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Brit Not Ready for Prime Court Time

1/14/2008 7:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was a wreck after trying to get out of her SUV at the L.A. County Courthouse. She bailed and is headed home.

As she got out of the car, she screamed at photogs, "Move back. I'm scared. Stop it. Stop it. I want to get back in the car. Just stop it. Let me get in the car, please."

But the plot thickens. A law enforcement source tells TMZ she may be coming back to the courthouse at 3:30 PM PT. We have not confirmed this, but if it's true, we will go live with streaming video. Promise!

UPDATE: Britney needs some God in her life! After leaving the courthouse, she stopped at the Little Brown Church and then headed to the Gaucho Grill on Ventura Blvd where she's eating lunch. A girl gets hungry!


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WTF is wrong with that stupid judge??? Here in Michigan u would never get away with that crap.............ask KId Rock and Eminem they bpth have had trials here......the judges of this state could care less who u think u r......ya better ne here or go 2 jail..........the judge in her case needs to grow a pair!!!!

2437 days ago


She is now eating not home. and she will be back at court tomorrow they say.

2437 days ago


is she wearing her wedding dress again?
how come she handled the paps when getting her starbucks but she cant handle it to win her kids back?

2437 days ago


Ah go to CNN.COM and watch the live feed shes at some restaraunt now lol

2437 days ago


Look at what those freaks did when she tried to go to the courthouse!!! Why isn't there a law preventing them from harrassing her especially when she is making the effort to go there?! Why in the hell can't the police help her get into the courthouse?! This is so totally wrong!!!! God, please help Britney!!!! And God help those who take YOUR job and become Britney's judge!!!

2437 days ago


If someone asks you to MOVE, you should MOVE. You have the legal right to take a photo; she has the legal right to be able to walk into a courtroom for her legal proceeding!

She should hire Katie Holmes' security guy. He'll just grab you and throw you out of the way cuz it's move by choice: either yours or his! But either way, you'd be movin,' mofos!

2437 days ago


When it comes to Brittany yeah I love to hear all her new drama, but I really think that you guys are taking this over board the poor girl cant even get our of her car to go to court because of paps you all really took advantage of no police being there for her today and I think its wrong. Let the poor girl go to court and fight for her kids you get plenty of photo ops.

2437 days ago


She is being stalked. Would you allow this to happen to someone in your family? How will you feel when she finally can't take any more and kills herself? This is not right.

2437 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

??SCARED?? She has cops everywhere.....She "mingles" with these guys EVERYDAY!!?? She is just PUTTING ON A SHOW!!! WELL BOO HOO, I didn't buy a ticket.....She will NEVER amount to anything more in her life......She has been there, done that, now she needs to go away! She is a waste of film, print, air!

2437 days ago


She is crazy as a fox. That was a PR job if I ever saw one (she tried to go to court but the paps scared her). HUH? She planned the entire circus from start to finish. I feel for the California tax payers that footed the bill for all the cops, helicopters, etc. Think of the money that was just wasted. Think about the homeless that could be fed for 1 month with the amount that was spent. She is sick allright, a sociopath. I do believe she has some sort of personality disorder/mental illness, but this is really ridiculous. She will be out tonight going to her gas stations and trying to act bizarre. She is loving the attention and I agree with some that she couldn't bear her sister in the spotlight. Britney should really be an actress. I still pray for her and her children.

Harvey,,,,,Kudos to you for being the first live stream cyber rag. I am home on a snow day and it was fun to watch the circus show. I must admit.....either you are very smart or your employees are. Great move with the live stream!!!!!!

2437 days ago


I'm sorry, Britney, but I can't go with the "I'm scared" ploy yet again.

Paps don't scare you when you're shopping or traipsing off to Mexico (or wherever) and I seriously doubt that telling the judge that there was so much media present that you were frightened away.

Sorry, hon, but that dog just won't hunt. Not again.

Showing up for the cameras is not anything like showing up for court. It's somehow just not the same and I don't think you get credit for a drive-by court appearance. You have apparently confused court with McDonalds.

It is not the media outside the courthouse that needs to see you. The people that need to see you in order to get these issues settled are actually inside....waiting.

2437 days ago


You just said that she was scared and she repeatedly asked for everyone to get away from her and you're promising if she shows up at 3, you'll be streaming it live? You are actually taking joy in this. You're sick. I hope you become fatally ill.

2437 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

I HATE K-Super Sperm, but he is the only one being responsible here.
Enough with the self pity Brit, time to grow up and move on.
She is so hungry she had to stop for food? Surrounded by Paps?
BUt she is scared to get out at a courthouse surrounded by cops???? WTF

2437 days ago


Freaking STALKER PAPS...LEAVE HER ALONE!!! I'd run over reporters feet too if they were right under my car!

2437 days ago


Someone please tell me why her lawyers don't just strap the b*tch to a chair and wheel her into the damn courtroom!

2437 days ago
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