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Adnan Takes Britney to the Big Apple

1/10/2008 1:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Britney Spears hopped a private jet and booked it to New York with new paparazzo boytoy, Adnan Ghalib.

Spears left Van Nuys Aiport at 4:00 PM PT this afternoon. We're told Brit Brit, Adnan and one other male passenger were on the plane. The plane is about to land at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Next stop ... unknown.

BTW ... Brit and crew are living large medium. They flew across the country in a G2.

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WTF is going on?...this paparazzi is milking this crap. My god...this is beyond sad. She's really lost her mind....

2479 days ago


Don't worry Trump is in New York and He has connections with Jersey.. He will bring her to his penthouse and settle things for her.

2479 days ago


Maybe Britney is just sneaking away to the Phillipines?

2479 days ago


I am sorry motherhood is not working out for you, I remember when you said you wanted to be a young mom. But being young only made you vulnarable and naieve and now look at what happened, Kevin took your babies and you practically let him by your unwillingness to cooperate with the law. You can't fight the system because the system ALWAYS wins.
Isn't this guy Married, but wait, if he is arab then his wifee has no say, He can cheat or simply get another wife. Her family is crazy , they should be committed. Where's Al Sharpton on this civil rights abuse issue, oh wait, she's white. OOpsie, sorry wrong color for Sharpton to even notice. If I were Britney, I'd run away to Iraq, she'd be safer there than with her"folks". See how easily her family gives up on her and calls her crazy when she ain't no money maker anymore. Isn't depression when someone or something makes you really sad, my mother is and was always depressed espicially after my dad would beat her up, that is justifiable saddness. Labeling her "crazy" is just the same thing as calling women who speak up and out, "on the rag" and "moody". How dare anyone call her anything. Anyone who has said anything has helped Kevin Federline get those kids and more of her money, give yourselves a round of applause you win the prize of watching her demise!!
I don't know this Adnan Ghalib person, and Britney's taste and luck in men have not been to her favor, I only hoope she has a nice visit in this neck of the woods and I would welcome her and him into my home anytime. And why shouldn't she travel, I would too espicialy if someone took my babies away from me. Hey Pschciatrists out there, what happens to a woman when you take away her children? At least she was not like some of these parents out there who throw the kids off of bridges cus "god told them to". Why is everyone so downright mean to this girl, all she wanted to do is entertain you all but not like this. And when someone is backed into a corner they are gonna react, you may not like what you get but it is human nature to react and everyone has put her into a corner. I feel so bad for her I hate KFed, he needs a good ass wuppin, he is a dirty bastard and so is Shar Jackson for helping him I am sure in some way, Shame on you Shar Jackosn for not doing anything to help Britney. Poor Britney..Poor Britney, she's got my sympathy. That's for sure and hard to get from me. My husband even wants KFed head on a stick, he hates this guy and my husband feels so badly for Britney as well.
Well Brit, have a good time and have fun. Maybe I'll see you around in Philly. Northeast Philly at Joker's Bar and Grille Cottman and Castor aves.
I actually think she is gonna read this, hahaha...if you do read this, Brit, that would be so cool.
And to Chelsey Latley, make up your own material for your show!! stop getting it from this forum...

2479 days ago


They left to go make a baby! Remember, you heard it here first! LOL!

2479 days ago

Allred Tree    

Well she has another Larry Birkhead on her hands and he is probably planning to impregnate her asap so he too will never have to work again. He probably has convinced her by now to let Kevin have the two boys and that she should just start anew with his baby. This guy looks evil and Britney may have finally met her match.

2479 days ago


I believe she is just totally losing her mind due to K Fed. He knew wat he wanted from her and just got away wit it. Where are her friends if she has any...She needs to get out of LA and get the help that she needs. They should pass a law regarding papparazi crossing the line and being in the celebrities faces. When they say no more pics, they should respect that. It like if they said no to sex and got raped anyway

2479 days ago


i wish that ACTUALnews would get as much publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who cares what she does...

2479 days ago

Sorry all No more pics of brit????????????????????????????????

Your stories will be slowing down qucikly to almost nothing

Have a great day.

Dont forget to wear you Fly glasses

2479 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I think he's handsome and I think she's looking for someone she can lean on. It's sad and I really worry she'll end up dead. Someone has got to have her committed. When Mariah Carey went crazy, they put her away for a few weeks and she came back pretty normal. Britney Spears is ten times the star Mariah ever was, and yet people are just standing back and watching her drown.

2479 days ago


Are we really to believe that Adnan paid for the trip to the Big Apple? In a private jet? Come on now. Altho, being Iranian he could have money - or not. I am curious whether the other male passenger is a friend of Adnan's or someone just hitching a ride?

Brit clearly is not in a right state of mind. I don't care how long she has "known" this guy, she doesn't REALLY know him. She is so trusting and seemingly will pay any guy to be with her.

I have to believe the judge - or commissioner as they call him - is watching all this and signing papers as we post. If he doesn't order her committed for a LONG period of time, I will have lost all faith in the California judicial system. And no country cl8ub rehab like the others have attended. She needs the real deal. No furloughs, etc. It's bad enough the slap on the wrist they give for DUI - or the abbreviated jail sentences - but Brit is a whole different case and far more serious (not to suggest that DUI isn't serious).

I hope Adnan has enough sense to use protection. Getting pregnant again just might put Brit over the edge. Unless that is what she is trying to do. Another throw awat kid. Doesn't he know what he is doing? What/Who he is dealing with? He scares the hell out of me, and I would hate to run into him in a dark alley! Which is just where they might find Brit. Surely there must be some way to get her back to California? Do they extradite whack jobs?

2479 days ago

April Fouels    

young dog, will meet you at sparks steak house at 7 p.m. thurs. will have paycks.

2479 days ago



2479 days ago

Jusst saying    

Is she dead yet?

2479 days ago

Allred Tree    

Well Phil McGraw, are you proud of yourself now?

2479 days ago
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