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News Vixen Alycia Lane Axed by Philly Station

1/7/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alycia LaneAlycia Lane -- yeah, Miss Crazazy Philly News Anchor -- has broken one too many news stories -- with her in 'em!

The news mess, who was arrested in New York in December after allegedly slapping a female cop and calling her a "f***ing d*ke" in a traffic spat, got the chop from CBS 3 this afternoon, reports the station. In a statement, CBS 3 President and GM Michael Colleran said, "We have concluded that it would be impossible for Alycia to continue to report the news as she, herself, has become the focus of so many news stories."

Lane gained notoriety last year for sending snaps of herself to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen -- except his wife found them in e-mail and wrote her a scathing response.

UPDATE: Attorney Paul Rosen issued the following statement on behalf of Lane: "We have learned today that KYW-TV (Channel 3) has unilaterally terminated Alycia Lane's employment. The conduct of KYW-TV is contrary to the terms of her Employment Contract which has many additional years remaining. The termination comes at a time when there has been absolutely no determination that Alycia is guilty of any wrongful conduct, and after KYW-TV has aired her categorical denial of the alleged charge that is pending against her.

The termination is unfair because Alycia has never had an opportunity to defend against this charge, and tell her side of the story publicly, before KYW-TV has taken this unusual and unwarranted step to terminate her employment. Obviously, on the advice of counsel, Alycia cannot talk about these matters because of the matter that is pending in New York."

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I do not know Alycia and I do not believe the accusation on her it is impossible for a decent, highly educated woman will hurt a police officer she is not dumb and stupid person. In my opinion.

2488 days ago


she is psyco, so she'a probably buck wild in bed!!!

2488 days ago


Tx-Boy -that was too funny . those two should totally team up. Oh ,they should include that other beech ( former beuty queen) tied her boy friend up. Man, that wouldbe a gre trio!!!

2488 days ago




2488 days ago


How dare she send pics of herself to a married man (idiot) but she assaulted a police officer and called her vile names (double dose of stupidity) so I think she deserves to be booted from a professional job. Unprofessionals do not need to be put in a professional role unless they can rise to the occasion.

2488 days ago


Are you freaking kidding me?? I am from Philly and any publicity is good publicity. She was the hottest newscaster here and the fact that she was that hot is the reason why she is on the pages of TMZ right now. If she were a hag she would barely make the local paper. I would have kept her hot ass for the ratings. Please a crazy chick is mega ratings look at Britney. No one knows what happened in NYC yet since there hasn't been a hearing and so what if she sent bikini shots she wasn't nude asking to sleep with him. She was the best thing to happen to the city voted to have the ugliest people....she was our hot factor and now we have to stare at Larry Freaking KANE!!! WHAT THE EFF?? SEX sells even in the news bring her back channel 3 bring her back!!!

2488 days ago

The Sovereignty of TMZ Whores    

I bet she smokes crack like my school teacher neighbor did. What a f' up loser. Maybe Playboy will hire her if she gets a boob job.

2488 days ago

She Never Learns    

When will these idiots learn. Alicia Lan blew a 700k a year job.

Paris Hilton can get arrested and spend 30 days in jail.....guess what........

She does not have a career in film, on tv or singing to f-u-c-k up.

She is still a Hilton, rich girl

2488 days ago


A coupla points:

- You won't see the pix. Susie Schuster (the wife) is too classy to leak 'em, but her response to Lane was AWESOME! (google it)
-That other sportscaster wasn't divorced from his Playboy wife when Alycia hooked up with him too.
- 700K. Look at it this way- her firing likely saved a bunch of good people their jobs as budget cuts are hitting every TV station.
-She's 35. Three times divorced. Already an appearance on Dr. Phil WAY before this. The DJ she dates has been warned!
-She NEVER should have called a favor into the PA Gov. What did she expect? She shoulda been fired just for that.

I agree- she'll get picked up by Fox by summer.

2488 days ago

I do not know Alycia and I do not believe the accusation on her it is impossible for a decent, highly educated woman will hurt a police officer she is not dumb and stupid person. In my opinion.

2488 days ago


holy crap, now i see why i don't watch ch 3 news, i'm all about nbc 10
damn i knew she looked familiar and i see her on my septa bus every morning haha
crazy bitch

2488 days ago


Was she wearing a diaper in those pics? Oops- wrong story...

2488 days ago

hey hey now    

I can't believe that it got this far. She's actually a nice person and her boyfriend is awesome! If I were her I wouldn't want my job back...and i hope that from here she can move onto better things. She was born for stardom and not for the news!

2488 days ago


CBS did not fire her from the beginning. They gave themselves time to investigate further and to see if they could legally end her contract. They let her take her vacation time and leave early. They let her defend herself with statements made on air (written that the anchors reported on). PA is an AT WILL EMPLOYER. If she violated her contract in any way, they can terminate it. It is just like non-compete clauses or contracts, doesnt mean an employer cannot terminate you. I dont believe she is guilty of assaulting an officer. She may have spewed words that were inappropriate but that is freedom of speech is it not? I dont agree with her morals in sending bikini pics to a married sports anchor. I do believe it ended up being too negative to keep her on air, which is why she was most likely terminated. The bikini issue just came to more light more recently with her in this area due to the arrest. There was not much coverage of it when it occurred.

And for the one saying she is dating a Phila is actually a DJ in Manhattan and she was in Manhattan visiting him when this occurred.

2488 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

The sportscasters wife should have been give the chance to bitch slap this skanky ass ho

2488 days ago
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