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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


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maybe she forgot her passport, and they won't let her back in! Viva Mexico!

2487 days ago


Ha-Ha. Like Britney could mastermind anything. She’s probably looking for cheap dugs. BTW, Adnan’s wife is very pretty … MUCH better looking than Britney. She and Adnan are separated … she is also dating someone else. She recently left the LA area because of all the idiots bothering her with the silliness that she’s involved in a plot with Adnan to steal Britney’s money. I saw pictures of her on Page 6, (I think!).

2487 days ago


Donkey love!!!

2487 days ago


Good for her for faking everyone out.... the paps need to give the girl some peace for a while so she can sort herself out.

2487 days ago

Cluck You PETA    

I am shocked you didn't know already. You guys follow her where ever she goes, why didn't you guys follow her to the airport, ask the pilot where they were going or even follow the plane.

You guys are slipping.


2487 days ago


Hi DianeT, haven't seen you around. It was fun ringing in the New Year with you. Hope your recovering well. Hi Katrina! :)

2487 days ago


I wonder if they are going to attend a donkey show.

2487 days ago


Hopefully he was hired to fool the media into thinking they are a couple and she is going for treatment and he just drove her there.

2487 days ago


Donkey's and arabs are too good for her.

2487 days ago

kim suck    

66. Good for her for faking everyone out.... the paps need to give the girl some peace for a while so she can sort herself out.

Posted at 10:55AM on Jan 10th 2008 by Bermygal

another idiot who thinks its everyone's fault but hers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOL*!!!!!!!!!!!!

2487 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

Damn you paps are good! Now why not try hunting down Bin Laden?

2487 days ago


She's really having a good time, sneaking around and playing games. It's all fun and exciting to her. And a new guy to boot. I'll bet Sam wll be dumped shortly and Adnan is taking his place, Only later will she realize she's being used for the story of the week (or month or year). The police in Mexico will treat her just as special as the LA cops. I'm just glad she didn't take off to Mexico with the kids. She thinks of no one but herself. It will be too late when she finally decides she wants the kids and they don't want her. She will deserve all the rejection she gets.

2487 days ago

huh, missing some documents    

Somebody look into this quick - who are brit's "people". Thought she had no one but the slimy talllipop? OMG was it Sean and Jayden who helped fool us? They want mamma to just go away? Dr. Phil so he has better footage for his next show. Brett Michael because he thought Brit needed some cabo wabo to get her act togther. Sam because he wanted to lose his meal ticket to the "other" man in her life. Jamie Lynn because she was finally sick of Brit getting all the attention? Troupe and Troupe so they don't have to represent her anymore (god I hope she paid the bill in full). The Commish so he doesn't have to see her skany a$$ in his courtroom anymore. Cedars so she doesn't end up coming back again on another 5150? The LAPD because they are just damn worn out. Allie Simms so she can be assured that her reality show dreams will come true? Mommma Lynn cause she wants a western union money gram in pesos as full and final payment (is the peso worth more than the US dollar right now?) I just can't take this. I have to know now. Somebody call Dog the Bounty Hunter and tell him to get down there right now so that we get answers!!!

2487 days ago

Anita Lyfe    

Tell her to drink the water - and lots of it!

2487 days ago


katee--It's already too late. She will never get those kids back now. She could enter a mental hospital tomorrow, and it would take YEARS to get any kind of custody.

2487 days ago
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