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Britney's Back at Home!

1/14/2008 8:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, lordy ... now she's back at home! We are at Britney's house and she just rolled up.

After a jaunt to court, church and lunch, it appears Brit Brit does not plan on heading back to court this afternoon.

Who knows what she'll do tomorrow?!


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Standards are badly needed.    

Those Elvis sunglasses make her look like, well, older Elvis.

2441 days ago


This crazy a__ girl is the next Anna Nicole Smith she will be dead by the end of this year at the pace she is going.

2441 days ago


She's not above the law. She's getting away with what a normal person would go to jai for. She doesn't deserve those boys. Whether she's mentally ill or doing drugs she's a trainwreck and it is just a matter of time before she ends up like Anna Nicole. And what is she doing driving all over all the time. Stay home, get the help you need and piss on being a celebrity. She puts herself out their for the paps - everything she does is her fault . I have a family member that is bi-polar and from what I see on TV she's not only mentally unstable, she's doing some kind of drugs. I hope Kevin keeps the boys and hope she is never allowed to see those boys again. She needs to move and get her live together and do what the normal ipeople n this country do, go to work, raise your kids and suck it! up It's called life and she has the resources to have a good life. Get it together Britney before we're watching your funeral! Stop putting yourself out there everyday - but i'm sure that's hard to do because she seems to love the attention.

2441 days ago



2441 days ago


You were at her home and she rolled up. Isn't that quaint? Were you invited to her home? Were you invited to be there when she "rolled" up? Sounds to me that you are stalking her as well as a number of other young supposed stars. What a business to be in? Intrusive, nasty, hateful and you make money at it? Shameful.
But what is really shameful is that the judges don't act on your stalking and that the judges don't take into acount the harassment these young people go through at the hands of the paparazzi.

2441 days ago


who are these people that are always with her? where are her parents? siblings? other family? she is losing everything and soon won't even be marketable and when the money stops, what then? it's sad to see her on this downward spiral and can't believe that NO ONE has stepped in to stop this. It's obvious she needs help. Bi polar ppl do lead normal lives. she seems to have no interest in regaining her children, and that's the saddest part of all. she has to get over this "it's all about me" and grow up. ppl have been spoiling her for too long, and now when the judge tells her no, she's falling apart. she has no respect for authority or the law. that is wrong, no matter who u are u have to follow the rules. it's a wake up call for her, and i'm hoping once that sinks in, she will get it together and get the boys back, or at least to see them again. but yes, at this point, is it safe to have her around them? that is really the main concern, it's not about her anymore, but what's best for them and right now, being with her is not a good thing at all. lets hope she gets help. I'm not a fan, but i don't want to see her end this way, it's horrible, sad, and pathetic.

2441 days ago


Don't JUDGE her until you've walked a day in her shoes...

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” - Bob Marley

Soo true...

Posted by ro on January 15th, 2008 at 11:50 am in life, fame

I remember the tunnel as it appeared on the news, lit by headlights, flashlights, red lights. Between the cement tall pillars was a heap of twisted metal. I saw it then, and I can see it now. Diana dead.
She will be trying to get away, but they will chase her, just as they chased her into that church yesterday. There were dozens of them, jostling their way into sanctuary, elbowing past each other, just to creep closer to her. Even her last-minute, folded-hand prayers can’t be kept sacred. There can be no silent moments in a crowd; no silence, and no secrets.
All this fresh, painful frailty costs her so much, but it lines their pockets very well. A kings ransom was paid for those tabloid-ready cheap shots of her with messy hair, tear-soaked eyes, and the half-smile of a desperate baby girl.
“I’m scared,” she told them yesterday, when they later mobbed her at court. “Move back,” she said. “I’m scared. Stop it. Stop it. I want to get back in the car. Just stop it. Let me get in the car, please.”
Sometimes it really is too much. Internal wires cross. Anxiety hits. Panic sets in the heart. Dread. Fear.
But she asked for it, she’s a public figure.
At eight years old, she bravely stood before a microphone. By 17, she had sold 25 million records. Where were the sidewalk-skinned knees, the chalk stained hands, the monkey bars, the passed notes? A Disney set is not a childhood, no matter how many bright colors they use, or how cheerful the script.
Not a girl, barely even a woman yet, they chased her. A mob of stalkers for whom no stalking laws have been written. Smother. Crush. Flash. Photo Credit. Even Dr. “Get Real” Phil got in on the action. Unreal.
83 million albums sold so far. How many pictures?
The tunnel is crowded now. There are only inches of separation between vulnerability and disaster.

2440 days ago


Any loving mother would go into a burning house to get her kids, Brit can't even manage to get through a few photographers to show up in court....maybe K-Fed should keep them till she grows up.....

2440 days ago
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