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Pam to Rick

I'm Pregnant

AND Divorcing You!

1/10/2008 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

010908_pam_rick_filmmagic-1TMZ has learned the divorce between Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon is back on and Pam is pregnant!

You'll recall Anderson filed for divorce last month, but called it off just days later. But sources tell TMZ she is now moving forward with the divorce, even though we know she's pregnant with his baby.

Salomon has told friends he believes she is "acting crazy" because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back into the marriage. Interestingly, in her divorce petition, Anderson asked for spousal support but not child support.

The couple were married in Las Vegas on October 6.


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Get Educated    

Also, THERE IS NO VACCINATION FOR HEPATITIS C....ONLY HEPATITIS B.,,mandatory for all babies when born.
Pray someday there will be a vaccination for Hepatitis C..!

2444 days ago


Wow even rich women are gold diggers PAM save some for the ground feeders. Plus PAM if your marrying and popping out babies for extra spending cash.............Is that the best you can do? Looks like your going downhill. He should have to be paying her cuz he is just an idiot for not realizing you can't BUY a wife. It's like buying a pet you pay till it dies lol.

2444 days ago

Haz Royer    

All of those "Starlets"are nothing but lil ole whores!! Are we Debateing "THAT"Their track records are 00's.& they all have a bunch of goons standing in line to be "NEXT"in line to hop in bed with them makes no diff if its male or female.Makes pple want to PUKE!!! jaroy

2444 days ago


I also have another comment to make, I think it's unnecessarily cruel the things some people say about Pam and Britney. These women, first of all, are human beings who are loved by God, they have feelings, just like me and everyone else, and how would these people feel if these awful things were being said IN PRINT about them day after day? I don't know how some celebrities make it thru the day sometimes. I battle major depression, I have for a long time. and with this pain of divorce now, I sometimes find it hard to get out of bed, and if I had to read some of the crap that people say about these two famous women, I don't know if I'd live past 50. I'm about to turn 49 on the 15th. I'm beautiful and sexy and I'm proud to still have the body I have because I take care of myself. I have a heart full of love for people, even for the husband who has hurt me so badly, and I have a heart of forgiveness and I thank God for that. And instead of poking fun of men and women of celebrity, who make mistakes, just like ALL OF US, I pray for them, because they have children too and we don't know what they face everyday, we don't know what breaks their hearts. Stop being cruel. Try being kind. Pay it forward. See what happens for you for a change. It can't hurt.

2444 days ago


Could Pam Anderson be heading down the same path as Anna Nicole?

2444 days ago


well, guess she decided Brit was getting all the attention. no one is critical of her attributes, just the fact, she wants to bring babies into this world, let someone else care for them and then flaunt herself in partial nudity....she has no talent and all the marriages, what a joke.....grow up PAMELA ANDERSON and soon.

2444 days ago

Old School    

What a SKANK with HEP C and this shows u how she is being married for a Nano-second and then asking for spousal support when let's face it that it was not a real marriage just a roll in the hay and nothing else period!

2444 days ago


To bite me:
I never wanted to be a doctor nor be treated like one, but saying nurses are good for dishing out medicine and changing bed pans is degrading and insulting. I didn't go to school and still educate myself to change bed pans, my job entails much more than that.

And for your information, doctors DO consult with the nurses while making their diagnosis in most cases. I work in the ER and most of the doctors come to me when they need information on a patient to help with treatment. You are the one that should educate yourself before spewing ingornant, insulting remarks.

2444 days ago


She frequently makes comments about how much she loves her boys, but to be honest, her actions say otherwise. Drinking, carousing, multiple sex partners, multiple short-lived marriages.....

Obviously not the most stable of environments for children it would seem.

2444 days ago



2444 days ago


All this debate about whether the Hep-C is tranferrable or not is a moot point. I don't have as much of a problem with a couple wanting a child and knowing there are risks, as long as they are a loving and committed couple. I believe that it is much worse to bring a child into this world, even if they are totally healthy, to a chaotic lifestyle, such as the ones of Pam and Brittney.

P.S. Hey Pam, Brittney called, she wants her CRAZY back! lmao

2444 days ago

Richard Smith    

Why do these Hollywood 'ho's', keep getting publicity??

2444 days ago


I know why Pam keeps getting married, she is just a woman that likes to bang and tries to keep it honest. Who doesn't, she just needs to understand that today marriage is not necessary.

2444 days ago


Pam Anderson looks like a bimbo, but she has done some good deeds, such as giving a woman she didn't even know money to live on she could stop working 40 hours a week while she pursued the Olympics; she tried to get Britian to drop fur from their military uniforms; she is supporting neutering and spaying laws in California.

2444 days ago

Stupid drunks    


your an idiot....

If you accuse me of spewing ignorant insulting comments..there you go.

I never insulted my post again. Can you read?

So you don't care for patients? You don't change bed pans? If that is part of your job then how is that insulting. Grow a brain. It's's your job. I never said your "job" did not entail more then that.....if you could read you would see that I said good things about Nurses. I was only stating it's not the same as being a doctor. It's not the same qualifications or the same level as education. I never said you do not relay information to the doctors. I never said the doctor did not ask for infor on patients from the your panties really are in a knot. You better yank them out. If you get that upset about having to be a nurse and not a doctor...then maybe you should become a doctor.

A nurse treats and cares for patients. They do not diagnose or can they give medical advice. I am not sure why you disagree with me on that....considering that is all I was stating. You are misinformed on what your job is if you think you can do those things.

I only stated that doctors where not the same or a step up from a nurse....I was saying they are two completely different jobs. They are in the medical field...but not the same job.

2444 days ago
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