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Brit Not Ready for Prime Court Time

1/14/2008 7:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was a wreck after trying to get out of her SUV at the L.A. County Courthouse. She bailed and is headed home.

As she got out of the car, she screamed at photogs, "Move back. I'm scared. Stop it. Stop it. I want to get back in the car. Just stop it. Let me get in the car, please."

But the plot thickens. A law enforcement source tells TMZ she may be coming back to the courthouse at 3:30 PM PT. We have not confirmed this, but if it's true, we will go live with streaming video. Promise!

UPDATE: Britney needs some God in her life! After leaving the courthouse, she stopped at the Little Brown Church and then headed to the Gaucho Grill on Ventura Blvd where she's eating lunch. A girl gets hungry!


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She doesn't "love paps". She has a mental illness. It may appear that way, but it's simply a coping mechanism.

2477 days ago


Why don't you just leave her alone. Vultures.

2477 days ago


u go girl.

2477 days ago


She does not deserve the kids!!!! I am so tired of her, she loves the paparazzi attention and that is why she drives around everywhere coming and going. She thinks this custody battle is a joke and that she is above the law cuz she's a celebrity. I hope Kevin gets the kids and all her money because she deserves NOTHING.

2477 days ago


I should not be so harsh on Britney. She is mentally ill, which means she is not in her right mind. That's why she is acting this way. I think she needs to be committed before even attempting to go to these court hearings.

2477 days ago


I wouldn't go in either with all those loser parasites sitting there, and millions posting crap like wishes for her death already.
What kind of la la land is this?
Why don't they have a closed hearing for crying out loud?
Shoot they do that is SO many higher profile custody hearings on request, why the heck are they making her go through this spectacle? If she's ill, this is pushing her further and further.

2477 days ago


leave her alone! If she is mentally ill, don't you think it's immoral to stalk her? If she had cancer, would you be chronicaling (sp?)her hair loss, mastectomy,etc???

2477 days ago


Ok so...she can go into all those gas stations, Macy's, K-Mart and the clubs, but she can't go into the court house? Makes no sense.

2477 days ago


LOL #21 !!!!!!!!!!

2477 days ago


Isn't that why half of the LAPD are there at teh courthouse now??? So that she can get in safely?? If she would wait a few minutes before trying to get out of teh vehicle, the good officers of teh LAPD could have cleared a way for her to get in. She should know the routine by know. I'm sure this is just another excuse for her to get out of going to court. she's said the same ol' song adn dance before. It's old Brit and nobody cares about the excuses. We're all just here out of a very morbid sence of wanting to see the trainwreck fail....again. It's kinda sick actually, but it's like "must see tv" Just gotta see what the girl is going to do today. Parts of us want to see her pick herself up and grow up, another part wants to watch her fail adn be able to say "I told you so" Hey...I'm guilty of it I admit it!! LOL I'm kinda bored to day so this has all been very entertaining for me!

2477 days ago


She needs to be tranquilized for about a month.

2477 days ago


21. I have it on good authority that court officials have agreed to Britney's request submitted via her attorneys to temporarily position a faux gas pump and a Starbucks sign outside the courthouse. She will indeed return when these two conditions are met, at which time she will feel comfortable getting out of her vehicle.

Posted at 5:14PM on Jan 14th 2008 by chad

This may be the funniest post I have EVER read. My thougths exactly - why is she scared now, but not the other 637,345 times shes gotten coffee, gas and cigarettes?

2477 days ago


I have two boys the same age as Britteny and i cannot imagine someone stalking my every move - I know this crap sells but why don't you guys leave her alone for just one week - she is obivously sick and you wouldn't keep hurting her if she was physicially sick - so just because she is mentally give her a break.

2477 days ago


A). She could had sheriff's dept escorts but was uncooperative so they didn't provide them
B. She could have hired private security and they would have been able to get her to the door unscathed. (Fact:She is one of the FEW major celebrities who do not have their own security)
C). There wouldn't even BE a court hearing today (or anytime) if it weren't for her
D). Funny she's not scared of them when she needs new shoes, gas or something to eat but "can't handle it " when it comes to her kids
E.) That judge is NOT going to screw around with her any longer. She has cooked her goose and pissed in her whiskey (or Cheerio's or both)

2477 days ago


Well she doesn't deserve an Academy Award for that bit of acting. Did anyone really think she would show up and go in i could of told you days agoa that she would show up and run scared using her freinds the papparazi as her excuse. She's "afraid" of them yeah right. She's not afraid of them when she calls them to let them know where she is going to be or afraid of them when they put gas in her car or change her tire. She certainly didn't look afraid not an hour later when several followed her in and out of a church and at which time there were not police or sheriff dept. personnel around. Anyone who wanted her kids would of made it into that court house if she had to fight her way through each and every single photographer.

Oh and i wonder why she didn't pull into the PARKING GARAGE??????????????????? Gee could it be because the photogs aren't allowed in there???????????

She's got problems and they aren't due to the photographers or K-Fed.

2477 days ago
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