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Britney's Back at Home!

1/14/2008 8:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, lordy ... now she's back at home! We are at Britney's house and she just rolled up.

After a jaunt to court, church and lunch, it appears Brit Brit does not plan on heading back to court this afternoon.

Who knows what she'll do tomorrow?!


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what a loser! so bizarre she is.... cannot comphrend her actions at all... she is sicko, does not care about anything... please somebody got to wipe her off the face of the earth! geez!

2481 days ago

rockin' johnny    

Britney'll go out again at about 10 o'clock to buy her drugs.

I hope the court has the sense to revoke the skank's visitation privileges. She is a complete menace to herself, her children, and society.

2481 days ago

river rat
well, yeah, well, whatever. The sushi is great here in L.A.

2481 days ago


I am not defending the paparazzi. However, Britney INVITES them to go with her. That moron pap she has hooked up with is calling them to tell them where she'll be next so they can show up. Stop blaming the paparazzi for her stupidity. She brings this crap on herself and loves it.

What was with all that "I'm scared" crap this afternoon. She shows up four hours late and when they take photo's of her, suddenly she's scared? Give me a break. If she wouldn't act like such an idiot, the paparazzi wouldn't be following her constantly. You have to admit, her ridiculous antics has probably done more for her record sales lately than anything else. No one would have even bought the album if she hadn't shaved her head and spent the next six months driving from gas station to gas station.

2481 days ago


She needs some help, stop judging her!!!!!!!

2481 days ago

Damn Shame    

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to say that she planned on going to court but her lawyers told her she didn't have to testify today and to come back to tomorrow. If she doesn't show tomorrow, I don't know what to make of this fool girl. She needs help and she needs it fast.

2481 days ago


Drug addict loser! She has no business having her children at all! Who in this world thought K-Fed would be a better parent.
Her mother should go hide and NEVER come out!!

2481 days ago


yeah, she's stable.
Looks like she wore her wedding dress again!
Turn in tomorrow for how the slut turns, episode 69.

2481 days ago


Why don't they just depose her via video hookup from her house since she's obviouslya flight risk. By the way... I'm guessing she's not just bipolar but probably borderline personality disorder brought on my genetics, post-partum hormone craziness (Being pregant fo almost 2 years solid) and crazyass drug takiing. But more than that,,,,, her diet. She'd probably so deficient in vitermins ( the real kind) that's she's psycho even without the other stuff. Poor girl... hope she pulls in together. She's such a contrast to the usual hollywood bimbo who bleats on and on about getting healthy and green. The boys..... oy! what kind of future do they have, Thank goodness for KDaddy and his Federline Family Values.

2481 days ago


Seriously, this is getting SOOOO old.

"Who knows what she'll do tomorrow?"

Who the hell cares?? Seriously, she wakes up drives aimlously, stops at a gas station, gets starbucks?!?! Who cares??? Yeah the freakout where she goes to the hospital was interesting, but herd daily routine of changing clothes!??! It GETS OLD!!! Obviously some folks care or TMZ wouldn't keep showing it. I can't wait for her to get jailed, die, or something to get her OUT of the limelight. I wish Lindsay would slip up on sobriety JUST SO BRITNEY will get out of the picture for a little while. If LINDSAY were around I'd buy her a BEER and some OXYCONTIN!! Just so BRITNEY would get lost.

2481 days ago


It is so sad. She is obviously very disturbed at this moment. If she is indeed Bi Polar, she should get help as soon as possible. Especially, along with post partum. It's not a good thing. It is a very serious issue. It's a shame, she is a very wealthy adult, so it is difficult to force someone to get help. No matter what the public opinion is of her, mainly caused by the media, which she seems to live with and love the attention, which only makes matters worse for her. It is truly sad. She chose to live her life in the public eye but I'm sure there is a part of her that hates it. How could you not? I am a mother and can't imagine not seeing my children and to just keep spirling out of control, it such a sad thing to see. She needs help. Instead of calling her a loser, etc., realize that this is a woman, a mother that seriously needs help for a mental condition. There are people in this world just like her, but only it is not public knowledge and seen on "breaking news" SAD!

2481 days ago


Britney is really pathetic!! This whole situation is so out of control and a waste of time!! Do people actually not see the picture!! She clearly does not want her sons.. Being a mother, mothers dont act, or do the things sahe does.. First,i would never allow it to go this far being a mother, but my butt would have been in court at 7 this morning, stayed throughout.. when britney arrived at 115 and left because of the media.. i would have fought my way through and made sure i was in court to fight for my sons.. no excuses why she couldnt get into court.."she was scared" she did this to herself.. no one else did.. she did.. your kids are number one and she hasnt even shown one bit of emotion for these boys.. and to go eat after, i couldnt eat at all knowing my sons need me.. and give it up on the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE"crap..

2481 days ago

name withheld    

Catch her at your local CVS, 14 times later on today. Or she could be fixin some purple monsters as we speak and could make for a very interesting Monday.

Since that bitch sure did disappoint today

I'm sure Nicole Narain will make a btter mother figure anyway

2481 days ago


# say you don't think the boys want to be separated from their mother? Are you kidding me? They have no clue who she is! Luckily they are young enough they won't remember most of this. Children want to be close to people who provide loving, caring, safe and STABLE atmospheres for them. Between Brit and Kevin, HE is the only one who remotely comes close to this! She is all over the place with new "handlers/assistants" every week and bouncing around from house to house to hotel...that is not the life a child can thrive in. Those poor boys probably don't even have rooms they recognize and relate to in her homes...they are just little showrooms for their furniture and toys she picked up at CVS!

2481 days ago


Breaking news she's out of her house again! Breaking news, she's drinking water! Breaking news she's getting out of her car! Breaking news she took off her glasses oh my!! Breaking news she went back home again! Breaking news, we can't wait for her to come out again to give y'all the exclusive!!!!

2481 days ago
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