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News Vixen Alycia Lane Axed by Philly Station

1/7/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alycia LaneAlycia Lane -- yeah, Miss Crazazy Philly News Anchor -- has broken one too many news stories -- with her in 'em!

The news mess, who was arrested in New York in December after allegedly slapping a female cop and calling her a "f***ing d*ke" in a traffic spat, got the chop from CBS 3 this afternoon, reports the station. In a statement, CBS 3 President and GM Michael Colleran said, "We have concluded that it would be impossible for Alycia to continue to report the news as she, herself, has become the focus of so many news stories."

Lane gained notoriety last year for sending snaps of herself to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen -- except his wife found them in e-mail and wrote her a scathing response.

UPDATE: Attorney Paul Rosen issued the following statement on behalf of Lane: "We have learned today that KYW-TV (Channel 3) has unilaterally terminated Alycia Lane's employment. The conduct of KYW-TV is contrary to the terms of her Employment Contract which has many additional years remaining. The termination comes at a time when there has been absolutely no determination that Alycia is guilty of any wrongful conduct, and after KYW-TV has aired her categorical denial of the alleged charge that is pending against her.

The termination is unfair because Alycia has never had an opportunity to defend against this charge, and tell her side of the story publicly, before KYW-TV has taken this unusual and unwarranted step to terminate her employment. Obviously, on the advice of counsel, Alycia cannot talk about these matters because of the matter that is pending in New York."

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BOEING 787    

It's one thing if she is discriminated on because she is HOT and and other women are jealous, but she has become a distraction and self important in her employment, and lacks professional conduct. ANY application that you fill out for employment weather salary, wage or temp that is accepted by the employer is NOT a CONTRACT in itself, any employment is made in an AT WILL basis therefore an employer can fire someone without any viable cause, but usually their is a cause to most firings with Alycia Lane this was about misconduct, so her case with the employer will likely loose in court.

2417 days ago


So when does this See You Next Tuesday wind up at Fox News in a bigger market making more money? I'm guessing June 1st at the latest. Fox News. We Report. You Decide. Decide if you like her cans, legs and lousy disposition.

2417 days ago


BOEING 787, You need to do your research. On air talent sign contracts, and they are not at will employees. She is a contract employee who likely violated a morals or conduct clause, giving the station an out to terminate her contract. If you are not a contracted employee, you fall into the at will scenario, otherwise why would an employee sign a contract if they could be fired at will? In essence, the contract would have no validity if the employee was at will.

2417 days ago

Big T    

I want to see those pictures. She may be a crazy b*tch, but she is good looking

2417 days ago

Michael Richards    

My cooter hurts!!

2417 days ago


I have a job waiting for you. Call me. It won't pay as much as you are making now, but you will wake up every morning with a smile on your face.

2417 days ago


I just love the scathing remarks!!!!

2417 days ago


I just received word she's applying to NASA, because of a recent opening.

2417 days ago


Now this is a woman, tough as Philly and New York combined. No one may never know the true story but I have to say that she has balls! I'm proud of you. Sorry for your job lost in Philly but I that there will be other opportunties for you!


2417 days ago

angry white dude    

If this chick were black she would still be working..

2417 days ago

April Fouels    

another fine example of your classic wack-job psycho-bitch, if it was a man, jail would be involved

2417 days ago


I thought this crazy bitch was married to Craig Spitzer!!!

2417 days ago

Mike B    


There has to be more than just the bikini pic. How about a pic of her snatch?

2417 days ago


Chill out..She makes 700k (did) a year.she's hot...insane..a total whore and dating a loser disc jokey in Phila who busted his fiancee doing coke and banging his best friend. They are perfectly suited for each other..

She absolutely should have been fired by the station. No one should ever be that disrespectful to an officer of the law. She doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell of winning any suit against CBS and she sure as hell doesnt have any self respect or class.

2417 days ago

Vanilla Cokehead    

I know where Alycia Lane can find another job - she can go to the CBS affiliate in Cleveland, WOIO - she'd fit right in with their "style over substance" brand of journalism.

2417 days ago
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