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Adnan -- He's Britney's Bitch, Bitch

1/13/2008 1:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's pap seems to be the perfect man for the popwreck -- commanding the photogs to stay in line, dealing with cops -- and getting her gas station snacks while she sits in the car. It's a match made in trainwreck heaven!

The two lovebirds (plus fifty paparazzos) went down to Manhattan Beach yesterday to shop for sofas, where Adnan showed his control over the hectic scene caused by Brit's every move. He's the leader of the paps!


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Those stores should be closed down for the dog?

2474 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I'm not even trying to compare Princess Diana to this skank, but at least her kids turned out to be ok! Know what I'm saying?

2474 days ago

river rat    

17. She needs someone to lean on. Good for her if she has found that someone, whether it be for now or forever, who cares! Nothing is guaranteed! No one else up to this point has been able to keep things under control. He's been looking out for her on the sidelines for awhile now. If he can bring some stability to her crazy world, then I'm happy for them! I can't believe Britney is so nieve as to allow him to be another Kevin. I think she has learned her lesson on that one!

Posted at 12:12PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Concerned

Learned her lesson??? OMG, you're killin' me here! HAHAHAHAHAHA.....

2474 days ago


We should all rejoice that at least SOMEONE around Britney has some semblance of control. If not her, then the papz crowd. Maybe this one's smart enough to go the Howard K. Stern route: be seen taking care of the "star".

2474 days ago


I know a guy who was sitting in a bar and was attacked by another guy and the other guy bit my friends ear off twice, bit his throat and his back off in three giant places and all these human bites got infected. All of the EMS were shocked at the savagery! The biters defense in court was "I was bitten as a child by my brother and I just snapped"
This is what these kids are gonna look forward to! Biting anyone if they are not stopped and taught it is not right to bite, but only Kevin can do this because Kevin threw away their Mommy.
Children who bite other children are emotionally neglected, and theyare crying out for help the only way they know how. Kevin Federline is absolutey responsible for what is happening to these young babies.He took on that responsibility when he sought complete custody ofthese children and threw away their mother. There needs to be more monitering at Kevin's house, where is HIS family in all this? Where are his family members? I can tell you that being a parent is a fulltime job even with one child and he is not doing his job if these kid sare biting eachother and beating up eachother. It takes a village to raise children not the Village Idiot!!!!! And I don't wear panties either, they are restrictive and ugly!!! So what!!! sue me for going ala natrual. At least i don't have a thongy anal flossy thing hanging out like most biotches!!!
Britney is not crazy, just very angry. She deserves her children.
Good luck tomorrow Britney!!! I care...April in Philly hear...
The last time I checked, we were in in America where we are free to do as we wish

2474 days ago


It ALL seems so unperfectly STAGED. To go to such great lengths to stay in the public eye. Someone like this could easily stay put in a 5 acre estate with no unnecessary outside contact. Who in their right mind would want to deal with that crap day in and day out???

2474 days ago

Lori B    

And another thing, why is she at gas stations all the time, but they never go grocery shopping? You would think they would need to eat eventually.I am glad to see Britney has stopped driving for the time being. If this dude gave a crap for her at all, you would think he would be trying to get her some help instead of parading her around for more photo ops for his buddies. Like I said before to see what happens between the 15th-18th.

2474 days ago


omg!!! why do ppl live in blame!!! have fun enjoy life!!!!! It"s Britney Bitch !!!! hahahahah She said it well !!!!

2474 days ago


I think the hair dye/hair bleach cycle is making her crazier! LOL!

2474 days ago


I feel bad for her!! She is probably really lonely without her kids and is looking for companionship and and someone to love her. But, tomorrow should be good.. Can't wait to see what happens next.. ANYBODY THAT THINKS SHE DOESN'T WANT HER CHILDREN ARE STUPID.. SHE IS A MOTHER.. OF COURSE SHE WANTS HER KIDS. JUST NOT ON KEVINS TERMS SO SHE IS ACTING OUT.. DEFINETLY NOT IN HER FAVOR.. SHE NEEDS TO START LISTENING AND MAYBE JUST MAYBE THINGS WILL START WORKING OUT FOR HER.. I HOPE SHE GETTS IT TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF HER KIDS...

2474 days ago

Lori B    

20. Adnan may feel like a big shot now and be enjoying all the attention. But I can guarantee that once he is kicked to the curb, he is going to regret this. You know he is now a laughing stock in his profession (if you can call it that) and he will from now on be considered a joke.
Are you kidding? This guy has just made himself king of the paps. It's probably every paps dream to do what he's doing now. And after everything is over, this dude is going to make millions on book deals, articles, photos, videos, sex tapes, ect. Even if he doesn't marry Brit, he's set for life!! He won't need that silly little job anymore, he's on to bigger and more psychotic things.

2474 days ago

Lori B    

Who in their right mind would want to deal with that crap day in and day out???

Posted at 12:28PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Roz
It's Britney bitch...he..he..he..he..he (God, whenever I hear that song that laugh she makes scares me)

2474 days ago


Ya know, young women have been making bad choices for eons. Me included. BUT, making bad choices with the media capturing every move is another thing. We are quick to judge others, aren't we, as we sit in our relatively private obscurity?

2474 days ago

too sad    

from the vido above "" he's a paparazzi too ""

2474 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

BRIT,is just opening up another door to her pandora's box ! he will eventually get real tired of her bossing him around like a dog,but belive me I bet hes got some nasty, hurtful photo's stashed away, for when she drops the YOUR FIRED BOMB on him when she has no use for him anymore !! ! I'm hoping that some how he can talk her into getting some mental health help and get her bipolar ways under control before something tragic happens !!!! and if they are playing house togther that he uses some protection and they dont bring anymore kids into the trainwreck life shes given to the other 2 kids lifes !!!

2474 days ago
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