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Valet to Nicholson -- Where's the Jack?

1/10/2008 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Jack Nicholson -- Pepsi don't cost $.35, and valets don't come cheap.

Nicholson blew in and out of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night and gave the valet a five spot. The prob -- parking is seven bucks, not counting tip! In Jack's defense, he was driving himself last night -- something we haven't seen him do since "Cuckoo's Nest."


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Jack can do whatever he wants.

2416 days ago


Help save Britney Spears --- support britney if you are a true fan!!

2416 days ago


Back in his heyday $5 would buy you two hookers at once.


2416 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Seven bucks for a Valet to park your car, steal your change, and dent the door. Always a reasonable price to pay. Jacks old enough for Mr. Chow to give him a senior discount. Besides, I doubt that he carries any singles on him.

2416 days ago



2416 days ago


you can tell the tmz writers went to school, its not don't its DOESN'T

2416 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

"Pepsi don't cost..."

TMZ, you are in the business of writing. You should be ashamed, but you probably don't have enough sense to be. Hire literate writers or get out of the business.

2416 days ago


Good Lord, Mr. Chow's is an overpriced clip joint..I know because I've been there. Jack is nothing more than a parody of himself at this point. His constant public comments about his love life are also extremely distasteful! Cheap SOB, isn't he? Why does it seem that these celebrities never seem to carry any cash?

2416 days ago


TMZ is a effing joke--why AOL would ever partner with these trash mongerers is both pathetic and unexplainable. Watch their show sometime, they have no respect for who they cover, all they want to do is rake celebs over the coals and pee on their smoldering corpses. All they do is degrade people, in a vindictive manner at that. Avoid this bag of losers, and don't tune into their show so the low ratings can get them canned on TV.

2416 days ago


I'm sorry I still don't see what he did wrong and why this is news......

2416 days ago

Get real    

To SaveBrit get real the only way Brittney is for a relative or someone to admit her to the hospital so she can't leave. If you don't want to get better no one can make you.

2416 days ago


how can he drive from this side of the car? he is in passenger seat you morons....................unless he may be in europe

2416 days ago


Who gives a crap whether TMZ used bad grammar, it's called "poetic license". As for Nicholson, if Joe Sh it the Ragman had stiffed the valet the cost of parking, he'd be arrested. It's called theft. It's no different than eating $7.00 worth of food and trying to get out by paying 5.

2416 days ago


the pic is backwards you idiot!
look at the $5 bill...
look at the video and it's the right way...

2416 days ago


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2416 days ago
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