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Adnan -- He's Britney's Bitch, Bitch

1/13/2008 1:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's pap seems to be the perfect man for the popwreck -- commanding the photogs to stay in line, dealing with cops -- and getting her gas station snacks while she sits in the car. It's a match made in trainwreck heaven!

The two lovebirds (plus fifty paparazzos) went down to Manhattan Beach yesterday to shop for sofas, where Adnan showed his control over the hectic scene caused by Brit's every move. He's the leader of the paps!


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All you brit-brats watch and learn how this mis-match turns out so you don't come on here writing how she was doopted. This is an idiot of her own free will making her own decision, as stupid as it may be and after tomorrow things will only get crazier. KEEP THOSE POOR BOYS AWAY FROM HER!!!!!!

2472 days ago

skanky every which way    

Yeah you tell it, Team Kevin!

We DO have time and even more time tomorrow to deal with Brit's disasters....even more popcorn next to my computer and greasy fingers to do the typing....let the drama unfold and the hatin' wars begin!
WE do make time, have time and enjoy the time....some peeps like Calgon baths, we likes typing aimlessly away until we get carpal least we don't have to deal with lawyers and $$$$....
so everyone who thinks we are 'haters', don't be judging when you be judging too, your eyes also reading the same stuff we on this site for a reason too and we all have a right....Z just don't know the big doo doo dung picture Brit the twit is getting herself into...bigger doo doo every day!

Amen! Keep on typing away!

2472 days ago


Isn't he MARRIED??????????? They are both loser's, a match made in Hell! Here comes the next Anna Nicole Smith.....
BTW, GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!

2472 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Kaplan's 1:20, you idiot! No one needs to conspire against her! She is perfectly capable of doing it on her own! Yeah, like Kaplan is some mastermind who spends all his time practicing mind control on Twit to do his evil bidding! DUH!!!!! And just how is he able to do all this? You are dumber than a box of rocks! Typical fool! Blame everyone in the rest of the world that Brit is an innocent victim of this all!!! Please don't reproduce and bring more paranoid idiots like yourself into this world! PLEASE!!!

2472 days ago


he is seperated from his wife, she married him so that he would get a greencard u idiots.

2472 days ago


Ok, and ur commenting on me kacky.

2472 days ago


Does she never just stay home for the day? I know that she has a right to go wherever and do whatever, but for ffs, you'd think she'd get tired of that crap after awhile.

And I don't believe by any stretch of the imagination that she couldn't avoid it if she wanted to. Lots of bigger stars than her seem to manage to not have their every movement recorded.

2472 days ago


Isn't he married?

2472 days ago


Great that she has someone to protect her somewhat from "enquiring minds".

2472 days ago


81. Memo from Kaplans desk:

Smearing camping must continue.

WE must destroy any support system Britney has to get more money.. People go back to putting more hating posts. And go find some more dirt on Adnan. We have to destroy him because Brittney is getting better.

Hurry up people. I have nothing new to show to Judge

cc: KF
bc: TT

2472 days ago


I love how angry I am making some of u people. I love TMZ and my eyes will continue to watch the videos and if I am waiting to do real life things of course I will read the stupid comments posted. Like I originally typed, when I have nothing better to do, I like to read the articles. I dont comment usually. I just think u people are very nasty for some of the things u say. Does it make people angry that I am right that they are haters. Read the craziness that is britney spears and laugh. Dont wish death on her. Just because adnan is a pap doesnt make him a loser. If having a regular job such as a photographer makes someone a loser then we must all be losers. Not saying that this goes for britney spears but look at Jessica Alba and Cash warren. They seem fine. Celebrities would be better off with regular people . I dont know if regular people would be better off with them.

2472 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You people who constantly bash and trash Britney are sicker than she is.

2472 days ago

Lori B    

WE must destroy any support system Britney has to get more money.. People go back to putting more hating posts. And go find some more dirt on Adnan. We have to destroy him because Brittney is getting better.

Hurry up people. I have nothing new to show to Judge

Posted at 1:20PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Kaplan's people do not give up
I just have a question for you...does Britney look like she's getting better? Yesterday she looked like she had a tad too much xanax. She's speaking with a British accent, and she's carrying around not ONE, but TWO dogs. Oh yes, our Miss Britney is in la la land floating on fluffy pink clouds. She's happy and all better now. Good job Adnan, you're doing a wonderful job...keep talking about the pink fluffy clouds (DONT TELL HER THOSE DOGS AREN"T HER KIDS!!! That would ruin EVERYTHING!!!!)

2472 days ago


give someone enough rope and they will inevitably hang themselves.

2472 days ago


How can she be so phoney caring and loving, caressing those mutts with real little boys estranged from her. Nice feeling to be replaced by dog. Think what that does to those little innocent fellows, for now anyway. I am sure they are USC scholars in the making. What a disgrace.

2472 days ago
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