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Katherine Heigl -- Blowin' Smoke Up TMZ's Ass?

1/9/2008 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Heigl is in major denial about her lung-snack habit -- but she can always count on TMZ to help her get it under control!

Our cameras caught her leaving Le Petit Four yesterday with her mom, when she told cameras that quitting smoking was "not my resolution!" -- this coming just days after we busted her for lighting up outside Katsuya.

The proof is in the ... ashtray. We've seen video from December (which will air tonight on TMZ TV) and she clearly says, "I'm quitting smoking hopefully for the New Year ... I'm quitting!" Suck on that promise!


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fidel KM    

She is so cute. I just hope she doesnt turn out like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney or Jamie Lynn Spears. I pray she remains respectful and true to her fans and remains a reliable icon and idol to those children and teenagers who look up to her. Although someone said that she met a wealthy men at wealthysoulmate dot com.

2479 days ago


TROLLS GO AWAY! TMZ, the first 3 posts are advertisments for a web site!

As for her resolutions~ who freakin cares?!?!!!
Soooo not news

2479 days ago


C'mon TMZ!! She's smoking cigarettes not CRACK! And, "I'm quitting smoking hopefully for the New Year" is a far cry from "I promise to quit smiking for the new year". It seems TMZ just wants to report negative things, and all you can find negative about Katherine is her smoking habit....Surely you guys could find SOMETHING positive to report on her. She is newly married and an up and coming star. It's one thing to report negativity on cases such as Britney who seems to ask for it, but jeez, do you have to go around bashing the good ones?

2479 days ago


OMG! Strap her to guerny! She must be CRAZY! She said she was quitting and she didn't, quick post the news!

2479 days ago


She did say hopefully that is not a definite. Gosh give her a break it is only the 9th day of the freaking New Year.

2479 days ago


Addictions suck. They rule your life and aren't easy to overcome. Lots of people backslide

I would think having people watch over your shoulder and make comments like TMZ's make it even harder, if not almost impossible.


2479 days ago


Stop smackin' her around for not keeping a New Year's resolution for cripes sake. I'd like to meet the person who DOES keep those stupid things.
BTW...this "creepyricholdguywebsite" crap is annoying the hell out me. Can't you block it, TMZ?

2479 days ago


She does not want to quit so she can stay thin. Let her smoke her cancer sticks; it is disgusting. She reminds me of some type of buy eyed preying mantis or such.

Oh and for the record, she can't act her way out of a bag.

2479 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

soo sick of this woman.
who made her a star?

I vote
she's not a star
and is not newsworthy!

2479 days ago

hot snot    

is her hair still unwashed from the awards show? still in the style?

and's just cigarettes. If there is one vice many of us have and it's cigarettes...then what is the big deal? it's not drugs or booze. We know it's bad, but we still like it! leave the smokers alone.

2479 days ago

what the H***    

#9 is that english you tried to type, or is your typing that bad? I know it's an ad, but come on.

2479 days ago


I thought she also said that she doesn't make resolutions becasue she usually breaks them.

So i guess she's kinda just "keeping it real" by saing she will quit, but will make no promises in doing so...

2479 days ago


By using the word "hopefully", she does not make a promise...leave her alone, for God's sake. Mark Twain once said, "quitting smoking is easy; I've done it thousands of times!". Just leave her alone.

2479 days ago


my friend was at her 27 dresses premiere party the other night and said that KH was bumming cigs off everyone for her and her husband, so definitely not trying to quit!

2479 days ago


Hopefully after her "movie" comes out this weekend and that dids out, could you stop shoving this person down our throats?The media couldn't be more blatantly on a bandwagon with this wannabe. May we not see anymore wedding photos or listen to her trite resonses to dumb questions. How is she the new "darling" of everything????I'd rather hear about Paris. At least she is an original.

2479 days ago
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