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Spears Fam Attacks Phil

You Totally Betrayed Us!

1/9/2008 10:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie and Lynne Spears slammed -- and we mean slammed -- Dr. Phil this morning, calling the way he handled his contact with Britney a betrayal, inappropriate and a total breach of their trust.
Lou Taylor: Click to watch
Spears family rep Lou Taylor told Meredith Vieira on the "Today" show that Dr. Phil actually broached the subject of doing a show about Britney, but that they nixed the idea, only to have Phil try to set up the show anyway. Taylor scorched Phil, saying it was even "inappropriate" for Phil to bring up doing a show, and that the family thought it would be detrimental to Britney.

What's more, Taylor said that the family felt "betrayed" that Phil would issue any kind of statement after meeting with Brit, and that nobody had given him any authority to say anything, much less bellow on and on like he did.

It's a total smackdown.


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two cents    

Come on guys.

You can't fault me for trying. You would have done the same thing in my shoes. Why shouldn't I get some of that pie, too?? Everyone else is making a buck off of them, they're pure trash anyways.

And don't even get me started on that easy Jamie Lynn. Why didn't I have young, cute, easy girls when I was in school. Hot damn!

2488 days ago

Susan B    

Well, I believe that it is time for Dr Phil to put in his place.......He is a self-serving bald bastard and this was all about ratings. He should have some respect for Britney and her family. He has such a BIG MOUTH and he needs to be silenced.

2488 days ago

Justine Smith    

Give me a break - doesn't anybody get it - the FAMILY went to a television star/dr. to go see their daughter?? Please! if they did not want him to go talk about her - then go to a regular doctor - not a TV star. The family is only doing this now because they realize they screwed up - and are trying to save their but. Of course Dr.Phil will talk about it - he's a TV personality - and one has to wonder what the heck the family was thinking having him in there. They had to know all the media attn it would get. Why wouldn't you have someone who the press would not notice - come on - honestly - to blame dr.phil for brit not trusting them - they need to look long and hard in the mirror at themselves, and realize that they caused half of this mess. I do feel sorry for Brit in one way, looking at her parents, but at some point in life, you have to take control and realize the best thing is to walk away from all this mess and get yourself help for your children - if she is unable to do that - then there is nothing anyone can do to help her. But please - stop blaming Dr.Phil for doing his job - and start blaming the family!

2488 days ago


Of COURSE this is all Dr. Phil's fault. Lynne Spears doesn't take responsibility for anything which is why her daughters are in the situation they are in. Her plan backfired and so, once again, she is trying to save her own butt. Reality check for you Lynn Spears. Your daughters make their own decisions but it's your pathetic attempt at mothering, your disgusting ways of making a buck off of them that has ruined your relationship with your daughter. How can you expect your daughter's to take responsibility for anything when you don't?

2488 days ago

DeAnn in Bama    

I think that this is exactly what K Fed wants is for Brittany to crumble afterall he must have been her first real love now he is not only acting like the perfect parent I think people have forgotten that when he got wiih Brittany he left his ex while she was pregnant i think he left her with plans of oh honey i'll be b ack with lots of money i think he did not intend on having children i think that just anchored his dreams of gold digging even more ...He is not fit neither the whole world knows he will leave in a split second perhaps if deeper pockets were to show up !!!

2488 days ago

Da9erfan in Cali.    

Dr. Phil is just trying to assist, He has more important thing to do!! Lynne should have had control of her kidz in the first place. Anyone to blame, it all comes from the HOME...Brit is plum crazy, her sis is young and pregnant, but their mom n dad is well taken care of, whats wrong with this picture? Lynne needs to step up and be a REAL motha...

2488 days ago


I don't think that Dr.Phil did anything terribly wrong, the family called him and he went to see Britney. He issued a statement but it was more an attack on the hospital letting Brittany go, he only stressed that she needs help which we all know already.
I don't really believe he had any bad intentions at all, he just wanted to help, a lot of us are feeling sad about seeing a young person losing everything especially her children, I'm sure Dr.Phil feels the same.

2488 days ago


The Spears family doesn't deny they sent Dr. Phil to Britany's hospital room, but denies the possibility of a television show around the story. Why did they even send him to see her in the hospital w/o her approval or at least a heads-up to the fact he would show up? Please don't mistake the Spears family for a functioning family, folks. It's all about the money for momma. She's got to keep those tan lines up. Also, Momma Spears will have a baby to raise in 6 mo. or so. Jamie Lynne will have to keep on acting and performing and keep the money flowing for mommy since Britany's not able to right now. Ah, yes, Mamma Spears ALWAYS has her children's best interests at heart, doesn't she? What a mom!

2488 days ago


You know, it is so very sad that people think this is funny. A mentally ill mother of two is not a funny thing, it's just sad and everyone should be ashamed of themselves. I have a mentally ill mother, and it almost destroyed my life. For the children's sake, people should stop laughing and her family needs to step in and file for some kind of guardianship of Ms. Spears. For Gods sake people! Where is your humanity!I don't even like Brittany Spears music, but for Gods sake!

2488 days ago


Britney's family just wants the negative focus on Dr Phil instead of the fact that they, especially Lynn Spears, has done nothing but use their daughters since they were much younger. No wonder Britney wanted nothing to do with them. Everything they are saying about Dr Phil can be said about them as well.

2488 days ago

A loyal fan    

Take a look at this the picture with her and the pap in her cowboy boots - her shoes are on the wrong feet - I just noticed that lol

2488 days ago

A loyal fan    

Take a look at this the picture with her and the pap in her cowboy boots - her shoes are on the wrong feet - I just noticed that lol

2488 days ago

Susan B    

It is time to CANCEL DR. PHIL'S SHOW................He just takes up good air space. That's all.

2488 days ago


I am sorry but the Spear's family outrage is sounding mighty frickin hollow. So it was "inappropriate" of Phil to bellow on and on, eh Lynne? But prostituting out your 16 year old getting knocked up for a cool million is ok? Me thinks the reason Lynne is pissed is she isn't getting a cut of the revenue. Personally I think Britney is a talentless hack who none the less was a great entertainer. Kinda like Madonna who has no actual vocal skills but puts on a hell of a show. That said, Britney is obviously mentally ill which negates a lot of the blame she carries for her behavior.

What is her mother's excuse?

2488 days ago


Ummmmm, lest we forget, THEY called Dr. Phil in the first place!!! Does anyone honestly think that Dr. Phil just didn't have anything better to do, was browsing TMZ, saw the Brit Breakdown happening and decided to run down there all on his own???


Regardless of whether ya'll think he's a quack or not, he would not have done what he did if HER family didn't contact him first. And if it was any other doctor, other then Dr. Phil, all this crap would not be going on.

Dr. Phil does NOT need Britney and her trainwreck of a family to make a living.

Place the blame where it the hands of the family that got the ball rolling on all of this.

2488 days ago
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