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Britney y Los Tres Amigos Terrible!

1/11/2008 12:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Senorita Spears has returned from Mexico to Ranchita Popwreck -- and she was caught last night pulling a Paris Hilton by hanging out with tres caballeros! Ole!

Brit, Adnan, Sam Lutfi and one of Sam's friends -- whom we're told, Brit thinks is cute -- were caught at, where else, a gas station last night. (Hey guys, why are you following him?? Britney's out in the car!)

While Adnan's motivations aren't entirely known, at least he actually pays for lighters.


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B Scott    


2486 days ago


Honestly, I'm glad to see someone taking care of her, regardless of his motivations. Maybe he can be a hero and convince her to get help. I hope so.

2486 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

She isn't wearing the diamond rings she usually wears.....Its something different! A wedding band perhaps?

2486 days ago


Who are these people that she is hanging around with now? She better be careful, but sad to say I don't think she even realizes what can happen to her at this point. It seems to me that these people are just with Britt for the $$ and if and when she decides to dump them...who knows what will happen. People have been beaten and murdered for $20.00.

Any bets on whether she will actually appear in court on Monday? I think the more they tell her she has to be there, the harder it is for her to deal with the pressure. She needs a team of counselors.

But that's just my opinion...

2486 days ago


Britney does not want help!!! She has no clue that her life is falling apart!!! Most rich mothers would be working with a team of lawyers into the wee hours of the night trying to get her kids back!!!! Not Britney she is out with friends a few days before her next hearing on Monday!!! She has pushed everyone away that has tried to help her!! Family, friends, and doctors. If she lives through this she will look back and ask how did I let my life it get sooo messed up!!!!! Pray to get strong enough to be able to let go of the hanger ons. You don't need them!!! Some people rather have the devil for company they be alone!!! Don't be one of them!! Take care!!!!

2486 days ago


WHERE THE HELL IS HER MOTHER AND WHY THE HELL IS SHE NOT IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION? It used to be that I could laugh at this "britney" fiasco, but I cannot laugh at her anymore. What's the next step? Death? Her family better get it together and help this mentally-challenged person. She is threat to herself and others. I don't mean this as an insult. It's the truth. She needs to be institutionalized.

2486 days ago


Why does this girl make an effort to hide from the pap's when she obviously loves the attention? I mean, if I were being stalked by pap's (love you guys, i know it's your job) I wouldn't be jetting around town EVERY freakin' day! I would attempt to lay low. If you're going to flaunt it, don't insult our intelligents by trying to hide and acting like you don't want the attention

2486 days ago


Britney, Please just stay home and don't drive all over LA. You're making this worse for yourself. Get rid of all these people that are draining you, and go to your house and rest! Please! You will never get your kids back if you don't stop driving all over God's Green Earth!!!!! GO HOME!!!!! STAY HOME!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE MONEY!!!! STAY HOME!!!!!

2486 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

I'm just glad this Adnan dude is getting a taste of his own medicine - NOT SO MUCH FUN WHEN YOU'RE THE ONE BEING STALKED IS IT????

She's unwell - quite easy to see. I hope she gets committed and soon, for everyone's sake. I imagine being stalked 24/7 would wear you down.

2486 days ago


Guys maybe we should give Adnan a chance, I went to and saw pics of them holding hands and smiling. The guy is actually opinion. I hope she can just settle down and get help.

2486 days ago


Guys lets give Brit Brit and Adnan a chance, I saw pics of them in they were holding hands and smiling. She looked really happy. It's her life but I hope she gets help someday.

2486 days ago

Donna S.    

Has ANYONE even bothered to as: Why the heck does she go into so many gas station restrooms? They are usually really dislgusting! Too weird!

2486 days ago


Poetic Frikin Justis Adnan! That side of a Paps camera SUCKS huh!?

2486 days ago


I hope these pap's enjoy their $$ for these pics. Spend the money well or on flowers for Brit for her funeral as you drive her further into depression. No one can handle this type of attention 24/7. I know she could seclude herself in her house like numerous celebs have done. However, she even tries to throw off the pap's and they find her in Mexico. GIVER HER A BREAK! Brit send your staff to Sams Club. Have them buy ten cartons of smokes and all the drinks you need for months. Someone of your status should never ever drive herse3lf. Instead of driving your own $150K Mercedes into a gas station 3 times a day, get a Executive Town Car or a Suburban with heavily tinted glass. Hire someone to drive you everywhere. Even to the restroom. Use the $1MM a month to seclude yourself from this idiotic negative attention. These photog's are pathetic. Stop it!

2486 days ago


She looks like she is high and right out of it in this pic!! Someone better get her committed fast before she ends up dead.

2486 days ago
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