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Sheriffs to Brit -- Good Luck Getting Into Court!

1/13/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ if Britney arrives at the courthouse tomorrow -- she's on her own. The Sheriff's Dept. has had it with her.

Sources tell us Britney has been "totally uncooperative" with the Sheriff's Department -- she had never worked with deputies by giving them information as to when she'll show, etc. We're told the Sheriff's Department has thrown up its hands and has no plans to assist her in getting in the building tomorrow. She'll have to find her own parking and navigate her way through the media crush.

Our sources say, however, if Britney works with her lawyer and the attorney drives her to court, they would be open to dealing with the lawyer to arrange her passage into the courthouse -- but that will be last-minute.

Stay tuned.


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69. This photo of Britney brings to mind a very nice trout I caught several years ago!

Posted at 6:36PM on Jan 13th 2008 by river rat

LOL, this one worth repeating. Very funny!

2372 days ago

Lori B    

It's about time, we women are done with the brat and her dung doo doo feces caca madness!!!! All normal women wouldn't dream of running amok at weird hours of the night to nowhere...real women are 100% responsible for their kids and pride on being mothers to their kids....real mothers don't want the paps strobe lights in their face....real moms are focused!

Posted at 5:52PM on Jan 13th 2008 by everyone is fed up by now, focus on the real mamas Christina and Nicole

I was following really well until I got to the dung doo doo part.


71. Is everyone with a widow's peak crazy like Britney and Rosie O'Donnell? Maybe that is the sign!

Posted at 6:56PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Nurse Ratchett
You may have a point there. My mom had a widows peek, and she was pretty weird.

2372 days ago


she's not going to come anyway, so what!

2372 days ago


I would still pay her for some time in the sack.

2372 days ago


Oh this just MORE hype & jive! They will "DO AS SHE SAYS"...

2372 days ago


About the gas stations...She gives Mercedes a bad name. From all I see, it seems you have to stop and gas up every 15 minutes! Mercedes should stop selling her cars!

2372 days ago


FINALLY!!! No more special treatment for this spoiled brat!!!! She has a mental problem & and bigger DRUG problem..... I don't believe for one second that she has come up "CLEAN" - yeah right!! Not even her FAKE HAIR IS EVER CLEAN!!! You can't share medical information - it's against the law - these are leaks from the spears family, to make her look better! Yeah, good luck with that!!!! And I agree with everyone else - she doesn't care about her kids, she won't even show up!!!

2372 days ago


Yet someone else who gives up trying to get this idiot to listen. Obviously they have tried to help her before but she's ignored them.SHE LISTENS TO NO ONE when they are trying to help. But then, given the fact that she's an attention whore, if she'd listened to them, there wouldn't have been the zoo she created in the past, which of course is what she loves. So if this story is true, it's GOOD NEWS for her!! Might even be just the incentive she needs to show up!!
Though it's unlikely she'll show up because she's being told by her lawyers and the commissioner---TWO sources to defy and ignore!---I've always wondered why she didn't just go to these hearings with her lawyers. They never have any trouble getting in without any problems. Paps don't know what car to look for, she could sit in the back, and be right past them before they knew it. But then it's Britney, and that would MAKE SENSE!!!!
As to the posters who have mentioned laws being passed to control the paps, of course it should be done. But we all know how this works. Nothing will be done until someone gets killed. Maybe some woman with a child in a stroller getting run down, maybe a family in a van being run off the road and into a tree. Maybe a multi-car crash. But we all know it's coming with the reckless driving by Brit (and now her "driver" Adnan) and the pursuing paps, speeding, running lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, etc.When the law is passed, they'll call it the Britney Spears Law. Hope it will have the provisions mentioned about having to keep a certain distance from a celebrity, but I don't know how anybody can control the paps. We've seen a couple of cops trying to control these swarms, and it's impossible because the paps ignore them. But Britney is the biggest attraction for them, and after she's gone it won't be quite as necessary.

2372 days ago

April Fouels    

the real fly can answer this security question, what color are your pasties?

2372 days ago

April Fouels    

no worries brit, craig is a federal magistrate, he is preparing an injunction at this time....

2372 days ago


Give her a break. She's young and has a life the normal person isn't use too!

2372 days ago



2372 days ago

slightly disheartened jm fan    

I agree this young mother has shown disrespect for the court, disregard for the rules that were required of her, etc... Who could argue with that? Her behaviour is annoying to me, as it is to so many others.

However...maybe it's just the part of me that so long ago lived in a neigboring state to her's. Maybe it's because I bear in mind that she had two babies almost exactly one year apart and I'm sure her hormones (and likely post-partum depression) play no small part in this...something that tends to get overlooked by the media, including tmz. Clearly, it's a combination of difficulties.

From one native Southern 'gal' to another, I hope she will humble herself, weed out the hangers-on and users from her life, and allow those who are capable of helping her to do so by complying. This would NOT include Dr. (oops..forgot his license lapsed)..Mr Phil McGraw. Talk about an opportunistic jerk.

Come on Britney! Do this for yourself in order to be a great mother. Your boys need you to be healthy for them. There are so, so many of us who are pulling for you to come out on the other side of this.

2372 days ago

April Fouels    

#76 no, they will call it the princess di law

2372 days ago

April Fouels    

think for 10 seconds, the comparison between this and princess dianna, is it similiar?

2372 days ago
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