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Kiefer Still Doing Time -- And Laundry

1/11/2008 6:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keifer SutherlandTMZ has exclusively learned that Kiefer Sutherland will not be released early -- he's gotta do his full 48 days. He checked in on Dec. 5.

According to officer John Balian of the Glendale PD, Kiefer's not gonna get the Michelle Rodriguez treatment. His release date is scheduled for January 21.

Kiefer is still behaving well, and is considered an A+ type of inmate. He does not complain about anything and is still on laundry duty. He was never assigned to kitchen stuff.

Sutherland has not received visitors throughout his stay in jail -- no one came during the holidays -- or his birthday, but he gets tons of mail from fans all over the world.


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Unbelievable! We have witnessed a whole parade of celebrities charged for DUI walking out of jail after less than 100 hours, or after spending less than half of their due time, and this man is still in there. This is so wrong!
Kiefer is not a saint but this is not fair. I admire him even more now. Yes, he messed up but he's mending his mistake like a man.

2444 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Canadian men generally don't whine. 48 days in jail is like one regular week here getting to work and back in thirty below, lol. He'll never look at laundry the same way, and will come out mega-fit with a strong upper body. No matter what happens to you, you can take a pig's ear and turn it into a silk purse if you decide to only take the lesson from it. Next time call a cab. Or a limo.

2444 days ago


Kiefer and his lawyer made a plea agreement. He traded the length of his sentence for the flexibility of being able to say when and to a certain extent how the sentence would be served. He did not want his mistake to impact the show in any way so he “fell on his sword” and elected to serve a longer sentence in exchange for serving the sentence when the show was on hiatus. As it turned out the writers strike stopped the show so he chose to go to jail early but still had to serve his full sentence all 48 days. I’m sure had he have wanted to at that point, he could have asked Blair Berk, his lawyer, to try and get him a get a shorter sentence but he didn’t. Remember Berk was Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer and she did 84 minutes. That to me shows what an honourable man Kiefer is, he stuck to his agreement a man of his word. He isn’t complaining or whining it’s not fair is he? I don’t think he would want to be lumped in with the get out of jail quick cry-babies. He’s taking responsibility for his mistake and trying to make amends quietly and with dignity. The other celebs have nothing to do with him or his agreement.

2444 days ago


I love the post by "well anyway". I haven't heard anyone say it better! Kiefer is just plain, a good guy, with honor and class. He can say, "I was wrong" and "I'm sorry without hesitation!" A lot of people can't do either! The guy is HUMAN ,with real human feelings and problems. Give him the same break you'd give a best friend, a brother, or a sister. No one was hurt, he wasn't hurt, and he deserves the chance to prove that next time, he'll let his body guards do what they are well-paid to do-DRIVE! When you get out of there Kiefer, I hope you take a long relaxing haitus to your beautiful ranch! Lucky animals!!!

2444 days ago

Patti in Chi-Town    

I dont think Keifer is a drunk...I personally think he is a guy that loves to party VERY HARD but doesnt use good judgement. THEN the hell would I really know anything about him. I dont know HIM! However I do like that he did the crime and is doing the time...unlike so many other celebs we have heard about in the news over the past year or so. Guess you have to be some hot piece of girly ass to not have to do any time out there. THAT makes me sick. Why Lindsey, Nicole, etc etc didnt do more then 2 hours is beyond me. At least Paris did a little more time. GUess thats something!

2443 days ago


well done kiefer so cool calm and collected not long to go
best of luck
p.s i sent a card too!!!

2443 days ago

Gunter Hallowgreen    

Its a pay jail. He has bought himself to better conditions.

The question is: Doing 10% in hell or 100 % in good conditions.

Some like Paris Hilton got no choice. She got more than 10 % percent in hell on a charge which is without punishment if you know someone in the D.A. office.

It is a totally unfair system.

2443 days ago


At least Kiefer accepts his punishment unlike the circus surrounding that Hilton twerp who one has to say is famous for nothing except being a blood relative of Hilton himself! These female DUI's and sadly there are plenty of them, who are famous should be made to follow suit and do their time without crying because they broke a nail or their make-upartist isn't to hand for a quick manicure!!
Kiefer has accepted his punishment with as much dignity as possible and has not whined once that I've heard about - while that other twit Rodriguez is out early and boozing up for all the time she missed out on!! Where's the Justice?!

2442 days ago


Kiefer made a mistake and he took his punishment. He is a great man, and he has been very brave. Kiefer, babe, just a few more days.

2440 days ago
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