th birthday and then all of a sudden, they're more than BFFs, they're a couple. A COUPLE OF LIARS!

2481 days ago


they came to my theatre, and i actually helped seat them and took their tickets. they didn't see ATONEMENT...they saw JUNO.

2481 days ago

West Coastian    

I'm thinking he's been hittin' it waaaay before her 18th birthday. The dude is a perv and needs his head read. She's probably too old for him now.

2481 days ago


I was concerned about my 10 year age difference when we dated. I was 32 and he was 22 when we met, and we are still together after being together almost 12 years and two children. When I was 19, I dated a 32 year old man, and I didn't have a problem with it.

2481 days ago


Unfortunately, for once I have to agree with someone on the boards.. I actually saw a small article that they were together on the people website a couple of weeks ago.

2481 days ago


I'm not suprised,I said it last year, she had thats horny W-H-O-R-E LOOK in her eyes way back when..I'm sure he is NOT the first to hit that..Just one of many that will.

2481 days ago


I love heros! You can watch episodes for free online! Congrats to the happy couple!

2481 days ago


Milo can hit THIS!

2481 days ago


Milo> the next Hugh Hefner!

If I was 30 and dating an 18 yr old, I would seriously be concerned about what people would think of me.
But, Hef had an 18 yr old girlfriend at 78!

2481 days ago


he is not the first to hit that.. He´ll just be one of many that will. Go heroes... lool. How weird is it gonna be now, to see them on screen playing uncle and niece hahaha.

2481 days ago

Cat~Long Island NY    

Who cares.. Let them be.. She is of age to chose who she want's to dates.. I mean my boyfiend of 8 years is 10 years older than me & im 27. I have know him since i was 18... As long as they care & love each other, Who are we to judge!!

2481 days ago


I think they're totally adorable and don't have a problem with their age diff. People are far to judgemental of others and their relationships, if they make eachother happy that's all that matters.

2481 days ago


What does this say about the maturity of a 30 yr old man who hangs with a teenager??
Makes me think he doesn't have the intellectual maturity for a woman his own age. . .
But - he is nice, shiny, pretty eye candy..

2481 days ago


lets hope he's a tool!!! (So Hayden can crash into gloom)* no jealousy, hate this couple !!!!!

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