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Britney to Cops -- "I'm &$*%ing Hot!"

1/11/2008 6:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ about the craziness in Britney's house the night she was committed. It involves profanity, nudity, drugs and wild mood swings.

Sources say when the cops showed up, Britney was locked in the master bathroom with Jayden James. Officers saw Britney from the backyard holding Jayden, who did not appear to be upset. Britney refused to come out for nearly three hours. When she did, all she was wearing was panties. Britney was incoherent, screaming at the cops, "What the f*** are you doing in my house? I know who you are." She continued ranting, "I don't need your f***ing help." At one point Britney, whose moods swung wildly from laughter to rage to sobs, hollered, "You will do as I say."

At some point Britney put on a see-through nightgown. Before police took her outside, they wanted to cover her with a sweater, and she screamed, "Don't cover me up. I'm f***ing hot."

Britney's assistant and nanny were present during the standoff. At one point the assistant told the police that Britney had been "popping pills" all day. Her code for medication was "vitamins" and she repeatedly demanded, "Get me my vitamins!" Officers found a bottle of Prozac in her bedroom.

Sam Lutfi arrived and told officers that he and the others around Britney "knew this was coming for a long time," but didn't know how bad it would be.

The assistant also told cops that earlier in the day, Britney showed no concern about attending her deposition and would not heed her warnings to show up on time.

Sam told law enforcement that Britney had been extremely unstable and had recently purchased a house in Malibu on a whim, began moving furniture in and then changed her mind.

As for Jayden James, the reason cops took him to the hospital was because there was a small bruise on his leg. Britney insisted the bruise occurred on Kevin's watch. Police took Jayden to Cedars as a precautionary measure.

We're told police will testify about the insanity at Monday's custody hearing.

And one more thing -- the nanny told cops that Britney would frequently dress up to the nines for no reason. She would walk around the house and change back.

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All the power to her!! Lesson here is MARKETING!!!!



2415 days ago


Ok, now, if all of this is true, then Britteny Spears should be comitted. This has got to be the last straw. She's unstable and has mental illness. The pap need to back off.

2415 days ago


She's not my type.

2415 days ago


Just like I want my women naked and all crazy. Don't you know girls just want to have fun. Is that so wrong?

2415 days ago


No longer interested in reading about her behavior. She will become another stat. like Anna Nicole Smith. It's a shame

2415 days ago

loving the cooter    

Everyone has there breaking point, looks like Brit lost it. Hope she gets the treatment she needs. As a person who also fights depression, the pills sometimes make you do things, you wouldn't have before. Taken incorrectly, can lead to even more weird behavior. I feel bad for her. But, she did it and has to take the consequences of her actions. It sounds like she is bi-polar in a severe way.

2415 days ago

loving the cooter    

Congrats TMZ, you did it! You made Brit crazy. Aren't you proud of yourselves?

2415 days ago

Gail mendonca    

This story from TMZ if full of s*&%. The police and the hospital all said she was not found to be on anything eg alcohol or pills.So that is just a bunch of crap to sell a story. Don't get me wrong I can't stand her, her mother or his sister because of all the drama and no one seems to be thinking about those two little boys and the devastation this is causing them,and will continue to cause them. She is a train wreck and she needs serious help before it is too late. Everybody is going around knocking Dr Phil for going to the hospital, her mother asked him to go there. Just more media hype and attention, that is all this family is all about an dthough Brittney is a grown woman, she is a child , hurting and calling out for help. All the people surrounding her,just sees her as a cash cow. He rmother is a user and she writes a book on child rearing then tries to chang eit to cover her ass. She used this child to support her and now that the s*&^ is hitting the fan , sh eis no where to be found. I just pray that somehow, someway , somebodt will be able to reach her and help before, she ends up like Anna Nicole... Keep Paris and Lindsay the hell away from her.

2415 days ago


She is obvisouly mentally unstable at this time. Sounds to me with all the pressure from her divorce, manipulating ex and having her every move broadcast to the world she is having a mental breakdown. Why can't everyone just back off and allow her to get the help she needs not only for herself but for her children in private. I wouldn't want my every move broadcast to the world and then judged by people that didn't know me.

2415 days ago


Who cares...a tiny bruise on a baby's limb is expected. Actually if they are not 'used' by brusies, they are not active. Not a big deal. Let her gentic code b e destroyed She is trying to do that!

2415 days ago

Juicy Couture    

Brit Brit is bringing a boatload of crazy - lock her and Paula Abdul and Tara Reid in a house and you have one entertaining hour of reality lunacy. Call NBC stat - they need the ratings.

2415 days ago

Madge's Vag    

..and why do we care about this.. she's just another media whore spolied brat that has grown up without anyone ever telling her the word "No"...
Get a clue parents..this is what happens when you try to be your kids best friend..
Glad I don't feel the urge to breed!

2415 days ago


half naked and incoherent.... whats so wrong with that.

im like that all the time and nobodys complainin!

2415 days ago


I think one point is being well overlooked! If one of us NORMAL citizens refused to hand over our kids after visitation was over and had an idiot episode for 3 hours we would be in JAIL for violating a court order. So waaaaaah, I hope that B%^$ never gets to see them kids again, who knows, it might be the best thing for them.

2415 days ago


She's lost her way. All the constant papp's, drugs, and failures have come to a head. I've seen this before with someone I loved and it turned out with the worst of possible consequences. She can run but she cannot hide. On Sunset Blvd or Mexico. If those who constantly invade her space would stop giving her the negative attention- even for a couple of days- she might be reasonable to check herself into program. Even if it was just for the privacy and some one on one care.

2415 days ago
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