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Britney Will Get Help

Like It or Not

1/9/2008 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0109_brit_ex_02-1TMZ has learned family members and professionals in Britney's life are working as a team to get her mental help -- either voluntarily or involuntarily -- for treatment of what appears to be a severe bipolar disorder.

We're told it's going to happen one way or the other, and fast. So far, Britney refuses to commit herself voluntarily, but the team is persisting.

Sources say they are considering "a number of options," some of which are "creative."

The most extreme option -- going to court and getting an order forcing Britney into in-patient treatment. That would be the last ditch effort.

If involuntary commitment is the only option, Brit must be picked up by cops -- again -- on a "5150," meaning she's a danger to herself or others. Then, while she's in the hospital, health care professionals can go to the County Public Guardian, who can then go to court and ask for what's called a "conservatorship." The conservator would then basically assume control of Brit's life.

If the judge grants the conservatorship, Brit could be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Again, that's not the only option and various alternatives are being discussed right now.


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FIRST! Crazy biotch!

2477 days ago


It's about freaking time!

2477 days ago


it's about time!!!

2477 days ago

Jusst saying    

Yeah. let's see how long she stays in this time.

2477 days ago

Army Wife    

There but for the grace of God goes anyone of us. Be kind and gentle in your thoughts, this young woman has a family to raise.

2477 days ago


Oh Britney, if you were working at a truck stop diner for 12 hours a day you might find yourself a little too tired to run around town wasting time and money. But your still not half as bad as the pathetic folks who try to be the first post on a new post. They clearly are the real brain damaged souls that walk among us

2477 days ago


are they really able to do this? and if they are able to then why in the hell did they wait so long? there were some rumors going around saying that britney also had the revolver (gun) that kevin bought her for her bitrhday in the restroom with her and her son. and that she claimed to shoot her son and then herself if she didnt get more time with him.... maybe i dont have some of the story right but has anyone else heard this??

2477 days ago

bsb fan    

at this point, anything possible of getting her help is ok!!

2477 days ago


I'll believe it when I see it!

2477 days ago


They need to do it yesterday ,not sure how much longer she can go on without it !

2477 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Bi Polar is no laughing matter and it is not that easy to get a handle on. The number one killer of folks with bi polar disorder is suicide, so her family stepping in and forcing her to get help could quiet literally be saving her life.

2477 days ago


Getting someone conserved is EXTREMELY difficult. As crazy as she is she is not crazy at the point to lose your ablity to run her life

2477 days ago


First of all, when they held Brit the first time on a 72-hour hold, they should have kept her for the full 72 hours. Then, if she didn't want to voluntary admit herself, AND the doctors found her to be in need of inpatient care, they could have had a patient advocate speak with her and then have a hearing within the hospital, and not in front of a judge in a courtroom, that would grant a hold for UP TO 14 days. in the inpatient unit. After that, then she would have the option to sign herself in voluntary, or they could go before the judge and get a 30-day hold on her. Come on people, educate yourself on the system and report the proper procedure.

2477 days ago

Jusst saying    

Isn't she dead yet?

2477 days ago


Brit is not Bipolar...She is classic Borderline personality! And will not get better until properly diagnosed!!!

2477 days ago
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