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Hulk to Brit -- You Need a Broken Wrist, Missy!

1/9/2008 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We were as confused as anyone when Hulk Hogan gave us his assessment of the Britney Spears situation. It involved -- well, just take a look.

Hulk also dropped a ton of other knowledge on us, like the fact that daughter Brooke is "auditioning" for "Dancing with the Stars" (wha?) and that his new show "American Gladiators" is getting picked up for a full season. And that's reason for celebration?

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Sorry Hulk, you have the Loser family of the year. How much $$ did you spend to have all the silicone implants for your wife and daughter? Oh, is that guy that was in the car with Nick still in a coma?

2375 days ago

April Fouels    

let those without sin cast the first stone, paul.....

2375 days ago

April Fouels    

paul, two words, eric butterbean

2375 days ago


I agree with others that Hulk has NO business trying to give advice. I can't believe ANY network would have him on, when his son had NO regard for himself, the passenger or anyone else on the road when he raced in that car.... The son should not be able to drive for a LONG, LONG TIME. He should be cooling his heels in jail right now. aVERAGE PERSON; THAT IS WHERE HE SHE WOULD BE. DOUBLE STANDARD FOR CELEBUSPAWNS. NOT RIGHT!!!

2375 days ago


Gee, a family with a built-in freak show. What a new concept!!

2375 days ago


The bastard needed to break his son's wrist before he wrecked his last sports car and almost killed his friend. CLEAN YOUR OWN CLOSETS HULK

2375 days ago


Hulk was always a no-talent piece of crap. Whatcha you gonna do now that Linda going to get most of your money brother? You should be proud that your kids turned out fine outstanding little basturds. Take care of your problems and nevermind threating woman.....Douche Bag

2375 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Hul Hogan should look under his own bed before he passes judgement to the others, He first picks on Rosie O and now he is picking on Brittany Spears. He should just shut the hell up and mind his own damn business. Teach your son to respect people first and should put him on a leash so he does not hurt someone again or even kill someone. This big bully is playing games of 'DIVORCING' his wife so they don't have to pay his son's victim.

2374 days ago


To all the people who say that Nicks accident was not Hulks fault: You may or may not be right...but one thing is for sure...THIS WHOLE FAMILY OF HUMAN PIECES OF CRAP HAS LIED ABOUT THE SPEEDING, DRINKING, RACING, and THE EXTENT OF JOHN GRAZIANOS INJURIES! Linda...I never said that I like street racing! Brooke...Johns waking up! Nick...He only bumped his head! LIARS...ALL OF THEM! And now we are supposed to believe Hulk when he says that he did not buy the beer? AYE, AYE...SKIPPER! One more lie that should not be forgotten...HULK SAID HE WOULD PAY FOR JOHNS CARE. THEN WHY IS HE IN A VA HOSPITAL PAYED FOR BY ALL OF US????????? Imagine what this family would be saying if John had put Nick in a coma...HULK WOULD BE OUT FOR BLOOD!! WHAT A COWARD AND A FAKE!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE CONTACT ALL SPONSERS OF THE NEW GLADIATORS AND BOYCOTT THEIR PRODUCTS!

2374 days ago


IDIOT! He's just another HGH injecting trainwreck who doesn't have a clue about parenting skills.

2374 days ago


i like hulk.

2374 days ago


He's got his nerve to talk, what about his moron son. Hulk got no balls to take care of his own!

2374 days ago


Hulk needs to not worry about other people and worry about the deep crap his little bastard son is in for that accident. His kid has been in so much trouble that the Hulk needs to practice his parenting skills on his own children.

2374 days ago


what happened to our first amendment rights. i love hulk and he said something because BRITNEY NEEDS HELP. at least his kids are not trying to commit suicide. they are safe at home. so all you bashers need to stop hating on him

2374 days ago


#18 Jordan plays a real sport , hulk is in the fake ass wwe, wanna see real fighting watch ufc.

2374 days ago
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