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Don't You Forget About Him

1/12/2008 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 48-year-old "Suddenly Susan" star resurfaced in Beverly Hills on Thursday, looking "demented and sad, but social!"
Judd Nelson
Judd was once engaged to Shannen Doherty.


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I think he looks better now than he did then

2474 days ago


Does anyone ever notice how, no matter who the celebrity is, there's always some disillusional person who either KNOWS them...has DATED them...or knows someone who has.....uh, huh....right,, with such 'popular' friends, why are you on here posting and not hanging out with the IN crowd, hmmm??

2474 days ago


"demented and sad, but social!" is a quote he says in the movie the breakfast club, it doesn't mean he really is like that, well at least I don't think he is, just tmz trying to be clever.

2474 days ago


Well, my third cousins best friends dog walkers sister said that he was really from outspace and that he had to go back to his home plant that is why we haven't seen him in so long. See I can do it to, am I special now? Please tell me I am, Please?????

2474 days ago


He was hot back in the 80's he is incredibly handsome now, who could resist that sexy smile?

TMZ Editor's need a life, really, I know its a line from Breakfast Club, but honestly, demented and sad but social? Sounds more like a line someone would use about the editor's. Awww, that TMZ editor is demented and sad but since he stalks celeberties getting the worst pic on earth it makes him kind of social right? I mean it is, they would be in public with others so techinically it is a social occasion.

2474 days ago

The Sovereignty of TMZ Whores    

I always liked this guy, but I do think he has huge freakish nostrils. I wouldn't doubt he has or has had an STD. I'm sure he banged lots of chicks, he's is good lookin. Bareback,,,,LAMO Oh say it isn't so!

2474 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

He looks good. Some director needs to throw him a bone and hire him.

2474 days ago

Boo Hoo    

With nostrils that large one must make sure their nose is free of boogers at all times. Everyone has a clear shot right into his nose.

2474 days ago


Golly, talking about harping on a man who has cleaned up his life and still makes movies and gives to charity. There is no such thing as a pefect person...

2474 days ago


OHHHHH! those cocaine nostrils.. yikes!

2474 days ago


Ah ha! Finally your age comments from your young staff that thinks anyone over 30 is a waste of space ( I guess that includes you harvey) were shot down. Everyone appears to think the 48 year old looks pretty good and he does.
So, Blondie and the rest, get a clue.
Stop calling everyone old or a has been. Are you all a have now? Not sure.
So, can you even be has beens after your show? Who are you to put down everyone like you do?

2474 days ago

80's Gal    

Come on, guys! He's 48 now, not a 20-something...I don't look the same now as I did when "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo's Fire" were made, so why should he? Let's get real about people's looks and aging in's GREAT to get older, not "demented and sad" TMZ!

2474 days ago


He wasn't in St. Elmos Fire...

2474 days ago


This is what doing all that blow in the '80's will do to your nostrils! Sorry, I think he looks horrible.

2474 days ago

No One Gets Out Alive    

I always thought Judd was my favorite "brat packer", a lot of roles that nickolas cage gets should go to judd nelson instead.

2474 days ago
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