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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


No Avatar

Maybe its a body double.

2478 days ago


Hey Brit, will ya grab me some Xanax while you're down there? I hear tell you can get 'em over the counter just like asprin!
Just askin'!

2478 days ago


Please stay there, please stay there, please stay there, please stay there, please stay there...

2478 days ago


I would be curious as to why she picked that particular pap.....was his camera bigger or something?

2478 days ago


Ya'll all need to get a life. Her personal issues shouldn't even be your business. How can one be so cruel to someone obviously none of you know. If you like her music, listen to it and enjoy but her personal stuff it should be private for her and her loved ones. She is not much different from you and me. And I for one don't want my personal business out. How can anyone assume they know Ms. Spears when they don't, So lets leave this young lady alone. Or be supportive. Peace love and laughter, It's the only way for us all to be happy

Peace Out,

2478 days ago


The Court allows her to leave the country ?

2478 days ago

not impressed    

and you guys wonder why she's so crazy? obviously she’s trying to get as far away from tmz and their half witted lackeys as she can. maybe if the parazzi gave the girl a little break she could get her crap together. i’m so sick of this site and all this Britney un-news. What’s next, are you guys going to start reporting on all her bowl movements?

2478 days ago


Her new friend Adnan ?? a married pap? wheres her assistant carla, alli sims, sam lufti, paris, etc.. Woman dosent have a real friend or family member in sight. Just keep running britney. You will burn out soon enough.

2478 days ago


Crazy...what a fruit loop? At least the streets of LA are safe for a few days. Why would she go anywhere with tha guy, knowing he is shopping private photos of her. How incredibly stupid.

2478 days ago



If this guy is any good, he'll have pics of britney with the donkey.............

2478 days ago


All Lynne Spears was doing was trying to divert attention from her TERRIBLE parenting, producting 2 massive train wrecks, by bashing Dr. Phil, who didn't produce monster Britney.

2478 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

Azlan Berry is Ab's wife's name. She is much prettier than Britney and much classier. Ab let Azlan know about his intrest in Britney and didnt sexually cheat on Azlan, but did emotinally. After Azlan left Ab, thats when Britney and he slept together. Aslan, take the guy to the gutter. You are such a beautiful classy girl. I know you will find someone who will treat you better and Brit and Ab wont last - then you can laugh in his face ! Hey didnt Britney date a man who's girl was pregnant before? She is the worst. Find a SINGLE man !

2478 days ago


Um, who cares? Brit needs tolive her life. Leave this poor child alone, already!

2478 days ago


The Giants are going down Sunday!

Britney doesn't give a ding dang about her kids!

2478 days ago


OK, Who is going to make the first joke about trading her for 12 million illegal Mexicans?

2478 days ago
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