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Brit Has Bailed

1/14/2008 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We need some of them vitamins Brit takes. Britney left the courthouse after circling, entering, leaving, circling and finally bailing.
Britney Spears
When Britney got out of the car at the courthouse, she screamed at photogs, "Move back, I'm scared. Stop it, stop it. I want to get back in the car. Just stop it. Let me get in the car, please." At that point, she got in and they left the courthouse.

A short time later, she began heading away from the courthouse and onto the 101 Freeway.


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2471 days ago


I read 930 PST somewhere online.

2471 days ago


Looking at al the PAPPARAZZI on the live feed = wow ya'll are some ugly mf'ers. Makes sense you ugly farks are behind the camera and not in-front of it.

2471 days ago

She looks like hell    

I want to see this loser use her VERY poorly imitated British accent with the judge and make more of a fool out of herself.

2471 days ago


What time is she supposed to show?

2471 days ago

ANNA M.    

i heard there was a bomb scare at the courthouse???

2471 days ago


I know I am on the wrong thread, but is T.M.Z confused again?? A couple of days ago, they said the Nicole R. and Chrisitna A. were both checked in Cedars Sinai ready to deliver their babies. These are the longest labors in history. I think T.M.Z is making up crap. How about it?

2471 days ago


What time is this thing? Must be pretty soon 9 or 9:30 the crowd is heating up. Anyone know?

2471 days ago


If Britney wanted to avoid the paps, all she has to do is have a helicopter deliver her to the top of the court house and slip down to the court room unseen. Where is the creativity???????

2471 days ago

She looks like hell    

#65 ROFL, Britney would NEVER be able to use such large, 50 cent words like "demeanor", however I, unlike you, at least know how to SPELL IT hahahahahaha. What losers on this site!!!!!!

2471 days ago


Sounds like Britney must be hanging out with her ole pal Madonna, picking up that Brit accent.

2471 days ago


Brit Brit will be there on time and ready to go. She just woke up and snorted her morning xanax, smoked a cig, and got her hair did. Stay tuned

2471 days ago

Just what they need    

Hey everyone go easy on her...Being an uber celeb it is really a hard days work....
Britney Spears Schedule
12:00 Wake up to get drugged up
12:30 Let the dope Adnan knock her up
12:45 Wait in the TMZ parking lot for the non busy paps to follow me
1:00 Starbucks dang ya'll
1:15 Wait in the x17 parking lot for their non busy paps to create more of a poor me commotion
1:30 flip a few u turns burn some gas
3:00 Get some gas
3:15 Get some Taco Bell
4:00 Get some drugs from my housekeeper friends at Chateu
5:00 Get high
6:00 Play super moto cross with my pappies until 3:00am get high and go into a self induced night time coma.

2471 days ago


#45 or whatever number was complaining about people reporting on celebs... WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SITE THEN?!?! Go away.

People:::: read the thread it starts at 9:30am PST that is why they are there already because it is a little over an hour away.

2471 days ago


I think she will show she loves her kids. I think the pap... should give her some space so she can have some time to think and relax a bit. I think if the damn camera wasnt in her face she would be ok.The star is normal just like us all. She can make mistakes and live a normal life if we all would just let her be. She wont give her kids up I dont see that for a monute. She loves being a mom. I think she is critizied alot for her parenting ways and thats because she is under a microscope all the time. What parent hasnt given there child soda in a bottle I did..... So I'm a bad parent I think her mental status is being blown way out their. What mom wouldnt go crazy for her kids. I think if we all stop and think about what its like being in her shoes for just a minute we would do and think a little differently. we also really dont know what her childhood was like and i think her parents are to blame alittle i mean damn her sister is knocked up at 16 that says alot right their dont you think. so, i say we should all GIVE HER A BREAK....... Thats my comment on this whole thing......

2471 days ago
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