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Brit to Cops -- "I'm F***ing Hot"

1/11/2008 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ about the craziness in Britney's house the night she was committed. It involves profanity, nudity, drugs and wild mood swings.

Sources say when the cops showed up, Britney was locked in the master bathroom with Jayden James. Officers saw Britney from the backyard holding Jayden, who did not appear to be upset. Britney refused to come out for nearly three hours. When she did, all she was wearing was panties. Britney was incoherent, screaming at the cops, "What the f*** are you doing in my house? I know who you are." She continued ranting, "I don't need your f***ing help." At one point Britney, whose moods swung wildly from laughter to rage to sobs, hollered, "You will do as I say."

At some point Britney put on a see-through nightgown. Before police took her outside, they wanted to cover her with a sweater, and she screamed, "Don't cover me up. I'm f***ing hot."

Britney's assistant and nanny were present during the standoff. At one point the assistant told the police that Britney had been "popping pills" all day. Her code for medication was "vitamins" and she repeatedly demanded, "Get me my vitamins!" Officers found a bottle of Prozac in her bedroom.

Sam Lutfi arrived and told officers that he and the others around Britney "knew this was coming for a long time," but didn't know how bad it would be.

The assistant also told cops that earlier in the day, Britney showed no concern about attending her deposition and would not heed her warnings to show up on time.

Sam told law enforcement that Britney had been extremely unstable and had recently purchased a house in Malibu on a whim, began moving furniture in and then changed her mind.

As for Jayden James, the reason cops took him to the hospital was because there was a small bruise on his leg. Britney insisted the bruise occurred on Kevin's watch. Police took Jayden to Cedars as a precautionary measure.

We're told police will testify about the insanity at Monday's custody hearing.

And one more thing -- the nanny told cops that Britney would frequently dress up to the nines for no reason. She would walk around the house and change back.

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coo coo...coo coo...coo coo...

2447 days ago


I'm not saying she was, is, or hasn't been on either illegal drugs or abusing prescription drugs. But I'd be willing to say that anyone who has seen any actual proof and has either sold it, shown it or blabbed about it would be in a cauldron of really, really hot water if it is ever found out.

They'd better hope they made a LOT of money off of it and make it to an island far, far away. One that doesn't have extradition, either.

2447 days ago


ok... shes is on prozac. that explains a lot. i was put on prozac for depression and anxiety. about 3 months into it i started going crazier than i was before. i destroyed my moms house with a shovel.. breaking everything in sight.. and then i started feeling like i had to kill myself. so i swallowed two months worth of prozac and spent a day in the hospital. her actions and behaviours really remind me of myself when i was on prozac. she needs to get off of it and see another psychiatrist immediately. i had the worst violent outbursts, and it was like i had multiple personalities. i am now fine with just xanax.. the depression is like. eh whatever. get off off the prozac!! seriously. she is going to kill herself or someone else.

i was told by the emergency room doctor when i tried to kill myself that it wasnt my fault.. prozac is 50-50. 50 percent will get better and 50 percent will get worse. i got worse and so is britney. poor girl.

2447 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Koo koo..
Money will fix it all...

2447 days ago


Mickey is right. Slime Fed has a hell of alot to do with this!! He should be talking to her on a dailt basis about his boys. The parenting classes should make that mandatory. And K is right also. If Britney is so mentally ill, they would have never let her out of there at all, much less so quickly.All this judging and lying is going to cost you people BIG TIME with the real judge.Will ANYONE join me and pray for Britney?! Please pray for her. And TMZ we are going to quit going to your site all together if you cannot print the truth, print nothing until you print the truth, not what you heard, and you guys need to show a little compassion.

2447 days ago


Prozac is so 1980's. Doctors don't usually prescribe it anymore because it is very inexpensive now. They prescribe the "new" antidepressants which are "hot". By "hot" I mean that doctors get a LOT of money from the manufacturers for each scrip they write.

2447 days ago


I just wonder if anyone can explain to me as to why in the world Britney choses to wear the pink wig?? Seriously, I was on and she was wearing that ugly wig out in public. They also have pics that were taken last night and she looks terrible!! The pics are up close to her face and she really looks like she could be on something. Check it out for yourself.

2447 days ago



2447 days ago

O J Simpson    

NO Britney should NOT be committed.
Let the WHORE die and we can be rid of this
It is old hearing a rich bitch with everyhting have petty problems she can control
You die You die and you go to hell

2447 days ago


HURRY TMZ and SEND THAT CUTE 'no brain' BLONDE SURFER GUY ON YOUR STAFF TO BRITNEY'S HOUSE!! Have him photograph her, follow her. Maybe she will ask him for a ride. He seems less of a loser than this guy Adnan. Hurry! Do it! Make sure he has nice wheels!!!

Oh Harvey unless you are keeping him for yourself. Which I completely understand. He is very cute!!!

2447 days ago


If this girl ends up hurting herself or her kids, people and the media are going to look back on sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton and say, "How in the world did our society actually condone the mockery and harassment of a legitamently ill person?" I wish the best for her. Her blood won't be on my hands.

2447 days ago


The saddest thing about all of this is people like us, (not excluding myself.) We sit here and read these articles and in a sense promote the editor (TMZ) to keep writing stories of Britney so they could get more visitors/hits on their site, which in terms means they are getting paid. I do not believe the media writes these stories because they care and are like "POOR BRITNEY, SOMEONE HELP HER!" They are here making money out of her crazyness just like everyone else in the Entertainment industry, and we are the fuel that feeds their fire.

I wonder if Britney's mania is actually creating the scenarios or stories that we want to read, and so want to have an opinion about? If we all truly card about her situation, then we would just all leave her alone, so she could find her own way back to reality, and get the help she truly needs. One thing for sure is that she does not need a babies daddy that is ONLY TRYING TO GET FULL CUSTODY OF HIS KIDS cause of her riches, and a mother that acts like she cares but only infront of the media. What she needs is her kids, because this poor woman is displaying her loneliness with everything she creates.

May god bless her and the kids!!! I have faith she will find her way, hang in there Britney.

2447 days ago


I have to agree with someone else.. Leave it to tmz to make it look like she's talking about her appearance when she was talking about the temperature... Lookie.. Another article that Kevin is going to take before a judge and pretend it's actual journalism. "Can I have all her money now, your honor? I need it to buy stuff for myself.. I mean the boys. Yeah. The boys."
Someone else made a good point though. Why in the hell are the cops telling the tabloids anything? Looks like law enforcement has lost its ethics as well.

2447 days ago


God be with you, Britney. We love you.

2447 days ago


We shouldn’t waste our time on Monday waiting to see if she shows up for court. She won’t. Even if a bench warrant is issued, they won’t be able to find her. Adnan has been very resourceful in hiding her. Maybe the court should hire a detective to follow her around until Monday, so she can’t make a run for it.

These details being leaked out … may be true or not. Personally, I think it was much worst than even this … based on the response to the situation. I think she did make threats to harm Jayden and herself.

I don’t believe the story that she was drug free. The hospital couldn’t have released that info. I think Lynn Spears put THAT info out to aid in her campaign to get her committed.

As for the nanny and assistant not reporting her drug use … yes, they should have reported it … but they both would have lost the jobs. Not a GOOD excuse but understandable.

2447 days ago
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