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Matthew Broderick Snaps at Paps!

1/7/2008 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The officially stocky Matthew Broderick may no longer possess the boyish charm he once did. The cranky actor told cameras last night to "Get the f**k outta the way!" Lately, he's been acting more like his nemesis -- principal Ed Rooney! Bueller ... Bueller ...

Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted during the day in New York with his son James -- who along with wearing matching outfits, appears to be mimicking dad by covering his face from cameras -- or did he learn that from his mama?! Is that Sarah's purse from season two?


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That Jessica is so damn ugly. Ewwwww. I hear she has nasty body odor??

2443 days ago


Who would possibly know about her body odor?? Agreed, she's not the hottest chick around, but who the hell cares? Why are looks SO important?

2443 days ago


Nice talk in front of the kid. These idiots want to be famous, but once they get some money, they are ungrateful.

2443 days ago



2443 days ago


what happened to him? Did he gain weight for a role?

2443 days ago

yadda yadda    

pappa bear protecting his cub, leave the celebs alone when they have kids! There should be some kind of stalking law that makes it illegal for paps to take pictures or video when celebs are out with their kids under a certain age. Olso should make it illegal fo rthem to chase them when in cars too..........waiting ofr the day one of these stars sues and brings these idiots down!

2443 days ago


He was walking with his child - the cameras SHOULD HAVE gotten the f*** out of the way.

2443 days ago


GREAT language to spew arpund your child! I understand he doesnt like paps but he doesnt have to speak to them at all. Cussing in front of child is not excusabvle in this case. No wonder these Hollywood kids grow up to be self entitled nightmares!

2443 days ago

just my input    

Hey TMZ, ....THIS JUST IN.......when you stalk and harras people ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE W/ THEIR KIDS, they tend to get nasty and long is it going to take you idiots to learn that?!?!

2443 days ago


How ugly's that kid that he has to hide his face????

2443 days ago


I feel sorry for that poor little kid having to hide his face. I'd tell you to F' off too!

2443 days ago

O J Simpson    

Better get out of his way or he will kill you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember he murdered people and got off witha slap on the wrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Money does that for you

2443 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

HEY TMZ, Come on.......Celeb kids are off limits, show some decency!

2443 days ago


I LOVE YOU FERRIS!!! Its ok that your a lil're still HOTTT

2443 days ago


Laws in every state need to be passed to protect the innocent children of the stars who are pursued by the paparazzi! It is time these people, who appear lawless and without common sense boundaries, are put in their place in the American legal system.

Although it is preferable not to swear around children, they are subjected to much worse in the media. If Matthew Broderick, as a protective father, said the F word in front of their son to protect his/their privacy then he has taught his son that he doesn't have to be subjected to an invasion of privacy nor other people overstepping their boundaries as he matures. I think these stars should find a legal way to begin carrying mace for the protection of themselves and their families. I experienced a peeping Tom as a teenager many years ago, and I will never forget that experience! These paparazzi (many might have questionable backgrounds) are nothing more than peeping Toms as they invade the personal privacy of others.

2443 days ago
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